Firearms Expert Reacts To Insurgency Sandstorm’s Guns

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Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of Insurgency Sandstorm, including the MP5 SD submachine gun, the Russian PK machine gun, and the iconic RPG-7.
Insurgency Sandstorm offers a realistic take on the tactical shooter genre and includes a range of contemporary weaponry such as the Heckler & Koch G36, the British SA80 rifle, and, of all things, a Welrod silenced pistol from the Second World War.
In the above video Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the guns of Insurgency Sandstorm and compares them to their real-world counterparts.
If you're interested in seeing more of Jonathan, you can check out the Royal Armouries right here. -
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Connimii 5 órája
What about 007 Goldeneye for the N64
Game Analyst
Game Analyst 15 órája
Battlefield 1!
Dominic Arce
Dominic Arce 23 órája
I heard stories about people in Iraq/Afganistan using old WW2 weapons and modding them with laser sights and scopes. I never seen one before but im sure it would be a cursed image
Syn-Theo Napja
I'd like Jonathan to witness the absolute madness of Borderlands Weapons.
ProtankGaming Napja
I wonder if he will review the devision 2
Handsome Italian
Handsome Italian Napja
The absolute glee on his face when holding an RPG 7 is just excellent
DeepPastry Napja
I don't think Jonathan has seen the "new" Welrods. To quietly take out injured large animals, since you're an Animal Doctor, you can get a brand new Welrod. For a mere $2,500 you can get a B&T VP9 Welrod 9mm Silenced Pistol...
Luke S
Luke S Napja
*pulls out L2A3* That's...that's the star wars gun!!
Æsir Napja
i'm a bit disappointed that you guys used clips of the guns with mods on them, i think there could be some more insight if Jonathan could actually see the gun :D
The Ironic Unironic E
The Ironic Unironic E 2 napja
Rising storm 2. I bet he'll love tripwire's work.
M P 2 napja
4:11 look it's a clone tropper gun
popo cart
popo cart 2 napja
Bruh I just realized the uncanny resemblance that the storm trooper blaster has to the sterling They must've based it off of that
Sergeant Dornan
Sergeant Dornan 2 napja
Do RS2 Vietnam!
Tom Ass
Tom Ass 2 napja
Need to see him review post scriptum, squad or hell let loose
pasiden b6
pasiden b6 2 napja
Do Arma 3
Abdullah Tshabal
Abdullah Tshabal 2 napja
The HK slap at least wasn't neglected
Kenshi 2 napja
I never knew that one of the Romanian AKM models will be in the game until I saw this video makes me realize how popular the Romanian AKMs are, thx Jonathan
Huldra 2 napja
Wouldnt gas operation be more accurate than recoil operation in theory since recoil operation requires a barrel that reciprocates while a gas operated one is fixed, at least that is the idea on pistols I have seen where some variant of blowback operation is preferred for precision target guns compared to the more common short recoil operation.
MoonEyes2k 2 napja best as I know, there are no gas operated pistols? A gas operated firearm would be something similar to the AR-15 or the Ljungman, which use a piston and direct gas impingement, respectively.
Mr Marat 24
Mr Marat 24 3 napja
Please Review Wolfenstein guns.
imLawless 3 napja
Jonathan should react to the weapons in "War of Rights"
Vergil Noone
Vergil Noone 3 napja
It's a pretty old game but can you have him look into Blacklight retribution gun customazation
Sargent furion
Sargent furion 3 napja
You should do meatal gear solid 5
Pijawek 3 napja
Welrods are made and used even today. Officialy for euthanasing horses.
CrookCyborg 3 napja
Please react to SQUAD weapons
maizhing 3 napja
Was used as late as desert storm
EzPz pls Ps
EzPz pls Ps 3 napja
Please do rainbow six siege
Chris May
Chris May 3 napja
Game devs need to use this guy when they make a game
DOGMA1138 4 napja
The base model used for the gun was not a Welrod but the B&T VP9, a modern version of it, for "veterinary" and other bespoke uses.
Cory Felix
Cory Felix 4 napja
I'd love to see him check out the bioshock series. Namely bioshock infinite.
Asthmatic Fish
Asthmatic Fish 4 napja
“Anti-tank, anti-aircraft, anti-structure weapon.” Me: *Direct impacts troops because it’s funny*
matthew natividad
matthew natividad 10 órája
Haha target go boom
Am the only one realized that of the guns looked the ones they use in star wars?
JTC96 4 napja
You should do squad!
KC Caballero
KC Caballero 4 napja
Try Call of Duty world at War guns
Daragh Kennedy
Daragh Kennedy 4 napja
Youse should check out the guns from vigor. Lots of very cool 80s guns
lowercase v
lowercase v 4 napja
Welrod: is literally a meme gun added just to be silly Jonathan: It's quite historicaly innacurate
Hammy Sammy
Hammy Sammy 4 napja
Johnathan can only carry you so much, GameSpot. Don't show him tactical welrods in a game where, much like real life, that really doesn't work.
Lars Murdoch Kalsta
Lars Murdoch Kalsta 4 napja
You can also see bullets if you're shooting at night and you have a weapon light on. At least the 124gr nato spec ball out if a p320 with a tlr1. Because the bullet reflects the light back at you as it flys in a very noticeable way.
Kean Norvy Magbanua
Kean Norvy Magbanua 4 napja
4:01 lmao I really thought he pulled a Blaster replica
Gabriel Studios
Gabriel Studios 4 napja
Please react to payday 2 weapons
Father Comstock
Father Comstock 4 napja
can jonathan look at payday 2?
FrontSideBus 4 napja
Doesn't B&T manufacture a modern version of the Welrod? Interesting comment about the "ammunition pool" reloading of most games.... Heh in DayZ, not only do you have to load each magazine by hand... first you actually have to find said magazines lol.
Arthur Harris
Arthur Harris 4 napja
You forgot to mention that the PKM is depicted with a NATO-style disintegrating belt, also the M16A4 is missing it's front sight a lot of the time.
Litllelizad2287 5 napja
Do fortnite
Chungskingi 5 napja
Rainbow six?
Field Marshall Rommel
Field Marshall Rommel 5 napja
Ergh in the game it looks like they use the palm of their hand to forward assist the sa80, no no no no, use the side of the hand. Also the zoom on the susat is a lot higher magnification than what it looks like in game and the giant arrowhead I personally find takes up a lot more space when you aim down the scope.
KerBerBelZ !
KerBerBelZ ! 5 napja
Guns of rainbow six siege
holden alexander
holden alexander 5 napja
Please get him to react to rising storm 2 veitnam guns
Murray Lochrie
Murray Lochrie 5 napja
The person that is showing you these videos really should show you the guns stock. The sterling can be used like a real sterling and probably the welrod as well as all the guns in the game. Its slightly annoying.
Dominic Harold
Dominic Harold 5 napja
Do “Day of Infamy”
Caffeine Sugar
Caffeine Sugar 5 napja
M99 Antimateriel Rifle appears in Killing Floor 2 also
Adam Brychcy
Adam Brychcy 5 napja
When you hear "This is Johnatan Ferguson", you know it will be good!
A L 5 napja
That Ak sounds lovely
A L 5 napja
There is evidence of the Welrod being used in the 1990s, but I don’t know about anything later than that
B4SS 4 Y0U
B4SS 4 Y0U 6 napja
The G36 he brought out reminds me of the pulse rifle from aliens (M41A)
Blaze 6 napja
They have to do Squad. I think he would have a blast talking about the guns in that game.
A Very Disappointed Red Engineer
A Very Disappointed Red Engineer 6 napja
insurgency: *tries to realistic* also insurgency: Yoooo, you want a world war 2 era welrod -not even the B&T vp 9 welrod- with an acog, laser and a grippod?
Elder Fenris.
Elder Fenris. 6 napja
I am the only one that just saw an E-11 in the minute 4:02
SupremeOwnage 6 napja
Your next game: Squad. Please! xD
Bang Jul Fauzie
Bang Jul Fauzie 6 napja
Do rising storm 2: vietnam guns
chavers justin
chavers justin 6 napja
I really need him to shit on black ops Cold War
Chupacabra 0_0
Chupacabra 0_0 6 napja
To be honest, Jonathan is saving Gamespot atm. Without Danny is not the same.
Naughtius Maximus
Naughtius Maximus 6 napja
Can you do the Metro series next?
VeryMelee 6 napja
If you haven't seen an absolutely cursed historic version of these firearms, you obviously haven't seen anything from khyber pass
Kyle Caro
Kyle Caro 6 napja
Make him react to cod modern warfare
Tom Snider
Tom Snider 6 napja
Could Johnathan take a stab at the Payday series.
Marijan Desin
Marijan Desin 7 napja
13:00 RPG You're welcome
Timothy Swartz
Timothy Swartz 7 napja
Do tarcov please
Communist Comrade
Communist Comrade 7 napja
We need arma 3
Khanay Udash
Khanay Udash 7 napja
I'd love to see him actually have a copy of the game to go through the weapons himself rather than solely using footage for review, as Sandstorm has multiple AR-Pattern rifles and Kalash variants, as well as multiple explosive launchers.
impulse 7 napja
Hunt showdown
Paul Pedersen
Paul Pedersen 7 napja
React to the weapons of Squad and Post Scriptum
Nikon Dark
Nikon Dark 7 napja
Hunt showdown has a lot of interesting black powder single shot rifles in it I would love it if he looked at that game
Hunt showdown would be nice 👉👈
Lietec 7 napja
i wish to see him to react to the weapons from Hunt Showdown :D
saucy boi 9000
saucy boi 9000 7 napja
13:00 I've watched/played enough CoD that all I could hear was "mayday, mayday, we are going down. Grid coordinates 25345-"
Mike Darcangelo
Mike Darcangelo 7 napja
“We have one here” pulls out star wars blaster
The Spy of the Tiger
The Spy of the Tiger 7 napja
I'd love to see Jonathan react to the weapons in Killing Floor 2. I've noticed some flaws, but they seem to be engine limitations.
Gazpacho Tabletop
Gazpacho Tabletop 7 napja
I have enjoyed it, cheers Jonathan
Mo Mentum
Mo Mentum 7 napja
He's really knowledgeable. Outstanding
Maor golan
Maor golan 7 napja
React to Squad or Post scriptum
Monostripe Zebras
Monostripe Zebras 7 napja
do *Hunt: Showdown* guns next!
Rainxer 7 napja
We love you Jonathan!, please never go! I really hope his museum get a lot of donations. (I wish i could donate too :c )
GoT wooDx
GoT wooDx 7 napja
Fuckimg finally I’ve been asking this for agessssssssss
Radintoriov 7 napja
"Why would someone ruin this legacy weapon like this?" because that has happened in places like Iraq where there have been cases of "modernized" WW2 guns, like a Sten SMG with bolted-on holo sight, suppressor and taped-on laser sight. And other such creative retoolings of older weapons :v
L. H.
L. H. 7 napja
Sadly, he didn't comment on the MG3. As a german ex-soldier, who was trained with it, I was amazed how well it was depicted, from the sound to the realistic reload animation.
eXCore 14 órája
PKM had good animation, so I would expect the same from other MGs.
Christopher Hernan
Christopher Hernan 7 napja
Could u do ghost recon future soldier please?
7he Meme
7he Meme 7 napja
Proceeds to launch the rpg
Chris Cullen
Chris Cullen 7 napja
Holdfast: Nations at War, a bit different from the standard modern weaponry
dink 8 napja
there's a problem with this video, and i don't think it's really in john's hands, but it seems like he doesn't know the setting of the game. he's looking at it as both sides are trained armies when in reality its more of a slightly trained team against an insurgency.
Not William Jones
Not William Jones 8 napja
Squad next?
Antares 8 napja
The Drifter
The Drifter 8 napja
How about asking Johnathon to react towards Post Scriptum’s various weaponry?
Diacu uu
Diacu uu 8 napja
react to arma 3 (maybe with the ace mod)
doomguy 8 napja
TheBlueStig 8 napja
One of the main problems with modern suppressed semi-auto firearms is the sound of the action working, which can be as much as 110 decibels by itself. A Welrod, with only the firing pin moving when firing, with a fresh set of rubber wipes installed, would arguably be quieter than any automatic on the market by an order of magnitude.
Aviral Maindola
Aviral Maindola 8 napja
asking again for doing one such vid on the metro series
KELEVRA004 8 napja
you can get sterling parts kits in the us that are demilitarized (semi auto) and you can build them to be a pistol or sbr. There have been a few people to weld picatinny rails on them and even go as far as to thread the barrels for suppressor use. They look really really cool
Noah Paul
Noah Paul 8 napja
Thought it was called an l85a2 is it interchangeable with sa80?
Noah Paul
Noah Paul 8 napja
Do rainbow six siege
soki324 8 napja
Anything from the Metal Gear Solid franchise would be awesome
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