Overwatch 2 New Maps: New York City And Rome | BlizzCon 2021

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At Blizzconline 2021, the Overwatch 2 team showed off two new maps coming to the game: New York City and Rome.

Profeta degli Dei
Profeta degli Dei 4 napja
Ask The Gods.
Comrade Seanski
Comrade Seanski 12 napja
"it's something you haven't seen before, it's uniquely over watch" so hyped to finally see New York in a video game
Ger- Bok
Ger- Bok 6 napja
I see what you mean but at the same time, NYC will look amazing with the OW design
Tom Can
Tom Can 11 napja
Mario odyssey, spider man, marvel Lego games and others... lol
Ari Animations
Ari Animations 12 napja
All roads lead to Rome
3ric585 13 napja
Beautiful maps. Wish MW2019 had NYC instead of Piccadilly!
Roma Invicta
Roma Invicta 13 napja
Hey, in case you guys didn't know, Rome is a pretty cool place, you know?
25 11 napja
daje roma
Ack Master
Ack Master 13 napja
omg this shit is so fucking scripted... you mean i can reveal any map i want?! heres a premade video conveniently!!
Mariocat99 13 napja
Just one of the things I'm still hopeful for is cross-progression and cross-play hopefully
Chandler Wynn
Chandler Wynn 14 napja
Too bad this game won’t come out till like 2025 at this rate and until then we are stuck with overwatch one with no new characters or maps
Shael1992 14 napja
Really amazing all the content. Need that music when they showcase Rome, what is that ? O.O
Miganarchine 14 napja
Rome looks like Assassins Creed, (Debbie downer) New York looks sweet.
CinemaPills 14 napja
Rome looks great, but i want to see the buche per la strada and i want the feel the afa estiva che ti fa sudare all'ombra
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen 14 napja
Maps look excellent, can't wait to see final result.
Miles Ludi
Miles Ludi 14 napja
Rome seems amazing!
supa 91
supa 91 14 napja
Red Ram
Red Ram 14 napja
Proud to have been born in New York baby, wooo!!! Looks beautiful as fuck.
unephemeral 14 napja
New York has a Chicago sign in it lmao. Love that bc I live in Chicago :))
JJHusky02 gamer
JJHusky02 gamer 13 napja
I hope they make a chicago map one day
Nisselak 14 napja
Però, la mappa di Roma è davvero notevole, hanno preso l'architettura della città e l'hanno trasportata nel futuro
SweetFlexZ 14 napja
3:03 lol ok
actionvids35 14 napja
never got into this game will need to know
Cristian 1
Cristian 1 14 napja
Bruh I’m still gonna play Overwatch
Dwayne Patterson
Dwayne Patterson 14 napja
Get ready to push that pay load for another 5 YEARS GAMERS!!! WOOOOO
blue avokado
blue avokado 14 napja
Yeah the pandemic slowed stuff down. But THIS is SLOOOOOOOOW. It really feels like a minor graphical overhaul with some added DLC content.
kevin 14 napja
@unephemeral I agree!! He should be working at Blizzard if he can do better and quicker.
unephemeral 14 napja
They are making new game modes, heros, and maps. And they are also have to update the older characters/ maps. It’s very different and takes a long time. But if you think you can do a better/ quicker job during a pandemic don’t play the game.
EmpireZz 14 napja
Jesse G.
Jesse G. 14 napja
Looks like the same game
25 11 napja
@Zacate WZRD u have to explore the place, you can't just search it up on google
Teufelsschnitzel 13 napja
@ZXERO That's right. Because (at least most times) they aren't the same. For the case that you said that, because overwatch 2 is like the AC games, say they are not the same game, then you're right :D But people want to bash it because of attention or Idk.
ZXERO 14 napja
people never said the same thing with assassins creed series
Zacate WZRD
Zacate WZRD 14 napja
They got to make up ($) for the rome trip their worker took. Can't belive they couldn't just google rome and work off of that.
R4Z0R- X
R4Z0R- X 14 napja
This is like releases minecraft 2 It’s just stupid tbh A money grab
A. Winthrop
A. Winthrop 14 napja
Maybe it is an Activision cash grab. I seriously doubt that the Overwatch team was planning a sequel from the start. (That is why there is so little progress to show.)
EmpireZz 14 napja
@R4Z0R- X ok boomer
R4Z0R- X
R4Z0R- X 14 napja
@EmpireZz ok fanboy
EmpireZz 14 napja
Ok boomer
R4Z0R- X
R4Z0R- X 14 napja
@Benny Banner I’m sure you have the common sense to figure that one out
Die_Flugel_Der_Freiheit 14 napja
Okay, they’ve basically achieved making two maps in like 2 years? Which is one map a year. L.O.L. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the maps are nice and everything, but the game looks identical to the first one and it doesn’t seem like there’s enough of hew content if any(don’t start with pve mode, it’s not enough to justify a purchase) . Blizzard nowadays care more about amount of genders and sexual orientations, rather than actually making good games. Sad times.
unephemeral 13 napja
@Die_Flugel_Der_Freiheit like I said, I don’t know why you’re complaining when you don’t have to buy it. You sound like a child. Most games with sequels are like that. They dad mission/ story modes, new mechanics, different graphics, more characters, maps, ect..? It’s a great business choice to make a new game because it gets new/old players back into the game lmao. When someone hears an old game is making a new one, people would buy it more likely then go back to the og one. It’s been 4-5 years since the game came out ofc they’ll make a new one to get more money. That’s call business sweetheart. Go cry about it and don’t buy the game, literally no one cares.
Die_Flugel_Der_Freiheit 14 napja
@unephemeral well, they’ve changed the interface, so I guess that’s what you mean by “modern and redesigned” lol 🤡 Again, those are all the things they could add as an expansion-big DLC, like they do with Warcraft, for the base game. That would be more fair to the community, but Blizzard only thinks about money and not the games themselves. Releasing a game that looks like this from such a Big Developer for PS5 and Xbox Series X is nothing more than a spit in the face, yet again, if It was just a DLC, it would be okay, but it’s shameful they’re trying to sell it as a sequel. But if you wanna waste your money on the same thing over again, might as well try “new” Burning Crusade. I’ve heard they did a massive job in there, coming for Blizzard itself.
Czar17 _
Czar17 _ 14 napja
@Die_Flugel_Der_Freiheit I mean when it comes to team based shooters, I would say not many do more than OW DESPITE what you say. Especially in the last year when it comes to balancing. OW is $20 and PvP, which is the most important part is not going to be charged.
Faizan Ahmad
Faizan Ahmad 14 napja
@Die_Flugel_Der_Freiheit No not really, but maps is literally the LEAST of what they're adding. Giant talent trees larger than some RPG's i've played. HUGE amount of PVE content. That's what OW2 is for. Again, maybe put in the tiniest bit of effort to at least make sure the BS you're spouting is somewhat accurate.
Near Void
Near Void 14 napja
@Die_Flugel_Der_Freiheit Its not the same graphics though
I_THE_ME 14 napja
They spend too much time detailing the maps. This is a fast paced first person shooter which means how to map plays matters a lot more than what it looks like. Also variety is important, which isn't possible when there are such few maps.
unephemeral 14 napja
They are doing that because for mission modes too. Also better looking games = more sales.
Czar17 _
Czar17 _ 14 napja
There’s literally like 20+ maps
jason batista
jason batista 14 napja
Im dissapointed on how overwatch 2 is looking. It looks more like a big update, instead of a next gen proper sequel to overwatch.
Teufelsschnitzel 13 napja
​@Majestic Tortoise They even announced 5 maps already. Toronto, Göteborg, Monte Carlo, Rome, New York. :'D And I'm pretty sure there will still be more, like you said. for the rest of my comment spoiler alert: I just get upset about how stupid most of the community are x'D: But you can't discuss with most of these guys. Idk what they expect or think, but some of them already thought after the very first gameplay trailer that Blizzard already showed everything for OW2, which everyone with just a small IQ would instantly know is bullshit. And even now, below an 8 minute video just talking about hero changes where it is obvious as hell that they just mentioned a very small part like saying that they changed heroes and showed 3 or 4 examples, people were like: What? That's it? They could just update this." I can't describe how stupid people became. xD They talked maybe 10 minutes about the PVE. What do people expect? That they show everything with the announcement? x'D Another example is someone who really said that the only new thing Blizzard literally showed so far was the one new hero. And people actually agreed like WTF? In the video you could clearly see several new maps, new look, new graphics, actually bigger changes for several characters not just small changes for one or two. Also people call it just a cash-grab, etc. Like yeah, we got free updates every few months with heroes, maps, skins, everything COMPLETELY free for 4? 5? Years. Not even for lootboxes you had to spend money because you get them very easy. And now we get an gigantic "Update" with story-mode, new online modes, idk how many new heroes, at least 5 new maps, new graphics, big changes and additions of heroes, and I can't tell what's still new beside all these things. Where the hell do people see just an update here?
testing horace
testing horace 14 napja
dude, are you expecting a Tracer grapping a hammer? Do you heard of a game like Left 4 Dead or Splatoon? From 1 to 2 is simply upgrade the graphics, fixing the hard code, better UI and more come with better engine to allow more further development
DaeliteJ 14 napja
Wait for tomorrow
Majestic Tortoise
Majestic Tortoise 14 napja
they only announced three maps. there will likely be many more as well as new heroes and a pve environment we know nothing about
ツEmily Grant ꜱᴇx**ᴄʜᴀᴛ
ツEmily Grant ꜱᴇx**ᴄʜᴀᴛ 14 napja
Gotta hit the road.
AP. 14 napja
This doesn’t feel like a new full game, just an expansion of overwatch 1
Tyrone Jamal
Tyrone Jamal 14 napja
@rich 527 oh so you got that early access?
rich 527
rich 527 14 napja
@Tyrone Jamal saying people will play then once then forget about them is not true at all
Tyrone Jamal
Tyrone Jamal 14 napja
@rich 527 at no point did i say that but go off i guess
rich 527
rich 527 14 napja
@Tyrone Jamal your acting like the missons are all the archive events dis you even watch the whole panel?
AceZingWinger 14 napja
@AP. iirc 2022 or 2023, they said not this year don't rush them, we don't want another Cyberpunk situation
superpowerhouse653 14 napja
So overwatch 2 electric boogaloo?
Mcde27 lil
Mcde27 lil 14 napja
I hope they show off more then this.
blue avokado
blue avokado 14 napja
They didnt even tease a launch date lol. To be honest i dont think they even have anything else to show
sic parvis magna
sic parvis magna 14 napja
As Italian (from Rome) I can't wait to see all the wild boars around the map.. or the atac busses on fire.. or even bomba anarchica singing in the background...
Noah Reynolds
Noah Reynolds 7 napja
It has some great landmarks which would be cool to see
Piergiorgio Spaziani
Piergiorgio Spaziani 14 napja
Amo so Giulia m'hanno menato
DragonRiders 14 napja
Stai sotto a un cielo sbagliatooo
TheManiacGamer 14 napja
"e da me che voi? io te posso cantà na canzone"
Justin Robertson
Justin Robertson 14 napja
Ooo fuck been so long.
Arthur Bontempo
Arthur Bontempo 14 napja
Dude, this is gonna bomb so hard!
Punisher6791 14 napja
I've never played overwatch.
Darklord Heeroku
Darklord Heeroku 14 napja
If you hate dumb teammates, you probably shouldn't.
Metro Studio
Metro Studio 14 napja
So are you gonna be selling this as a 60$ dlc that is it’s own game or will you make it free like it should be
Roilty 12 napja
Overwatch was 40 not 60
Metro Studio
Metro Studio 14 napja
@Phill The Other Guy it should have just been dlc for the first game. Or a free update like it should have been from the start since they made so much money on loot boxes
Metro Studio
Metro Studio 14 napja
@AceZingWinger it’s just more of the exact same stuff. Plus it’ll just be in the first one anyways. So why make the second game
Phill The Other Guy
Phill The Other Guy 14 napja
@Metro Studio there’s a campaign that they want you to pay for, unless they actually do make it free, but I doubt it.
Metro Studio
Metro Studio 14 napja
@Phill The Other Guy yeah so why are they selling it again.
tbhaoi • 11 years ago
tbhaoi • 11 years ago 14 napja
hassmann2000 14 napja
Muda. Muda muda muda.... MUDA!
jay cepeda
jay cepeda 14 napja
Feels like it took them 8 years to make 3 maps and 4 characters( not facts, ive played the game hundreds of hours) just feel like the development time is to slow for this gen
Marc Rivera
Marc Rivera 13 napja
@Kitnal Especially the things they are doing in detail like knocking over a bot and it bumps into other that takes time to do and designing new enemy types
Kitnal 14 napja
@T T well overwatch 2 will be heavily focused on "mindless bot killing" and many people are excited for that.
T T 14 napja
@qsvyw adwoawhzwd9g7waores I did honestly they barely showed any new content. No one cares about that pve mindless bot killing . They barely talked about maps . And they showed the same one character they should over a year ago
qsvyw adwoawhzwd9g7waores
qsvyw adwoawhzwd9g7waores 14 napja
Have you watched the rest of the presentation
That Tonnato guy with a FEZ
That Tonnato guy with a FEZ 14 napja
@Wolf Dunkito Maybe the last 2 years sure, but years before that? It does feel kinda slow even with Covid in calculations.
wantsome7655 14 napja
Put 500 hours into Overwatch I won't be playing the sequel. The match making was total dog shit.
wantsome7655 14 napja
@つぬ Blizzard never told us 100% how MMR works. But I do know when I'm playing against a team that has 5000 hours more play time then my team.
つぬ 14 napja
@wantsome7655 how did you manage to play 500 hours while still not realizing that level has nothing to do with mmr? Seems like you actually played for 5 hours
Yung Dar
Yung Dar 14 napja
@sam ☠️☠️☠️☠️
wantsome7655 14 napja
@Yung Dar I enjoyed the game at first but the more I played the more I realized matches were rigged. When no one on my team had more then a two start portrait and the entire enemy team had gold portraits it was kinda obvious by that point. Similar bullshit SBMM that Call of Duty uses.
sam 14 napja
@Yung Dar thats how long it took to get into a game
DELTA _ 14 napja
Who gives two craps if your first
lil flapjack
lil flapjack 14 napja
No one cares if you're first
Jeremy Juteau
Jeremy Juteau 14 napja
Dude the New York map looks amazing
Joker Persona
Joker Persona 14 napja
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen 14 napja
They both look good👍 I hope they look even better in the game🎮🔥🔥
Christian 14 napja
This is giving me the same feeling I felt when overwatch came out 😭😭❤️❤️
sinkanesle 14 napja
@rich 527 that's what I meant, I've never been so hyped for a videogame since overwatch, and ow2 it's like meh
rich 527
rich 527 14 napja
@sinkanesle it is close this isnt even all the content they said themselves the game has a long way to go
sinkanesle 14 napja
Not even close
Gabriel Comcheck
Gabriel Comcheck 14 napja
JComm57 14 napja
vAqeii 14 napja
The NYC Map looks unusually clean
poopingducks 14 napja
Hello from filthy Hollywood.
Mr Clean
Mr Clean 14 napja
@Dovvahboy yea because it is unfinished 😂
DragonRiders 14 napja
@Dovvahboy No, it doesn't look unfinished, it just looks clean to perfection
pwp qwq
pwp qwq 14 napja
They gotta give it some attention, after all, the game has been dying for 2 years now
Dovvahboy 14 napja
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