Best Zelda Commercials & Trailers (1986 - 2021)

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In celebration of Zelda's 35th anniversary we thought now would be a good time to look back at some of the best trailers and commercials from Zelda's history.
Zelda is officially 35 years old, dating back to the original Legend of Zelda’s launch on February 21, 1986. When a series has been around for that long there’s bound to be different advertising styles. From rap commercials in the 80’s to found footage ripoffs in the 2000’s there are a lot of approaches the Zelda series took when advertising over the decades.
In this video we’ve selected the best of them all, and at least 1 from each mainline game. This includes trailers and commercials, and those aren’t limited to just US or Japan. Some are comedic, some are epic, and some are just downright memorable.
In terms of what Nintendo is doing for the 35th anniversary of Zelda, it recently revealed that Skyward Sword HD will be making its way to the Switch 10 years after its original Wii release. It also revealed that more information about Breath of the Wild’s sequel will be revealed later this year.
00:00 - Intro
00:13 - The Legend of Zelda
01:13 - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
01:43 - A Link to the Past
02:53 - Link's Awakening
03:54 - Ocarina of Time
05:29 - Majora's Mask
07:47 - Oracle of Seasons/Ages
08:17 - Four Swords
08:47 - The Wind Waker
09:47 - Four Swords Adventures
10:17 - The Minish Cap
10:47 - Twilight Princess
11:45 - Phantom Hourglass
12:00 - Spirit Tracks
12:57 - Skyward Sword
14:13 - A Link Between Worlds
14:44 - Tri Force Heroes
15:24 - Breath of the Wild
19:09 - Breath of the Wild Sequel
20:28 - Outro

TheLastArkhamGamer 3 napja
are we all gonna ignore how incredibly fucking dark that majora's mask commercial was? the world ended
Stay Lucky
Stay Lucky 5 napja
Rest Easy Robin Williams
J ey
J ey 5 napja
Skyward sword intro and music tho
The Crazy Canadian
The Crazy Canadian 5 napja
And they didn’t release a new game?
Petros Mandalos
Petros Mandalos 6 napja
Who the heck thought that doing a Zelda 35 year anniversary video within a Sony TV was a good idea??????????????????????????????? Lame.
Dj Mule
Dj Mule 7 napja
Hyrule warriors????!? Or does it not count?
Crossing Chap
Crossing Chap 7 napja
UK had an amazing ad for links awakening with the late great Rik Mayall. Watching it back though it’s super weird and even weirder that it really made me want the game back then!
Mary-Kate Merucci
Mary-Kate Merucci 7 napja
2:46 me: what the frick
KingInTheNorth 7 napja
The Ocarina of time commercials were not even for Ocarina of time but for the 3DS. One job
Johnny Dalle
Johnny Dalle 7 napja
i always cry with the robin williams one
Brett Tanton
Brett Tanton 8 napja
Wow!!! You wonder why Legend of Zelda is the greatest video game Franchise ever created 😄
Nick Schoenfeld
Nick Schoenfeld 8 napja
This is the only trailer that has ever made me cry while watching it for the first time 3 years ago
Duncan Skiles
Duncan Skiles 8 napja
WTF is with the puppets!
Brazilian Kaiser
Brazilian Kaiser 8 napja
I love that Botw trailer, but it really gave me a false impression of how the game was. I tought it was going to be fast and epic, but instead, it's calm, mildly quiet, and strategic. It feels better this way tbh, but it would be cool if we got a more "epic" 3D Zelda game after Botw 2
Malivoo 8 napja
9:35 y'all thought this was Zelda but it's actually Arryll!
KaiserKiller 8 napja
Does anyone else wish they could travel back in time to 1987 and show those old school Zelda fans from back then what is possible nkw?
Wesley Tomaz
Wesley Tomaz 8 napja
I missed the reveal trailer for Wind Waker. The one that starts with the text "Every game has a story... only one is a legend". It's pretty cool.
DesHotDog 9 napja
James Miller
James Miller 9 napja
I miss Robin so much.
Jonathan Gater
Jonathan Gater 9 napja
The irony that a Nintendo exclusive franchise is being displayed on a Sony TV.
/GYRO_AL/ 9 napja
Why the fuck did the majoras mask trailers hit so hard??????
SwiftBlade4 9 napja
They missed the Hyrule Warriors, Age of Calamity.
manicniceguy 9 napja
Original Zelda is the best.
SwiftBlade4 9 napja
So Zelda turned 35 huh? Man, time sure flys by so damn fast.
Just a Nobody Youtuber
Just a Nobody Youtuber 9 napja
The Twilight Princess trailer doesnt hit the same without the crowd going crazy in the background.
American Ape
American Ape 9 napja
2:00 sounds just like a Japanese Slick Rick
Julio Celis
Julio Celis 9 napja
Why is the TV Sony?
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 9 napja
15:24 - 19:04 I've seen the all commercials when they came out, but... Breath of the Wild make me feel thrilled every time I see it!!
J L.
J L. 9 napja
I miss the golden game packs 😔
Adrian Rossino
Adrian Rossino 9 napja
It's sad to think that those nerds at the beginning of the video are most likely dead
War .2. Fame
War .2. Fame 9 napja
Drugs must have been cheap back then...
SingSongDan 9 napja
God that BOTW story trailer still makes me cry 4 years later what a masterpiece of storytelling and music
jana clark
jana clark 9 napja
You use Skyward Sword HD
Big Man
Big Man 9 napja
This is weird
SamuraiGhost63 9 napja
That Link’s Awakening rap 😂 but the Majora’s Mask ad is out there 😅
Fipher 9 napja
Why can't Nintendo do these kinds of commercials anymore like with actors and stories and shit? All they ever do is splice a bunch of footage together. When do have actors it's like look at me on the bus playing Zelda lol. Ever since Iwata died Nintendo has lost a lot of its charm
intense79nick 9 napja
After having just rewatched the LOTR trilogy it never occurred to me how much Twilight Princess was probably inspired by those movies.
WhyIdontknowmyname 9 napja
Some of this trailers are just.. WTF
101 Taker
101 Taker 10 napja
For Robin Williams and Zelda Williams.
Zackie chan
Zackie chan 10 napja
13:24 "Only for wii" *so that was a fucking lie*
Sandor Eguizabal
Sandor Eguizabal 10 napja
I dig that they used a PVM-2530 as the monitor of choice.
morris m
morris m 10 napja
majora mask commercial is so dark.
Mikayla McGunagle
Mikayla McGunagle 10 napja
Okay nothing but goofball commercials and then you hit us with Robin and im crying
Jobi1 Kawobi
Jobi1 Kawobi 10 napja
That dance choreography was badass!! Take that Ganon!
J. D.
J. D. 10 napja
Dang that majora's mask one do be looking like a psychological thriller tho.
Rambella Studios
Rambella Studios 10 napja
the commercial for Majora's Mask is on the edge of creepiness and ultimate despair. Like I really felt like the world was ending. Using homemade VHS footage stepped it up as personal, knowing a friend or a family member was gonna die. The music had an Interview with a Vampire Feeling.
Nikhil Kumar
Nikhil Kumar 10 napja
Windwaker, skyward sword and breath of the wild gave me goosebumps.
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 10 napja
The zelda rap for lttp was badass
loktronGaming TV
loktronGaming TV 10 napja
Oh my god these are the shittiest commercials ive ever seen in my life Twilight princess spot still epic though
Pooler57 10 napja
The first Zelda commercials were so funny
Sir Yeetsalot
Sir Yeetsalot 10 napja
Why is there Conan the Barbarian music in some of these?😂 Not complaining, it's badass music.
Devin Trager
Devin Trager 10 napja
I actually missed the trailer they did for the GBA release of link to the past.
M4R 10 napja
Robin Williams is the highlight... the truest Zelda fan of us all. And though his role in Hook he is literally the inspiration behind 1990s Zelda emotion. A wonderful human being, will forever leave a mark in those who watched the actor and were inspired by his example!
Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo 10 napja
Lol at the Sony logo on the tv for ocarina of time trailer
Sara Lamont
Sara Lamont 10 napja
My whole childhood was defined by this series,I can tell how old I am in memories due to the game/console I was playing at the time 😂 My first tattoo was even the 3 spiritual stones (young link,OoT) with a triforce design down my spine - LoZ shaped a generation & i can't wait to share with my kids one day🙌✌ ! Awesome video as per usual dude 💜
Barkley 10 napja
Nothing wil top botw and tp
Millennial Math
Millennial Math 10 napja
Anyone else get a little teary eyed when You hear Robin Williams voice
Ramiro Garea
Ramiro Garea 11 napja
Freaky Snuke
Freaky Snuke 11 napja
Ofc on a Sony tv just to curse
VENJO 11 napja
That Links Awakening Rap ad was my child hood
Francisco Alvarez
Francisco Alvarez 11 napja
This is the best video Gamespot has done in the past 15 years.
Diogo 11 napja
This just confirms that Zelda is a horror series
ɮタでɮ3タ2で シ
ɮタでɮ3タ2で シ 11 napja
The funny part is it is played in a Sony TV
Angela Smith
Angela Smith 11 napja
Omg 😆 og Zelda, I still have it 🤣🙌🏽
Diogo 11 napja
ZELLLDAAAAAA!!!! *reverbs trough the entire set*
capo dopera
capo dopera 11 napja
Damn my throat tightened up during the Robin Williams commercial
HipHopIsUnderground 11 napja
That Breath of the Wild trailer might be the best in the history of gaming. It's elite.
Crecer como testigo de Jehová
Crecer como testigo de Jehová 11 napja
Phillip Daigle
Phillip Daigle 11 napja
Man, that Robin Williams commercial still tears me up.
Phillip Miller
Phillip Miller 11 napja
Old game commercials and trailers are wild. both America and Japan did multiple musical numbers. Also, those MM ones were so creepy. I remember back when youtube was young and watching the old ones over and over and after the trailers dropped for newer ones, revisiting them the same way
deblin 11 napja
HD skyward sword?
24hour Nakama
24hour Nakama 11 napja
Luke Dias
Luke Dias 11 napja
That Majora’s Mask ad is freaking horrifying.
wowzer 11 napja
That Wind Waker trailer was so good. I remember seeing it on tv as a kid and being so stoked
lenk 11 napja
Remember when commericials were not: 99% cant beat this 🤪🤭😚🤪😅😗🤣🤪😋🤪😒🤨😏😥😦😥😖😮😖😎😖🤓💌😸😽😸👽🙉👿🙉👾👾💓✋🤏✋💤🤙💨✌🤙🖕💅👐🤛🤜🦿
Stuart Borgholthaus
Stuart Borgholthaus 11 napja
Man that twilight princess trailer still gets me hyped
MaestroZain 12 napja
Botw was my favourite zelda I hope the sequel can push further because games development is somewhat iterative.
Derek Smith
Derek Smith 12 napja
Breath of the Wild and Twilight Princess trailers are the best. I remember seeing the Twilight Princess trailer during E3. There were people crying because it looked so amazing at the time.
BrokenSocialScene23 12 napja
A Sony TV? I see.
jeckoneedlemeyer 12 napja
The first 2 commercials were painful to watch.
ELdASenSei 12 napja
I chuckled at Four swords adventures xD
Jimmy Nyström
Jimmy Nyström 12 napja
crithon 12 napja
01:45 is the best one because A Link Between Worlds created Hilda and used the song as a hidden track between the walls. BTW, Video quality is impressive considering how difficult it is to get these videos off of VHS tapes.
Alex Marsalis
Alex Marsalis 12 napja
even Majora's mask's commercial was creepy.
Alex Marsalis
Alex Marsalis 12 napja
the first 4 were absolute internet gold
ESC Gaming
ESC Gaming 12 napja
Watching Nintendo trailers with a Sony logo on screen almost the entire time.....
Time Link
Time Link 12 napja
Oh Mr. Williams.
Jason Marsee
Jason Marsee 12 napja
Relived my childhood by watching this emotional mashup. Gamespot, thank you for putting this together. RIP Robin Williams, and happy 35th, LoZ.
Evalyn Baun
Evalyn Baun 12 napja
Nothing-and I repeat NOTHING will ever top the Breath of the Wild 2017 presentation trailer
JSkeleton's Nintendo World
JSkeleton's Nintendo World 12 napja
Amazing. What a nostalgic trip!
-BEN- 12 napja
13:04 Link kinda sounds like a girl here ngl /:
Alkaris 12 napja
Imagine if someone re-created the old Legend of Zelda commercials, recreate them in a way that makes them feel more modern but old classic cheesyness.
Bradee 12 napja
Man that made me cry a bit all my childhood wrapped in a ball thank you gamespot for doing what Nintendo couldn’t and taking the initiative to a classic
Adam Cha
Adam Cha 12 napja
Links awakening remake?!
Tino Espinoza
Tino Espinoza 12 napja
I like how they used the same music from Conan the Barbarian(Arnold version).
Ryuan 12 napja
Couldn't watch Twilight Princes reveal trailer without hearing roaring crowds in my head.
Joseph Lusk
Joseph Lusk 12 napja
4:40 hey thats the music from Conan the Barbarian. 11:05 there it is again. Somebody at Nintendo must like that soundtrack a lot. Also I really wish Robin had gotten to play Breath of the Wild 😔.
Tracy Ndiyob
Tracy Ndiyob 12 napja
happy 35th anniversary the legend of zelda!!! :3 r.i.p robin williams(and my father,2 great legends that i loved dearly & hope to see in heaven someday.seeing his daughter zelda joke about their names made me smile.) and like how in wind wakers(favorite zelda game.) trailer it's technically link's sister aryll but to a newcomer it sounds more like zelda herself.(even funnier considering how it's one of the more/THE most badass versions of her though i also love botw's.)
Kerplunkers 12 napja
10:31 that's my fetish
John Rausch
John Rausch 12 napja
Pretty sweet seeing those 80's commercials!
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