Overwatch 2 - Sojourn Abilities, Changes To PVP, Game Modes & More | BlizzCon 2021

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Take a look at new changes coming to Overwatch 2, including PvP, animation, sound, game modes, UI, and a brief look at new Hero, Sojourn!

「Bite za Dusto」
「Bite za Dusto」 4 órája
Devs: Damage dealer Heroes are going to get movement speed boost for passive Me: MCCREE IS GETTING LEGS!!! Seriously, in OW he has one of the worst mobility of any of the DPS heroes
Kurt Paemaa
Kurt Paemaa 21 órája
it looks exactly like the first game just with some patches
leada j
leada j Napja
The small looking maps make the characters look massive
Kieran Cummings
Kieran Cummings 2 napja
I know they're working hard on this but Blizzard devs just sound so much like snake oil salesmen. "We made the guns sound more like guns to make a more immersive gun experience." Like dawg EVERY shooter game has that running out of ammo sound effect now, you can't sell that as a stunning new feature.
Kieran Cummings
Kieran Cummings 21 órája
@Santugoll then lemme restate what I already said: "We made the guns sound more like guns to make a more immersive gun experience."
Santugoll 22 órája
Overwatch already had that feature, in this video they said they wanted to "amplify" this effect to make it more notable
Etherium 2 napja
why does the hud look so dogshit
Grimsanity 2 napja
Ok ok. All cool and all. But can they please change Soldier's ult. It's the worst ult in the game, imo. Like, you might aswell just download an aimbot yourself. Give him something usefull that isn't just another reason to hold own the trigger constantly.
Ghided Dudmey
Ghided Dudmey 3 napja
When you manage to convince your player base that a balance patch is a "sequel".
Arson The Average
Arson The Average 5 napja
So they made tanks brusiers. great
Shoal Shepherd
Shoal Shepherd 5 napja
Wait people still play Overwatch?
Sly 5 napja
Camera shake good idea!!!!!!! Sayd no one ever!
Dd_Trotz 6 napja
So shes in the game?
BezErkerXD 7 napja
Reinhardt being the Charger of L4D xD
Wacky Penguin
Wacky Penguin 8 napja
Wow, look at the cool and different changes, can't wait until they are nerfed or removed 😁 (I hope not 😥)
David Reynoso
David Reynoso 8 napja
Sojourn lookin cool but like dps bruh
Gabe Zepeda
Gabe Zepeda 8 napja
As a apex legends player, hearing the way they talk about the audio is making me SWEAT 🥵♥️
Isaac Campos
Isaac Campos 9 napja
I hope they add a lot of new heroes. At this point it is a joke they're adding more offense heroes.
Samarth Gour
Samarth Gour 2 napja
I sick and tired of dps characters , WE NEED MORE HEALERS
Kevin Forbes
Kevin Forbes 9 napja
Yo this new update looks sick! ...oh..its a new $60 game.
Megaman Scrapyard
Megaman Scrapyard 9 napja
The bald headed guy talking at the end looks like he just got done crying or is about to cry.
Morphos XL
Morphos XL 10 napja
Is it me or is Timothy Ford an animated character? roflmao
Raziel354 11 napja
Ok that is cool and all, but are you going to add more healers?
ChrisM 11 napja
so clickbait nice reported .
Lincoln also lincoln
Lincoln also lincoln 11 napja
the dev Timothy Ford straight LOOKS like a ps3 character...WTF this man 4:42
Sparks 11 napja
this was promised day 1 in overwatch 1 this is just +_= no words
CSLFiero 11 napja
timothy ford is not a very human person. his shoulders seems to have unnatural stabilization. likewise it seems his orbital sockets seem enlarged to give a cartoonish appearance. this is sick stuff they're doing to try and influence people.
Kirkland Reid
Kirkland Reid 11 napja
This looks like this could be an update rather than a new game
Black Hair Dante
Black Hair Dante 8 napja
They are going the Fortnite 2 route.
Deathmonkeyjaw 11 napja
Is this gonna cost money? because this just looks like a big patch Overwatch 1.
Robert Schäffer
Robert Schäffer 11 napja
Sojourn a new huitscan "aim based" hero. Awww can't wait the flood of the tryhard kiddos storming in who were originally Genji or Widow mains to instalock her in every game, even there are only tanks or healers missing and still complaining why they don't get heals. Btw i don't know how Jeff ended up going from a "heey that's a pretty sympathetic nice person in a lead role" to a "ah i would like to slap that face so long that only a chunk of flesh and bone is left of my hand" Such a shame.
Heals 12 napja
This game is getting so realistic it’s scaring me
nsbluenoser 12 napja
is it just me or are these sounds kinda weird compare to Overwatch 1
Csaba Hugya
Csaba Hugya 12 napja
this game will be the biggest bluff ever
The Bad Guys
The Bad Guys 12 napja
surrender mechanic FML!!!!!
Casual spawnpeeking
Casual spawnpeeking 12 napja
This could have just been a massive update
Halscion 12 napja
when was sojourn announced? two, maybe even three years ago?
slad tatas
slad tatas 12 napja
Am I the only one whos noticing a minor updates being hidden behind "omg look how much work we are doing" ? They are hyping all of this as the next innovative thing, things have been done like several years before by other similar big companies. I'd understand if this was done by a indie company or some of 1-2 people , but for a multi billion company offering only this as their next instalment after at lest 3 years of development is just laughable. Look at us we just brought a different balance to already existing skills , added some better sounds and updated UI . ( UI that looks so similar that it would take one UI designer for like 2-3 days work). What do they even consider hard work I wonder.
youshimimi 12 napja
Seriously. In 6 years they could have done an entire new game, instead they just... added one character and two maps? And ruined the UI. So disappointing.
Benjamin Duber
Benjamin Duber 12 napja
looks and sounds, looks and sounds...
Darius Novox
Darius Novox 12 napja
the biggest difference is the ''pilosophical approach'' get fucked
Aegis Nol
Aegis Nol 12 napja
Little rant but I hate covid so much. I used to love watching crowd reactions to these things since I cant go to them.
preston crane
preston crane 12 napja
I would appreciate if they gave Overwatch all of the PvP updates of Overwatch 2, and left the PvE experience to a game of its own. People are upset that updates to Overwatch have been canceled and added instead to Overwatch 2. People who enjoy PvP and not PvE are upset that their game is basically being discontinued, and if they want new characters and content, they have to “rebuy” the “new” game that has almost the same PvP content as before. I can see these peoples irritation, and I myself personally don’t like/am bad at PvP. But people shouldn’t have to purchase a new game for an extension to the content they like, when they don’t want/never wanted to play PvE. Overwatch IS a PvP game.
Daveon Willcox
Daveon Willcox 12 napja
That thunderous boom from that sniper... *chef’s kiss*
RokWisdawn 12 napja
I really hope that that camera shake can be disabled in accessibility settings, because it causes migraines and gives a nauseous feeling to some people, especially if they took a break from first person shooters for a while.
Ganymede 12 napja
OW2 -New Maps -New Story Mode -New Heroes -New Replayable Missions -New RPG style leveling system -Massive Changes to pvp heroes/balance/possibly even team composition. - New graphics engine I believe? And a bunch of this is free if and you keep access to your OW1 content. Community loses their minds, calls it a “balance to patch” COD -New Story/Same gameplay -New zombies maps/ mostly same gameplay, Cold War finally raised the bar. - Weapons are the same, just look different and/or given different names Yet they get away with it year after year 😂
Hejira#2854 12 napja
So basically you are doing a league of legends season update patch, but charging people for it. Nah, I'm good.
sunfire65 12 napja
That wall shield will make Winston even worse.
requisitemaxim 12 napja
A bunch of people trying so hard to resell the same game
Naifen G
Naifen G 12 napja
sojourn = linear fusion rifle
Mosh Rojas
Mosh Rojas 12 napja
overwatchstiny 2
Kyre Smith
Kyre Smith 12 napja
Overwatch gameplay sounds brought to you by good ole Freedom 🇺🇸
Kevin Speaks
Kevin Speaks 12 napja
Thought Timothy Ford was a Cg Character when he popped up
Alexandre Fukuta
Alexandre Fukuta 12 napja
I want to know, why to create a new game ? it could be just a big update
Issy 12 napja
God i’ve missed OW, haven’t played years cuz of the toxicity but i’m hype for OW2 and it’s story mode plz release as soon as ur done with the game, don’t rush it but jus do it😭
vxlxscx 12 napja
They really did a Destiny 2 rip off
Im a clown
Im a clown 12 napja
I thought overwatch 2 would just be Overwatch 1 with a story mode and same pvp, but these changes to the core game mechanics on pvp look awesome and will definitely be more fun and complex to master this game.
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 13 napja
Listen, stop wasting time. The game is perfect as it is. Just add 10 more heroes, 5 maps, and some skins. Putting unnecessary shit is going to fuck the game up
BloodDrunk 13 napja
Jake Snow
Jake Snow 13 napja
This is gameplay??? Looks exactly the same : /
morgan parsons
morgan parsons 13 napja
So am I gonna have to pay $80 for Overwatch again or will this be like a big dlc?
Black Hair Dante
Black Hair Dante 8 napja
Its gonna be like fortnite 2
Westy Diddly
Westy Diddly 13 napja
Still will end up with team noob 😢
Joker 13 napja
So did they change the toxicity of the game? No? Then won’t be playing
Isamon Andretti
Isamon Andretti 13 napja
I don’t think blizzard can magically change the behavior of other human beings Stop being stupid
delucks 13 napja
Please be my favorite game again
NoahStonem 13 napja
Hey look a remaster of overwatch, that's cool I guess.
youshimimi 12 napja
Funnily enough, not even that. A remaster would need to be more than a couple of skins and two new maps
Wolf DragoX
Wolf DragoX 12 napja
Looks good enough to be called a remaster? wow
Sonny Crockett
Sonny Crockett 13 napja
Looks like a $40 addon for ow1
rclru 13 napja
Will this be out before or after D4?
Flaywind 13 napja
this looks like an expansion of ow1, not a full sequel.
Thot Police
Thot Police 13 napja
That's blizzard they could've just make this a big patch but nah they want 💰
RomanyBiscuits 13 napja
This game is literally the exact same what is blizzard coming to! It is just running out of ideas and had one good game and now has to rely on it yet in 5 years they just give everyone new skins and somehow made the graphics worse its just really disappointing.
I Shady Sam I
I Shady Sam I 13 napja
Can't wait for some new Rule34
alex_oiman 13 napja
- visceral feel to sound, animation, vfx. we level up eveything - 2:58 shows a new gun with almost no recoil animation and sounds like someone blowing in a slow fan
Odukomaster 12 napja
Lasers don't have recoil.
Giantdad Lives
Giantdad Lives 13 napja
Tommy Ford at 4:40 looks like a neural net Disney character wtf
the void
the void 13 napja
Would be cool if the passives changed each season.
fl00d 13 napja
No mention of Overwatch as a failed E-sport?
StormFN 13 napja
Basically just the exact same game lmfao
Havoc 13 napja
Overwatch 1.2 not Overwatch 2.
Max Wolf
Max Wolf 13 napja
is this cyberpunk 2077 2 ?
Sen 13 napja
The new sound effects for soldier 76's gun seem pretty cool to me
Alfie 13 napja
Sorry. But I completely forgot this game existed.
Radek Seky
Radek Seky 13 napja
Screen shake a new feature advertised in 2021. You can't make this up lmao.
Cody Dixon
Cody Dixon 13 napja
When can we get a D3 Barb skin for Rein tho?
902100101 13 napja
I'm sorry but why do "weapon sounds" matter when you are trying to update/reinvigorate the game?
100abomb 13 napja
Does this video have a different title for other people? For me it's called "Sojourn Abilities" but what I watched was nothing about Sojourn until the last 10 seconds??
Oatsnhunny 10 napja
pretty sure gamespot is just clickbaiting, as far as I know there are no confirmations on the abilities. that's why I came too :/
749246pin 13 napja
Cool can we please give mcree a better roll now please (or an movement ability to replace it)
The Mysterious Stranger
The Mysterious Stranger 13 napja
Rein main here, haven't played for 2 years but I'm back for aggro rein
KC Shuffle
KC Shuffle 13 napja
OW basically takes all the Quake gameplay, but slows it down for the below average player to make them feel competitive. Unfortunately this game became a moba so all the top FPS playerrs like Rapha and Dahang went to Quake Champions where they know their skill would shine through GOATS LUL
Joshman Bobb
Joshman Bobb 13 napja
Fixing a lot of things that aren't broken. I really hope you can play with old sounds because these new ones are really bad. And the camera shake is a game killer.
Angelic 13 napja
What in the clickbait?
DeadZedWalking 13 napja
*Laughs in already playing rein as a brawler*
DeadZedWalking 13 napja
@RevolverJaguar Yeah cause he already IS a brawler which is why that part confused me like yes he has a big shield however it doesn't last for ever so once it goes down, whats THE best way to make sure you keep the enemy teams attention? By swinging that hammer vs retreating if your being healed since most players aren't just gonna let rein swing at them for free :P
RevolverJaguar 13 napja
I know this is how i play rein normally anyway. He's not supposed to drift yet I somehow make the game do it for me anyways :) for better or worse
Simon 5
Simon 5 13 napja
Dang bro this is going to go far
sang dang
sang dang 13 napja
Can someone tell them that this is not a sequel game but just an update.
Zach Clifford
Zach Clifford 12 napja
Its a DLC at Full Price xD
Ganymede 12 napja
.....umm yea.... everyone knows that? This is literally the free stuff that is going to be added into the current game. The new game is the pve content. Story mode, replayable hero missions similar to Diablo from what I hear.
Cory 13 napja
Ok but when are we seeing Mama Hong and her signature move Manslaughter
Gaboce 22
Gaboce 22 13 napja
this is actually a glorified update, nothing else
Morning Star
Morning Star 2 napja
@Samuel Leet Its basically a couple of new heros which would have released anyway, if OW2 wouldnt consume all the attention and they keep working on OW1. Same with maps. Same with the new mode The update of the sound and the PVE content is basically what you are paying for. Everything else would be there without a OW2. So its a glorified update in the PVP regard.
Samuel Leet
Samuel Leet 13 napja
Are saying OW2 is going to be just what's in this video?
Lamanunez 13 napja
so no release date?
Arturo Mendoza
Arturo Mendoza 13 napja
Is overwatch 2 gonna be a completely new game or major overhaul of the existing overwatch?
Career Use
Career Use 13 napja
BUT CAN I BUY SKINS FOR $300 ??! can 1 ?
Kaboom sihal
Kaboom sihal 13 napja
Damn, that's some cheap clickbait right there. "Full reveal" lmfao. Yeah, sure, her primary fire and what looks like one of her abilities. And we can sort of guess she can slide with that one ability from the cinematic. That's 50% at best.
Back From Limbo
Back From Limbo 13 napja
exactly. what a joke man
kim mik
kim mik 13 napja
4:50 young Sigma
Fid 13 napja
This is the same game. ???
sebastian larsen
sebastian larsen 13 napja
We wanted to play around with a Railgun so we copied the design from Doom.
sebastian larsen
sebastian larsen 13 napja
@Soundkaiser Shoot to charge up a super "Heatblast"? I've only ever seen that In Doom.
Soundkaiser 13 napja
That's what a railgun is tho...
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 13 napja
overwatch 2 has PvE? Gee.. I wonder where did they got that idea.. *Cough* Team fortress 2 Mann vs Machine *cough*
Louis Brownisky
Louis Brownisky 13 napja
They’re gonna fuck this up. somehow, some way, they are going to fuck. This. Up.
Dr. Frasier Crane
Dr. Frasier Crane 13 napja
Jeff’s voice makes me want to slit my wrists and do push-ups in salt water.
James Bono
James Bono 13 napja
Click bait. This is not a full reveal when the ultimate isn’t even shown.
Ethsy77 13 napja
As a reinhart main I am most pleased
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