World of Warcraft Classic: Burning Crusade Announcement Trailer | BlizzCon 2021

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15 napja

Check out the all new Burning Crusade Announcement Trailer for World of Warcraft Classic featured at Blizzcon 2021!

Xplod2064 3 napja
Time for Ashes to Alar to be showed off again!!
L P 10 napja
Meh ill be waiting for Wotlk classic
Anton N
Anton N 12 napja
Thold 12 napja
A part of me wishes they did what OSRS did take it on a whole new direction than rs3 did. To see the exact same stuff years ago is a tad disappointing. But it is cool I can replay wow when I first started all those years ago
Michael 12 napja
I'm excited... To continue supporting private servers
Rem Natsuki
Rem Natsuki 13 napja
Who cares? Blizzard ruined Classic WoW. Between the horrible out of order patches, unwanted changes, and outright ignoring cheaters, hackers and RMT's selling their cheating services, it ruined the game and the economy.
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Aleksandar Jovanovic 13 napja
everything is shot after tbc
Skepticism 13 napja
I need a new keyboard for my huntard macro
Dome 13 napja
Wow, this new expansion looks cool as hell!!!
Okoloko 13 napja
LFR SSC or TK!. My first expansión, My body is ready!
baloser 13 napja
replaying old content wow so excited omg so innovative
NomnomJawsnomnom 13 napja
TBC classic trailer: "You are not prepared!" TBC classic raid bosses: *will literally be downed within hours of releasing*
Vezax 13 napja
They should be buffed by 200% or more on stats and shorten enrage timers. Is the only way to make bosses with such easy mecanics last long. Once Realm First is done the content can be tunned down for the new players to also be able to kill the bosses.
Adamsmasher93 14 napja
I am not prepared for this
wiefdiwbofdbw 14 napja
Blizzard, wtf? Adding leveling boosts? Who the fuck asked for this, why the fuck you think people play classic over retail? Because none of that modern mmorpg bullshit existed back then. And now you start adding that bullshit to classic. I guess minor boosts like a 10-20% exp boost or something would be okay but wow.. fucking it up once again, this time starting during TBC already
wiefdiwbofdbw 14 napja
Fuck yeah. TBC has all the good things classic has/does, but adds even more. As a mostly casual / solo player, I'm mostly hyped to finally be able to get good gear through PvP for any build I like
Seer Rees
Seer Rees 14 napja
Joke is on you guys! They are going to just keep going till it reaches current DLC and then BAM you are playing modern WoW before you know it.
Weylin Rose
Weylin Rose 14 napja
Wow is for 5 year olds. Play ff14
RuffPlay 14 napja
10 years to late if you ask me
Eoin James Madden
Eoin James Madden 14 napja
Alejandro Gonzalez Gutierrez
Alejandro Gonzalez Gutierrez 14 napja
Is this free right?
Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo
Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo 14 napja
yes, the same as classic, just pay for subscription.
corrion1 14 napja
lmao they have announced character boosts to 58, once again Blizzard destroying everything they touch yet again next will be the gold token and ingame mount store within 6months mark my words..
Jfso Loasjd
Jfso Loasjd 14 napja
Horray! 😊🎊🎉 I want those TBCC servers now! I cannot wait! 😊😊😊 Anyone who knows the release date of these TBCC servers? 🙂
NegaDruid 14 napja
All you classic fiends... you look back with rose tinted glasses... ...I remember the Grind. Oh yes. I remember. Enjoy yourselves!
Styx Zero
Styx Zero 13 napja
Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo
Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo 14 napja
We do enjoy ourselves, and we have been for a year and a half now, and we shall continue.
Carlos John
Carlos John 14 napja
is it even worse than x42.000 silithid carapace solo grind ?
RegalSwede 14 napja
I can't tell if this is meant to be a joke or not, but we've already had the classic grind, and classic was very successful. So, rose tinted glasses?
miikey automatiic
miikey automatiic 14 napja
When is the release date
miikey automatiic
miikey automatiic 14 napja
Beefwelliington 14 napja
there isn't one, they said they need to do alot more work but people are predicting it will be 6 months
Austin Russell
Austin Russell 14 napja
BC was the best expansion. Undeniable.
EKaminskiTV 13 napja
i was 12 when it came out. literally the best thing in my life
WOOs PlagueOnPC
WOOs PlagueOnPC 14 napja
You are not prepared... again...
Cad Bane
Cad Bane 14 napja
So, it'll be TBCC
Big Tony
Big Tony 14 napja
Here we go again...
Risky123123 14 napja
Just release wrath servers so i can get back into wow
Cogburna PennyNotSoWise
Cogburna PennyNotSoWise 14 napja
shadowbolt lock here i come!
JY Lewis
JY Lewis 14 napja
TBR was my first wow experience as a kid
Heavoc 13 napja
The Burning Rats
Blackouts 13 napja
I'm sorry to say but anything Activison Blizzard runs will be a complete joke, Exactly why so many ppl have quit Wow classic it's just a bunch of false promises by them and sucking as much cash as possible for as long as they can.
Jake Carroll
Jake Carroll 14 napja
Reliving the best xpac fuck yes. If y'all dont like it that's fine but majority do so.
Andrews 14 napja
Play this or D2 Resurrected? I think I'll play D2 lol.
Jett Blacc
Jett Blacc 14 napja
Until they f it up like they did reforged.
Sashokius QaZ
Sashokius QaZ 14 napja
Does anyone know ost name on 1:10? Forgot the name.
Carlos John
Carlos John 14 napja
"The Dark Portal" 1:50
Alien Animations
Alien Animations 14 napja
I’m so mad I missed blizzcon
First Last
First Last 14 napja
William Guardia Fernandez
William Guardia Fernandez 14 napja
What a joke....
Louthinator 14 napja
so they are redoing all the old WoW content, which means I get to quit at cataclysm all over again :D
Louthinator 11 napja
@Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo the problem with anything that's not retail is it would fizzle out and die due to receiving no updates. I would prefer they take WotLK era and take it in a new direction, new content in the old style, just like oldschool runescape (which thanks to this decision making is now one of the top 3 MMOs in terms of player count)
Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo
Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo 11 napja
@Louthinator honestly I don't know. If it were up to me I would have the 4 versions of the game (Retail, vanilla, BC & WotLK) all running and people choosing which era they want to play in, or some kind of repeating progression, when you get to the end of WotLK it runs for a couple of years then starts at the start again and you can run through the game from classic through to LK playing each expansion as it arrives.
Louthinator 12 napja
@Felipe what I would like is classic experience continued after wotlk and to completely avoid the adaptation phase...
Felipe 12 napja
i see WoW in 3 phases vanilla to wotlk = classic experience cata to wod = blizzard trying to adapt the game to new mmo standards legion to now = modern WoW
HerpimusDerp 13 napja
@Firelord Eliteast67 I'm generally in that camp but I will say mechanics wise most people are all about BC. Don't get me wrong the first thing I said when Classic was announced was "PLEASE let this succeed so they do BC and THEN WRATH!". Wrath was the peak subscriber wise at 12.6 million subs.
Sol Patinaj Tarık
Sol Patinaj Tarık 14 napja
Johnny Clancy
Johnny Clancy 13 napja
The level boost isn't an issue. They specified what it was for and they knew that they'd play with fire. You get one paid for level 58 boost. A single boost. You would probably be wise to use that on a paladin on Alliance or a warrior on either faction or a rogue. Otherwise, with some AOE boosting in dungeons, you can get your belf or draenei to 60 in the prepatch pretty easily. I'm just glad it's only one boost. It's for people who never played Classic and want to catch up with their friends. We're not getting this paid boost culture. They're implementing boosts how Blizzard should have implemented boosts from the beginning.
belstar 14 napja
Holy heck this is so bad everything would be better than this i would rather have wow tokens or store mounts.
Yuki Terumi
Yuki Terumi 14 napja
@Vaedeer honestly the only problem I have is managing my mana. And stocking mana potions is fucking expensive.
Vaedeer 14 napja
@Yuki Terumi Yea, the mage is a leveling powerhouse.
Yuki Terumi
Yuki Terumi 14 napja
@Vaedeer I looked up best leveling class and stuff and also I wanted to do something different as I main fury, DK frost, and offhand tank Pali. So decides to be a caster. Turned out ice mages were hella good in classic so here I am lol.
russian d
russian d 14 napja
So now wow classic isnt wow classic anymore?
jack 14 napja
@HerpimusDerp 😀 yeah we're really enjoying Shadowlands too! Honestly, everybody I know that plays is too. With the new Vicarious merger thing I feel like WoW is in safe hands, and BC is coming back baby omg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!! Lok'tar!!!!!
HerpimusDerp 14 napja
​@jack I wasn't implying you got the current expansion with that. I just mean as far as the subscription goes. Thanks for clarifying for new folks. Hope to see lots of people checking BC out. Also Shadowlands ISN'T TERRIBLE. I mean it's not like it's WoD or early BFA.
jack 14 napja
@HerpimusDerp not "current" WoW. All of "retail" wow through BFA, the previous expansion. Current WoW Shadowlands starts at 39.99 + subscription. (Just clarifying for any new/potential players reading)
russian d
russian d 14 napja
Man guild wars 2 just so much better.
HerpimusDerp 14 napja
They said you have a choice in the announcement to advance a Classic character to Burning Crusade or keep it Classic. So YES they will still have WoW Classic as well as this. All still for one sub including current WoW in the bundle.
DreamPlays 14 napja
You think you do but you dont
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele 14 napja
*I don't play World Of WarCraft, but this trailer of the offline/video game is absolutely seeing the characters in action* 🔥🔥🔥
wileywilson 14 napja
Why all the dislikes?
Styx Zero
Styx Zero 13 napja
@PapaJake Delusional andy...
wileywilson 14 napja
@PapaJake. "Nobody"? Source please.
Jake Carroll
Jake Carroll 14 napja
@Eltharyon Ormand said no one ever
Eric Hall
Eric Hall 14 napja
@belstar yeah, no it doesn’t. But good to hear they weren’t making any other changes. Level boost is fine. Affects nothing for tbc classic. Thanks for the info
belstar 14 napja
Because of the ridiculous level boost that is a sign of them turning classic into something similar to wod.
BoundByGundams 14 napja
Never forget Nostalrius. This is why I don’t support blizzard anymore.
Eric Hall
Eric Hall 14 napja
@Zynokyno yeah I know about Nostralius. And while I kinda understand your issue, it’s blizzards game. There is no reason for them to let a 3rd party run their game for other people for free. And classic was a better version than nostralius anyways. I’m glad nostralius did what they did so we got actual classic but there was no way they would of just gotten away with that for free
Zynokyno 14 napja
@Eric Hall Nostalrius was a vanilla wow private server before classic wow that everyone was playing but Blizzard issued a cease and desist letter, and so the Nostalrius server was shut down on April 10, 2016, leading to an outcry on Facebook and Twitter and large-scale coverage in mainstream computing journalism. (Yes it was because of copyright and it's bullshit) This was the whole reason classic wow exists.
Eric Hall
Eric Hall 14 napja
How do you mean
Spike Bebop
Spike Bebop 14 napja
Okay I guess
Ely Homsi
Ely Homsi 14 napja
Alfa 14 napja
Imagine if they made this for next gen consoles lol...pls i don't own a gaming PC anymore xD
Dani Castro
Dani Castro 14 napja
You can play this shit with your mother’s MS-DOS Potato dude
Elyrium 14 napja
@Eric Hall at least 30
Eric Hall
Eric Hall 14 napja
@Drako Lo Garnus how many buttons is that?
Drako Lo Garnus
Drako Lo Garnus 14 napja
@Eric Hall i dont know about that. i have had a full hotbar on my dark knight for awile.
Eric Hall
Eric Hall 14 napja
@Drako Lo Garnus ffxiv is less complicated than wow. Or at least classic wow. So less things to map to buttons
Mega2000 14 napja
Waiting for something interesting im getting Sleepy
Jack Beatty
Jack Beatty 14 napja
Why all the dislikes? Im uneducated on WoW and was hoping to get into it but idk now lol
Eric Hall
Eric Hall 14 napja
@Jake Carroll not sure which way your intending that but yeah I don’t understand why level boosts get so much hate. As long as they come at the end of an expansion they really don’t matter
Jake Carroll
Jake Carroll 14 napja
@Eric Hall imagine not playing one of the best xpacs because theres a level boost 😂
Eric Hall
Eric Hall 14 napja
@belstar the first part of your statement I somewhat agree with. Modern wow is missing a lot of that feeling of exploring and immersion. The one thing modern wow has over classic. And it might be the only thing. Is incredibly better raids. Like absolutely no comparison raids are better. But that’s about it. The level boost doesn’t matter at all. Classic is at the end of its cycle now so who cares. And your gonna still need to go through Outland
belstar 14 napja
@Eric Hall All the changes made in cata and mop and wod they made the game so streamlined it is like you never need to leave the city you just que for dungeons and pvp i know they later started forcing people to do quests but that is not why i want to play mmos like wow i want to explore the game world with other players And a level boost will be terrible because it just confuses new players and lets you skip a huge part of the game ts not like the modern wow where the leveling is broken and short its not a big deal for veteran players and most people playing wow now are veterans it just makes the game look bad
Eric Hall
Eric Hall 14 napja
@belstar I mean I don’t understand why anyone cares at all about the level boost. Doesn’t affect anything. But the second part of your statement what’s that referencing
jayden bbb
jayden bbb 14 napja
dumb game
Kim Malvin Fjære
Kim Malvin Fjære 14 napja
you're almost as late to the announcement as blizzard is
thewewguy8t88 14 napja
that is more or less how i feel. like this feels like the most second oh(with a shurg)moment i have had today.
AdalWolf 14 napja
First like lets go
Hurricane Society
Hurricane Society 14 napja
Hurricane Society
Hurricane Society 14 napja
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