BlizzCon 2021 Opening Ceremony and Day 1 Panels Livestream

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Tune into BlizzConline 2021 for the opening ceremony to learn more about the future of Overwatch 2, Diablo, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and more.
After the opening ceremony wraps up, tune in for the World of Warcraft: What's Next Panel, the Diablo: What's Next Panel, Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2 Panel, and the Diablo Deep Dive Panel.
Schedule in PST
Opening Ceremony: 2:00pm - 3:10pm
World of Warcraft: What's Next Panel: 3:10pm - 3:40pm
Diablo: What's Next Panel: 3:40pm - 4:20pm
Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2 Panel: 4:20pm - 5:00pm
Diablo Deep Dive Panel: 5:00pm - 5:40pm

Bas e
Bas e 7 napja
Me and my girlfriend watched this video over the course of a week. We checked out the content of: D4, WoW TBC and D2 a bit. Very cool. Thank you!
Rascal 8 napja
Yeah overwatch 2 needs crosssave and crossplay fr
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson 9 napja
DJ MX 10 napja
they wasted alot of time and showed really nothing, just padded out the whole thing with stroke their ego feel good speach.
Daniel Makin
Daniel Makin 11 napja
That opening video :')
Gamer 2k
Gamer 2k 11 napja
53:39 XD warcraft 3 reforged abandond how could that happen with this mounomental reminder
VRaziel 11 napja
WAIT... no diablo 2 for phones??? DONT BLIZZ GUYS HAVE SMARTPHONES???????
SoSeD Одесскин
SoSeD Одесскин 12 napja
For 30th anniversary of Blizzard this worse blizzcon, nothing exclusive nothing special !!!
Stephanie Broadwater
Stephanie Broadwater 12 napja
did they forget war3?
Mohamed Karim
Mohamed Karim 12 napja
Will it be on ps4?
Bogomil Boev
Bogomil Boev 12 napja
D2!!!!!!! fuck yeah it looks great.
Chito 12 napja
blizzard is a shell of its formal self.
yvan G.O.G
yvan G.O.G 12 napja
si dieran oportunidad a HOTS para mobiles y darle mas amor al unico juego que tiene mucho potencial pero lo desperdician por el DLC de overwach ah perdon overwach 2
Blueberry Neko
Blueberry Neko 13 napja
Kinda thought Overwatch 2 was single player only... :/
Salah Edd
Salah Edd 13 napja
So they didn't talk about the blizzrad lancher and changing at it
janohermano 13 napja
Man i love videogames but dont praise them as the highest
Rugarus 13 napja
Love how they don't mention Reforged. Fuck off Blizzard
Yvaine Anwell
Yvaine Anwell 13 napja
Nice to know Ion's a liar. He promised more customizattion for both core and allied races down the line, and now nothing.
Chris Bullock
Chris Bullock 13 napja
THey make sooooo much money because their overhead is extremly low!.....They haven't updated their engines or assets in the past 10 years.
Sierra Sanchez
Sierra Sanchez 13 napja
14:24 What the fuck LMAO
Tabarnacus 13 napja
You are not prepared! Dude you have no idea...
Wesley Bartlett
Wesley Bartlett 13 napja
Nice ima play bc
Toby F
Toby F 13 napja
You know that Activision is probably happy about the Pandemic. Kind of hard to have an audience reaction, if there is no audience. So if they did something stupid, like Diablo Immortal again, they won't have the Live Negative Reaction to deal with again. The memes will not be readily created. I remember one of my favorite memes, "Don't you guys have Customers"!!
Joker 13 napja
The "deep dive" should have been something other than 3 people sitting around a table talking about how they've been playing since beta
Joker 13 napja
If I took a shot everytime the old lady said she's been playing since classic I would be dead
Damdidamdamdam 13 napja
0:35 Intro Opening Ceremony: 4:38 Opening Speech 11:27 Blizzard Arcade collection 13:44 World of Warcraft 28:27 Heartstone 37:34 Diablo 4 44:58 Diablo Immortal 46:19 Diablo 2 Resurrected 50:18 Closing Speech Deep Dives: 1:00:38 30th Anniversary Carbot cartoon 1:05:31 WoW Burning Crusade Classic 1:35:36 Diablo 4 2:03:40 Overwatch 2 2:43:05 Diablo 2 Resurrected
fermar11 9 napja
Alpha chad
Richard Broadnax
Richard Broadnax 13 napja
Thank you 🤟🏾
Richard Broadnax
Richard Broadnax 13 napja
Thank you 🙏
Hiadne 13 napja
God bless you kind sir
GoneFishingAmalgam 13 napja
Where did they decide to hold it this year? Beijing?
StrangeLove 13 napja
Ship's takin on water captain
psentient 13 napja
2:24:55 Attention, Engineers! We’ve got a Sentry buster!
Mr. Mcmeme
Mr. Mcmeme 13 napja
Kyle Bl4ck
Kyle Bl4ck 14 napja
Ok, Rogues. Cool. Whens the game come out. -_-
ghost 360
ghost 360 14 napja
This generation of games is ass. We tired of waiting on new games.😔
Jenn Berg
Jenn Berg 14 napja
J Allan Brack - They need to get rid of you.
Old Aussie Gamer aka Peter Pan?
Old Aussie Gamer aka Peter Pan? 14 napja
MisterIdjit 14 napja
Brian Birmingham?! Holy shit, that guy was my DM way back in the day. Good to see him on the panel.
ExperienceLD 14 napja
all you had to do was timestamps and you didn't do it... how can I like something like that??
BrighterThanYours 14 napja
Uhhhhhh 1:43:02 no underwear? Why?
John C
John C 14 napja
DoNt YoU gUyS hAvE pHoNeS???
Synistergrin 14 napja
I usually keep my add block off for HUpost creators but since y’all running adds every 3min I turned it on
Davman 12 napja
These are the type of people who made me start using ad block in the first place. And it's been one of the best things I have ever done. Greed should never be rewarded.
Fractylized 13 napja
If you skip to the end and hit replay it removes all ads
Fearless Fosdick
Fearless Fosdick 13 napja
It tells you a lot about Gamespot, doesn't it? Don't look for any criticism of Blizzard here either.
BreadPlays 13 napja
MachoMadness 14 napja
D4 looks like D3 remastered. Lots of the same enemies used in D3 as well
ixxgunnerx x
ixxgunnerx x 14 napja
1:00:00 The guy that does the cartoons on youtueb is great! I'm glade he made this for this years blizcon 2020( it was need since its all on pc this year.)
The Observer Guy
The Observer Guy 14 napja
why am i looking at steve job replicants?
terminalbwoy 14 napja
ah yes the famous "we preserved original design" line while making paladin black.
Richy Rich
Richy Rich 14 napja
Did they remove an hour from this or something cuz everyones timestamps r way off XD
Mads Hostrup
Mads Hostrup 13 napja
Yes. There was 1+ hour intro screen. They cut it down.
ixxgunnerx x
ixxgunnerx x 14 napja
45:04 Thumbs down !
Zorcon741 14 napja
Tyrael 42
Tyrael 42 14 napja
2:48:58 Ohhh the timing and the sounds are just perfect!!!!!!!!!
Derick Vidal
Derick Vidal 14 napja
Diablo 2❤️
Gamer Dad81
Gamer Dad81 14 napja
Well, at least you can’t hear the masses booing you this year for your terrible gaming choices. Lol
Tichiel Juspian
Tichiel Juspian 14 napja
There needs to be some fresh servers you cannot transfer to, because of all the inflation from Vanilla. BC is ruined.
David Calhoun
David Calhoun 13 napja
I think there will be.. But if they say that too early some folks would stop playing now
Sebastian Weiergang Larsen
Sebastian Weiergang Larsen 14 napja
Bring back wc3 TFT please.
Zobber 14 napja
I feel like there going to see how cheap this was and Never go back to live event.
Stephanie Broadwater
Stephanie Broadwater 12 napja
Course, how much they would have to spend on venues or catering or god knows. All they need now is a webcam
Compadre Alentejano
Compadre Alentejano 14 napja
Looking forward to gameplay all
jason yum
jason yum 14 napja
What about Warcraft 3 reforged? Is my money just gone or what
ZenQQ 14 napja
Yes, your money is gone. Game is not going to be mentioned by activision blizzard ever again.
peach peche
peach peche 14 napja
What robot wrote these guys’s scripts?
covidna 14 napja
war3 reforged war3 reforged war3 reforged war3 reforged war3 reforged war3 reforged war3 reforged war3 reforged war3 reforged war3 reforged
agoslinski 14 napja
9:47 I don't have time for WOW but I would love to see a tv series about the lore like this
H0 PE 14 napja
I'm was never excited for Overwatch. Felt like a "meh" game to me. But O2 at the other hand... WOW, I will definitely buy it!
parazjt 14 napja
bruh all the classes i wanna play are female.. cmon let me chose a male body frame
H0 PE 14 napja
What I would like to see from Blizzard is that they change their point of view on a game's lifespan. What I mean is that the development time is a given timeframe, 2-5 years. Then there is a support period, for 2-4years (tops, but rather just 1-3 years). And either there are a couple of expansions during the support period or not (if the developers choose the now so common "live support", where they drop small updates and fixes within a small time period, that feels like there are free expansions). But they should reallize that the amount of energy and money goes into these kind of developments could be more efficient if they are planning on a much longer time period for the life cycle of their product. Good example is WoW. Bad example is Starcraft 2, Diablo 2., and Even Diablo 3. These games are abandoned fairly quickly. And if you reach that point where you feel that developing an expansion or update for a game is not worth it, then you lost that game, because people will leave. TL:DR: I would love to see D4 live for 5-10years and get constant updates, support, new expansions. Its worth more for us, players and certainly there should be much more money in a developer spanning out a game to such extend rather than start from scratch every 3-4 years to make another game.
Brachial Plexus
Brachial Plexus 14 napja
Question is.. Should we call it Blizzcon or Activision-con?
GoneFishingAmalgam 13 napja
We could just call it One Big Con. It would be accurate
Henri Pihala
Henri Pihala 14 napja
TLDR??? When the BC is out and and what happens to Classic servers?
Cody Holvik
Cody Holvik 14 napja
I can’t wait for overwatch 2 and feel like I first did when I played over watch one
CorgiCriminal 14 napja
free hong kong
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez 14 napja
"Thief with good morals." TROLOLOLOL
Math 14 napja
diablo 4 all the way.. cant wait. fuck off to all the diablo 2 nostalgia fanboys hating. who gives a shit about your opinion. mounts gonna be awesome in the game
Sibernetik ve Hububat A.Ş
Sibernetik ve Hububat A.Ş 14 napja
I don't feel good about D4. It's like they do so little about the game.
jellzor 14 napja
After seeing how hard they messed up and disrespected Warcraft Reforged I'm never buying anything from that company again
ZackyPacky 10 napja
I was worried they would slowly go downhill after teaming up with Activision...and I was right.
Jan Feldmann
Jan Feldmann 14 napja
Extremely excited for D2 remastered. Looks great so far!
gracefuldice 14 napja
That's what everybody said about warcraft3 reforged. Just saying.
Peter Geil
Peter Geil 14 napja
Kinda cringy.. should be little more freestyle
emrah malkoc
emrah malkoc 14 napja
well could it be possible to have characters in both classic and tbc?
Štefan Nagy
Štefan Nagy 14 napja
Why on earth you cant get character boost to blood elf or draenei
metrojeesus 14 napja
Is this a out of season April's fools joke?
pekka 14 napja
I play video games to buy microtransactions with my real money, ruin entire games and communities with awful remakes, censor free speach and bow to China. Fuck off Blizzard.
Toadette 14 napja
If I have a character on a PvP server in classic, can i copy it to a PvE server in TBC?
Legron 14 napja
TBC When? - 2:36:41
LetoZeth 14 napja
1:04:30 | Opening Ceremony 2:04:45 | Carbot Animations: A 30th Anniversary Cartoon 2:09:27 | World of Warcraft: What's Next (Burning Crusade) 2:39:37 | Diablo: What's Next (Diablo 4) 3:07:55 | Overwatch 2: Behind the Scenes 3:47:14 | Diablo Deep Dive (Diablo 2)
Zazuko 14 napja
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks 14 napja
Ure à God
Imperator Caesar Augustus
Imperator Caesar Augustus 14 napja
When MMM?
UglyPickel992 14 napja
Literal life saver
Maky 14 napja
God bless you.
Yahya Ahmed
Yahya Ahmed 14 napja
Overwatch show starts in 3:07:48
4withmoonbyul 14 napja
sathrago 14 napja
1:04:42 Starts here
Ekrem ŞAHİN 14 napja
I want wizard once more!
Dean J
Dean J 14 napja
2:09:40 World Of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic Deep Dive
Smoothoreo 14 napja
How are they dealing with the bot problem
TimbobJames 14 napja
2:09:35 BC panel timestamp
J En
J En 14 napja
Please get the killing of the monsters right
Surg3 14 napja
please just don't be another refunded...
FiZc 14 napja
It'll just be rejected this time.
flufychickens 14 napja
Blizzcon in a nut shell: "were not racist, were not homophobic, were not sexist, please buy our new games that came out 20 years ago, Warcraft III: Reforged doesn't exist, The Hong Kong thing never happened, were still Blizzard and not owned by a psychopathic multi billionaire, now here some more nostalgia to trick you into thinking we still release good games"
karlmarcs31 14 napja
DaveThe SodaGuy
DaveThe SodaGuy 14 napja
sad part is that this was great, 3 diablo games, 1 overwatch game a new WOW expansion, only beggars who deserve to be spit on would diss on these people's efforts. Meanwhile, in the sony bullshit fest, they show a logo for shit eater of war and people go batshit. It's kinda hilarious if you think about it.
Atolocus35 14 napja
that is correct
liftingcarbsdaily 14 napja
feel better?
Vorusen 14 napja
Or you met your partner in World of Warcraft.... I legit know 2 different couples that have been married after meeting each other on WoW and 1 on overwatch lol
Cerrydwenn 14 napja
Yup i met my husband in WoW. Happily married, 2 kids, still playing.
Kekw Kekw
Kekw Kekw 14 napja
CatCloud 14 napja
aww, no jumpable timestamps, guess im too early.
Damdidamdamdam 13 napja
Made sum.
Hayden .W
Hayden .W 14 napja
Not even one sc2 updates
Schnasndasn 14 napja
@Dark Mega Which are? The Janitor? We did not even get new maps or rotated old maps..
Dark Mega
Dark Mega 14 napja
Sc 2 atleast has devs working on the game, they actually removed the whole team of wc3
forsaken sadburger
forsaken sadburger 14 napja
141,988 views 5 comments epstein didnt kill himself
MURO 14 napja
still looks cartoony to me
Anonymous 14 napja
TBC & Diablo 2 !!!!!
Pavel Sadowsky
Pavel Sadowsky 13 napja
Innovation! !! 🤣
dinz rahim
dinz rahim 14 napja
what.....anduin become arthas???lol...
Grazyna Kowal
Grazyna Kowal 14 napja
Haoxu Wang
Haoxu Wang 14 napja
Lol just sell your games again Wonderful
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