Diablo 2: Resurrected Deep Dive Panel | BlizzCon 2021

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Check out this deep dive panel with the team behind the upcoming Diablo II: Resurrected to find out more about the remastered classic.

Justin Maidment
Justin Maidment 34 perccel
Just another money grab from an artistically bankrupt industry, symbolizing the hollowness of modern culture. Reboot reboot reboot... There is no authenticity left
TheOldOrgön 19 órája
Why not an infinite stash, though? Why? Whyyyyyy?! -_-
Sigismund 20 órája
Finally!! It's time to dust off my hc elemental druid after all these years!!
Sameer Sambrani
Sameer Sambrani Napja
Eagerly waiting....no...dying for this game to release!!!!!!!!
hb song
hb song Napja
classes should be able to pose before and after killing a boss for example...
edcel quinto
edcel quinto Napja
cant wait to play it again..
Léo Turbide
Léo Turbide Napja
In the past years I have learned not to have too much expectations with coming games cause I’ve been disappointed a lot. But man I just can’t help being absolutely psyched up about this, I played this game everyday for like 10-12 years growing up. Definitely my top 1 game of all times. I think there’s no game that has and will continue being timeless like Diablo 2. 20 years later and the servers were still packed last time I played 2 years ago. Holy fuck I can’t wait
Léo Turbide
Léo Turbide Napja
They better re-do the runes/runewords system exactly as it was. Biggest flaw about d3 they fucked up the runes. I mean there was so many runewords combination possible in d2 I read there is actually a couple unknown combination left that no one discovered. Also some unknown cube recipes
Gero Schorch
Gero Schorch Napja
they seem to be really nervous not to fuck it up, and they seem to really care. very promising outlook thus far!
Ethan Behar
Ethan Behar Napja
I better be able to activate the blue gem in the multiplayer lobby
licutricu Napja
OMG! The amazon looks great!!!!!!
Wodzu Wodzowski
Wodzu Wodzowski Napja
Sorry, but i don't see anything worth hyping here. Aestetics and colour palette are just dull, animations are very oldchool (in the bad meaning of this word) and the pacing is just not there. Few QoF enhancements are nice, but it still feels like cheap money grab fueled on nostalgia.
Terrance Sweetman
Terrance Sweetman Napja
Garlic is the main boss lol
Xzila 2 napja
I ever knew Veratasium played diablo 2!
Xzila 2 napja
12:30 still listening. I hope that Diablo II Resurrected and the process of remastering it serves as thematic inspiration for diablo 4 development.
TheDeecWun Kush
TheDeecWun Kush 2 napja
I will legit play the fuck out of this. I can not wait. Let's just hope they don't make us wait forever cos it already looks like a lot has been done. Surely a release in the next few months.
Person Person
Person Person 2 napja
I'm so excited. Pre Uber Era was thr best. Uber was not that great. I'm so excited for pvp fire sorc FIREBALL ! Pkpk use meteor and hydra again too. Please never again combustion, that ruined fire sorc
Person Person
Person Person 2 napja
Was Jamellas editor created by Blizzard North?
ash slayer
ash slayer 2 napja
i just need paladin only haha
yunas hanifah
yunas hanifah 2 napja
Where can i download this new db2
Person Person
Person Person 2 napja
Blizzard log in then under other games tab pre order and possible opt in for alpha
yes4me 3 napja
My biggest question is why should I play the same game. I want to discover new things while playing the game. For example, if the game was playing with 8 players instead of 4, with new skills and updated (not only visually) stats equipment... maybe I would consider. It is like asking me if I want to play an updated version of subspace and the answer is probably yes, but why would I bother paying if the experience is the same, just visually improved.
Dachu Dach
Dachu Dach 3 napja
Yes, very exciting to play with 250ping. Exciting. Fk off. Paid bulls*it :)
Corvus Crump
Corvus Crump 3 napja
Llama looks like his birthday came early. He is so excited in this video.
Roffe 3 napja
If they only have 3 months ladders and dont allow casuals to have access to ladder content in non-ladder, this game is going to be a disaster :( please make blizzard understand this! Content should stay the same for all players, so we can all enjoy the full content of the game stress free even if we have Jobs and/or families.
Profzta 3 napja
I Didnt play Diablo 2 at the Time! I was only 1 year old. So after loving to play Diablo 3, and so many others ARPGs, i am truly excited to play the true and original Diablo experience with Diablo 2: Ressurected. Definetly my most anticipated game for the second half of 2021, alongside Halo Infinite.
Jake T
Jake T 3 napja
Does any one know if we will still need LOD installed on our pc or is remasterd completely seperate?
ENO REDRUM 3 napja
The 25th Hour
The 25th Hour 3 napja
Misleading thumbnail. Thought this was a trailer for a new Dave Batista movie.
Desant Editing
Desant Editing 3 napja
This is what we wanted instead of D3
James Samford
James Samford 4 napja
Will the Lying Character Sheet be fixed?
Miguel Devela
Miguel Devela 4 napja
Diablo 2 was my Dad’s favorite game of all time. It was always the first thing that he’ll ask us every time we get a new console, he’d ask if he can play it on the consoles and we had to explain to him that he can’t. He’d probably be excited about this news with this remaster specially now that I got a new gaming PC and it’s going to be playable on different consoles as well. It’s just sad that he’s not here anymore to be able to play it when this releases. But definitely when I play this game again I’d always remember him.
crackflush 4 napja
2734 Stones of Jordan Sold to Merchants
Rebecca Mcguire
Rebecca Mcguire 4 napja
How can this rrmaster happen when the og creator said files got currupted ? Im more excited now that ive hear and seen it and even looking more forward to this thrn d4 !
Chibling 4 napja
Allow for us to choose individual loot. PLEASE.
Heinz Harald
Heinz Harald 4 napja
please... PLEASE ... DONT FUXK THIS UP! whatever you do... but dont fuxk up the remastered!
MnLifer 4 napja
You know you're excited when you watch the same exact 44 minute interview 2-3 times😆.
Zach K.
Zach K. 5 napja
PLEASE DO NOT REDUCE THE LADDER SEASONS because dude, I know 6 months is a long time but level 99 in 6 months is inhuman already, you guys are already responsible for WoW let's ease up on the death toll of your games
Zach K.
Zach K. 5 napja
I realize the original game went on the Playstation, and I own Starcraft 64, but I feel bad for your efforts to port the game because no way in heck am I playing this with a controller
Hjalmar Nordén
Hjalmar Nordén 5 napja
Wait... It's not for mobile?
Jay E
Jay E 5 napja
This sounds fantastic!!!! Please don't War Craft 3!!!!
Joseph Cathcart
Joseph Cathcart 5 napja
70% Diablo 2- 30% PoE...lol
Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham 5 napja
is that drax?
SpaceOrbison 5 napja
THAT'S IT........... WE'RE BACK
nilocblue 5 napja
Please fix the Amazon's face, pretty please....
Kyokashi VII7
Kyokashi VII7 5 napja
for a second there, I thought that was Kratos on the thumbnail LOL
Ryan C
Ryan C 6 napja
It's so fucking surreal anxiously awaiting to play Diablo 2 again. I just can't fucking wait.
Identity Paul
Identity Paul 6 napja
A panel full of fake smiles....blizzard just trying to buy themselves more time to keep delaying D4 and using the pandemic telecommute as a reason why progression has slowed down 😑
Nicky Ylén-Julin
Nicky Ylén-Julin 6 napja
I just realised that the barbarian looks 1:1 to this finnish radio show host "Renne Korppila" :D
/ Josephine.
/ Josephine. 6 napja
I liked that Rob Gallerani lead designer person. He seems so sincere and passionate. Also - it's cool to have mr Liama as interviewer - a true expert on the game, instead of some random journo-girl in square glasses.
PurplePrideFTW 6 napja
I hope they give an opinion for separate loot drops
M Wron
M Wron 6 napja
The only thing I can think about is endless secret cow level runs. "Moo moo, moo-moo-MOO-moo."
BS Detector
BS Detector 6 napja
ooohhh, Windows only ! NOT !!!
Bleach 6 napja
I play this on and off to this day and im more excited for this than D4!
Ted Wilson
Ted Wilson 6 napja
Just make Diablo 4 already ffs
Stephen F
Stephen F 6 napja
11:00 I hope they keep the sounds of the gems, i LOVE that sound.
Marcus R
Marcus R 6 napja
wheres my diablo 3 refund? I only played 20 hours of it
Nineonine 6 napja
Perfect Gem Activated.
Dave Hong
Dave Hong 6 napja
Diablo 2 Remastered $39.99: Shut up and take my money! $59.99: Shut up and take my money! $79.99: ... Shut up and take my money! Diablo 4 - $39.99: I'll think about it.
Adam Savon
Adam Savon 20 órája
qltGaming 6 napja
To be honest, Diablo 2 was a Great Game. Though i cant see how it can keep up with all the "Endgame" nerdscreams, that happen nowadays.
Nineonine 6 napja
Hardcore, the journey is what it is all about.
HerbieCN 6 napja
What a bunch of handsome bruh's.
kalixta 6 napja
Diablo 2 is always going to be the Greatest Game of all Time!!!
StarlordSpecial 6 napja
Can't believe they got Batista in this remake
John Swanger
John Swanger 6 napja
Ty Fisher
Ty Fisher 6 napja
The 2nd piece of this game will be the Bnet experience.. .
sanjin romek
sanjin romek 6 napja
lm 15 again not 32 :D This is gonna be so big, much better then D4.... Oh my can't wait to see Andariel !!!
Matthew Yauch
Matthew Yauch 6 napja
The most complimentary thing I can say is that it doesn't even look remastered. 20 years ago my brain filled in the gaps of the cruddy low resolution, and this looks exactly like how I thought the game looked then. Half the time I see new footage I don't even realize it's new, it just looks like Diablo 2. Bravo. Genuinely more excited about this then any other new Blizzard project, but bonus is this time I will get to play this with my kids.
FusionGamerElite 6 napja
Downvoted because they fucked up D3 and D4 and you KNOW D2 Remaster is gonna get ruined
Danco 40K
Danco 40K 6 napja
Let me see the game. Stop showing their faces
Dachu Dach
Dachu Dach 6 napja
A free lesson for you guys. Never preorder :)
Lo Class
Lo Class 6 napja
So awesome, now they need to do this to the 1st game and rewire the graphics and such.
Jim Bob's Arcade
Jim Bob's Arcade 6 napja
Auto gold?
Iain Bailey
Iain Bailey 7 napja
Nostalgia does not trump innovation mate
hypz 7 napja
I'm excited about this but won't be able to play it unless Activision/Blizzard allow their titles to be played on GeForceNow. Come on, it's a no-brainer - allow us to play your games on streaming services!
sean knot
sean knot 7 napja
if they keep updating this and add some new items would be dope
sean knot
sean knot 6 napja
@Nineonine a new difficulty or some new or balanced drops wouldnt take them more than a couple weeks to organise then another couple to implement if we are paying $70 hhere in australia it better have something worthhwhhile
Nineonine 6 napja
While a new expansion would be amazing, it seems unlikely with Diablo 4 coming at some point.
Paul Newhouse
Paul Newhouse 7 napja
Square Enix can learn a thing from these guys. FF7 didn't need a remake, it needed a good remaster, a proper one. Now they've fucked up the mechanics and pacing.
The Upper Echelon
The Upper Echelon 7 napja
Please nerf Hammerdins.
Andrew Right
Andrew Right 7 napja
well last time i was hyped about blizzard release i was preordering D3. and i didnt get the vibes of original games at all. So thank you blizzard, but you wont get my money again, bc i dont trust you anymore.
StimpyPi Gaming
StimpyPi Gaming 7 napja
They better fix the fendazon or I'm not playing
Martin Bjørn Stausholm
Martin Bjørn Stausholm 7 napja
They did a fantastic job, except for substantially changing the appearance of characters.
Michael 7 napja
i wonder if this is scripted...
Chrusaster 7 napja
the only thing im thinking is: please dont fuck this up, please dont fuck this up, please dont fuck this up
Santiago Dunbar
Santiago Dunbar 7 napja
If VV is involved on the remake it will be🔥🔥🔥
Santiago Dunbar
Santiago Dunbar 7 napja
"I probably have 25k hours playtime in the game."☠️☠️☠️
Michael Dawson
Michael Dawson 7 napja
I thought Blizzard was dying ever since they got bought by EA, but it looks like they are actually doing something right for once.
Michael Dawson
Michael Dawson 5 napja
@abcdefg2120 Err Activision. One bad game maker is as good as any other right?
abcdefg2120 5 napja
They were never bought by EA though.
Uphill-Evolution 7 napja
The second you said SERVER at 7:17 I checked out. I'm against online only and DRM. I will not be buying the game. Just sticking with the original I guess. Thanks for getting my hopes up for nothing. If I can't own the game and I'm just buying a service to go on a server that will one day go offline, I'm not paying. So you won't be receiving my money. Such a shame.
Nathan B
Nathan B 5 napja
They said your not force to play online
Sensei Kensei
Sensei Kensei 7 napja
Never played D2. I played D3 on ps4 and I chose to build a pc over getting a ps5. I'm looking forward to this. Not a huge Diablo fan but I liked D3 so I'll try D2. Need some good games for pc.
Josh Boland
Josh Boland 6 napja
Diablo 2 is wayy better bro you’ll like it
Nighthawk 7 napja
"Diablo II is a very special game for Blizzard" subtext: "It's the only game they made right, and the only game that people care about, as demonstrated by the graveyard silence displayed during the presentation of a new Diablo game that missed the state in which a farm was, in which a barn was raised, at which the shot was aimed towards in the first place."
Xachariah Starkweather
Xachariah Starkweather 7 napja
Did they mention if matchmaking would work the same. Diablo three was kinda ruined for me because I couldnt host games for dueling specifically or drop parties or trade/drop partiesl. It took so much of the social aspect of the game out, If they dont have a similar system to D2 in place for finding and creating rooms I 100% wont buy it.
Christopher Beckham
Christopher Beckham 7 napja
6:19 dan bilzerian
Tim0785 Gaming
Tim0785 Gaming 7 napja
I understand people wanting it to be faithful and their devotion to doing just that.. even in areas where it doesn't make sense to keep being faithful. I however have hope that with testing (as they eluded to) we will be able to get a project that gets rid of stuff that really isn't doing anything good for anyone. I am sure we will all have completely different ideas of what this means, for myself I really always hated the charm system in D2 LOD. Filling my inventory with those stupid things and then keeping a bunch of them in the stash when I needed them for a different scenario was annoying.. hopefully a system like that could be reworked in a way that makes sense.
Nicolas 7 napja
no no no, just leave Dia2 alone, it was awesome and i played 2000+ hours of dia2. but they will kill it like they killed warcraft 3. stop breaking things that aint broken.
Hiro Kai
Hiro Kai 7 napja
this guy has been waiting his whole life, stuck to one game and now is his time to shine! Good for him. you go rep D2 man
jcaceresw 7 napja
Will have in-game challenges like in D3? That would add a lot of replay-ability.
Timo Birnschein
Timo Birnschein 7 napja
Cannot wait! Awesome to see yet another remaster of an amazing game! Thanks to all! Now, just bring the same thing into VR so that I can play it in actual real 3D on my living room floor...
professorbland 7 napja
I realized the difference in the art. Diablo 2's color palette is Goya, and D3/D4's color palette is Frazetta.
TheXshad 7 napja
I will not lie, at first i was kinda meh, but after that im pretty excited :P
Pukki34 7 napja
wc3 remake much
Oswald OnNorcos
Oswald OnNorcos 7 napja
Shazuan Ajiji
Shazuan Ajiji 7 napja
I thought that was Kratos
Ziabatsu 7 napja
Everyone that I know who LOVES/loved D2 thinks that this will be shit because Blizzard turned into shit.
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