World of Warcraft: Shadowlands: Chains of Domination Trailer | BlizzCon 2021

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands gets ites first update Chain of Domination

nirvanna305 3 napja
what is the pre quest for this cinematic where he kills for the jailer?
Razertail Druid
Razertail Druid 11 napja
Meh. . . Needs More Garrisons To Really Ruin WoW Again.
Don James
Don James 11 napja
im loving these cinematic, the art the story but.. these systems man. ~shakes head~
Mobile Players
Mobile Players 12 napja
No thanks WoW is dated.
PixieSprite48 12 napja
Going to the store: “I’d like the new Chains of Domination game please” Clerk stares-what the heck are you into person....
White Mousse
White Mousse 13 napja
I've been years since I've played WoW. This looks horrible. Is that supposed to be Arthas? Why does Sylv have a Discount Frostmourne? Geez this looks so bad
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 13 napja
Bastion needs better security 💀
Romankus 13 napja
"One whould give anything to serve his people" you mean my boy arthas who sacrificed his soul to try and save his people?
Living Torture
Living Torture 13 napja
More likes than hates... WoW players cry whether blizz does something, or nothing..
Charlie Barber
Charlie Barber 13 napja
Fucking lame. The lore is dead -.-
Ed Kalbach
Ed Kalbach 13 napja
Chains of Retconning. So this is basically proof that Arthas after claiming Frostmourne was not at fault for any of his actions after that point, otherwise we could go ahead and say the same shit about Anduin being it's his fault the Archon is dead instead of the Jailer's.
Date Masamune
Date Masamune 13 napja
Everyone: Anduin became Arthas 2.0! Me: Nobody's feeding Uther?
G I R 13 napja
White hair and pale armor seems to be all the rage in the Shadowlands these days.
lendial 13 napja
looks a lot like diablo entering the gates of heaven and smashing imperius
Pain Lee
Pain Lee 13 napja
Imagine arthas vs evil Anduin....
J Motion Studios
J Motion Studios 13 napja
honestly im loving this new content.. im back.. thanks Blizz
Flak Lognon
Flak Lognon 13 napja
Jailer stopped the mind control to give anduin a glimpse of his actions i don't think it was anduin resisting. giving you're pawn the impression that he could have broken the control and making him blame himself for the deed would work well at weakening the pawn's resistance.
FtoOoM 13 napja
Kill me already, not my king T^T
Draedaja 13 napja
"it is only a matter of time before they turn... into the Arthas" xD
Khaotic Intent
Khaotic Intent 13 napja
Thrall will save them all, cause green jesus!
NewLysin 13 napja
Arthas, wish version.
Saxon Burns
Saxon Burns 13 napja
So apparently She the angel is the jailers sister
Captain Canary
Captain Canary 13 napja
Please tell me they didnt just fuck up Shalamayne.
JP 3rd
JP 3rd 13 napja
Boy she sure got anduin wrong, when did he ever “strive for justice” lol?
Zaizul Helmi
Zaizul Helmi 13 napja
Oh well...only the other king can stop King Andruin now. Arthas..
Nani Nan
Nani Nan 13 napja
Was that Varian !?
Dracorientalis 14 napja
Great job destorying Warcraft. Just go back to Legion and release another expansion pretending BfA and and this Shadowlands horseshit ever happened.
Dracorientalis 14 napja
It's bloody f*cking fan fiction...
Jesse Hawkins
Jesse Hawkins 14 napja
They've really gone off the rails since WC3
Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire 14 napja
Genn Greymane
Alex Monroe
Alex Monroe 14 napja
Everyone disliked that
Rob 14 napja
On no Anduin........I..... Dont care? Is this story just lame? Am I just desensitized now? Or is it because I have pretty much hated this expansion outside of the initial sloppy story leveling experience. I have felt blah about this expansion since week 2. Mostly just yelling at the screen daily now that I NEED TO FLY!!!!!!!!! WHERES MY FREEDOM!?!?!?!?
Danny Benoit
Danny Benoit 14 napja
I still think we will see Arthas and he will be doing something...Good. Uther redemption?
William Koivu
William Koivu 14 napja
Another arthus great.....
Origlo 14 napja
Well, I'm so happy I spent an entire questline keeping the Archon alive only to be killed in a pre-patch cinematic, makes it so worthwhile....
Bharath 14 napja
She's not dead
mike mazz
mike mazz 14 napja
What? Arthas 2.0? No, thanks.
Kaisergun 14 napja
Ever since WoD, all they've done is rehashed stories, but worse. At least Legion was good regardless of that, but you can't say the same for WoD, BfA and now Shadowlands.
Luxz 13 napja
Almost everyone disagrees with you. Shadowlands has some of the highest ratings and fan approval since the beginning of the game dude. Your opinion on the expansion isn’t everyone else’s.
Kaisergun 14 napja
That's the dumbest shit I've ever seen...
RBATOR1986 14 napja
"Quick, we are creatively bankrupt corporate shells of what we once were, we need something good! - How about a new Arthas? People loved the first one! - Good thinking! Let's hope this one won't be a discount knock-off version....."
bret pull
bret pull 14 napja
Arthas walmart edition.
Дмитрий Петров
Дмитрий Петров 14 napja
Ебучее аниме, а не Варкрафт
jon bonham
jon bonham 14 napja
predictable crap
Zthrox 14 napja
why upload this when the WoW youtube channel has it up? it's the exact same one?
cav0 14 napja
It reminds me the cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid
FritzSchnitz Mueller
FritzSchnitz Mueller 14 napja
Blizz should just go back to more grounded stories. This is insane. I want immersion and no fucking hollywood action movie
FritzSchnitz Mueller
FritzSchnitz Mueller 13 napja
Endless Noodle just sharing my opinion. Why do people think writing lIkE tHiS is like some master troll? Now go off memelord
Endless Noodle
Endless Noodle 13 napja
Boars are still in the Barrens for whenever you want *iMmeRSion*
KRS Movie
KRS Movie 14 napja
COVID 19 Anduin
DarkerNemesis 14 napja
We better save Anduin and bring him back to normal or the Alliance will Riot
DarkerNemesis 14 napja
@Saellen X What are you talking about we nearly always lose a King in each exp
Saellen X
Saellen X 14 napja
time for you to lose some leaders aswell...
Zoro Asper
Zoro Asper 14 napja
Me: Mom can we get the Lich King? Mom: We have the Lich King at home Lich King at home:
Palumtra 14 napja
Anduin not even bothering to look at Uther....."If you want something done, do it yourself!"
Jan Vlček
Jan Vlček 14 napja
Is this Blizzard cheap storywriting ? Arthas 2.0... i mean i like Arthas, best villain, best expansion, best lore. But.. this feels cheap af lol
Melih k
Melih k 13 napja
nah I don't think so
RBATOR1986 14 napja
This is what creatively bankrupt means after years of corporate assfucking.
Zeus The God
Zeus The God 14 napja
I just love it how she describes Anduin and in the same time we get to see Uther. Like she is describing Uther instead of him. It is really hearth touching. Hoping for Uther to gets the opportunity to redeem himself
Edmund Blackadder
Edmund Blackadder 14 napja
This whole expansion is just someone’s bdsm dream
Haid 14 napja
Anduin after stabbing Archon:This Bastion shall fall and from it's ashes a new order shall rise,that will shake the very foundations of the Shadowlands!
Alternate 14 napja
I think its stupid. But who cares at this point
Bharath 13 napja
Ph1i 14 napja
Man, this some bullshit. All these mighty characters getting kidnapped and killed for basically freaking free, what is this. Archon is supposed to have an insane power level as one of the four mighty ones no? Welp, some rando mortal can move so fast it suprises her. Idk. It's all washed. Whats this lore? Then you make sylvanas manipulate anduin, but have regrets about it. Well, perhaps, at the end of shadowlands, i'm gonna understand it all, so perhaps, this is actually really good!
FuzzyGummyBear 14 napja
Sylvannas CANNOT survive this Xpac.
Bharath 13 napja
@Dr Fil i really hope thats the outcome or blizzard better buy your valuable ending!!
Dr Fil
Dr Fil 14 napja
She will betray the Jailer, free Anduin, reunite with Arthas and live happily ever after
Dominik Graduszewski
Dominik Graduszewski 14 napja
Shalamayne is Hunger
Ertan Kılavuz
Ertan Kılavuz 14 napja
I need this lich king anduin as a skin in heroes of the storm RN !!!!
Laccer 14 napja
Wow, putting an ad on a trailer. You guys are greedy as hell Gamestop to monetize a trailer that you hat 0% effort with.
Micheal Style
Micheal Style 14 napja
this is so fucking lame it's the same storyline over and over, sylvanas being illidan 2.0, anduin being arthas 2.0, it's sad how underwhelming this game has become, ofc sylvana is gunna backstab the jailer and anduin will be cleansed probably with the help of uther doing something with arthas it's so predictable
Liam Wilson
Liam Wilson 14 napja
Yeaaaaa this story is dead to me. They’ve ruined it. Congratulations Blizzard Executives, you somehow managed to not only destroy Warcraft III but also WoW’s image.
Anıl Erdoğan
Anıl Erdoğan 14 napja
pretty much arthas has returned.
Mike Grey
Mike Grey 14 napja
Look at that dissapointed alli players xd Big like to blizz for having balls to fuck up another alli loved char :D U expect it from our leaders (horde) but its fresh water for them xd
Nass Shield
Nass Shield 14 napja
light saberAddiCt
light saberAddiCt 14 napja
They are going to redeem Sylvanas, I can tell by the look when she watched Anduin.
certhianwonderer 12 napja
She doesn't deserve redemption, she's worse than Arthas and even he didn't get a redemption. lol I mean she hated him so damn much and yet she's helping to create a new Arthas. lol Would be even much better if Arthas and Ulther gets a redemption through Anduin.
Forevr Grim
Forevr Grim 13 napja
Can she be redeemed though? I havent played in a long time but it seemed like she did a LOT of terrible stuff
Dr Fil
Dr Fil 14 napja
I mean it was quite obvious that she'll end up killing the Jailer
Raven Dunbar
Raven Dunbar 14 napja
Does anyone else get the feeling that Arthas's soul is bound inside of Anduin, and that the Jailer had planned to have Uther toss Arthas into the maw the whole time (especially since the forsworn are working for the Jailer) ... it's not just Anduin inside Anduin's body now. And the Jailer is responsible for the Lich King so wouldn't it make sense that when Arthas was killed, he'd want that soul back because he KNEW that if the Arbiter judged Arthas, he would have likely been sent to Revendreth or something, and not straight back into the Maw where the Jailer would have access to his soul. And given that Sylvanas had/has a huge hate-on for the Lich King, I'm sure she's not particularly feeling great about having to work with him again. I do believe she will be redeemed, but whether of not she actually gets to live after her redemption is another question. This coming from someone who has never been a Sylvanas fan.
Creative Credence
Creative Credence 14 napja
I think you're right. The look on her face at the end, it's as if she's realizing that she's helping the force that started her torment.
Nasche The Lion
Nasche The Lion 14 napja
So can someone bring me up to speed. Did Anduin walk into heaven and killed the avatar of God randomly without any kind of resistance from that realm, and then walk back like nothing happened?
Transparent Prophet
Transparent Prophet 14 napja
I mean, given how the Kyrian looked over Anduin as "a king whose heart is true", the Jailer's corruption may have bypassed their security system.
Episode Update
Episode Update 14 napja
Lol anduin is now Avatar of Jailer, do you think these Eternal one alone can defeat Jailer power 😂
NitroPulsar 14 napja
Havent you seen he switching his equip? Now he wears plot armor, just like Sylvanas KEKW
H240909 14 napja
@Raina Graveena We've seen the Jailer open portals into other realms within the Shadowlands no problem before. He's got Mawsworn Kyrian remember?
Raina Graveena
Raina Graveena 14 napja
He was being possessed by the Jailer whose power rivals hers and the Runeblade made by the Runecarver (who we believe is the Primus) so she kinda had no chance really. Although walking out of there like it was nothing is weird.
Eklips TV
Eklips TV 14 napja
arthas 2.0
asdsdaad sdadasdasd
asdsdaad sdadasdasd 14 napja
What the fuc
AshKetchumRawkz 14 napja
Huh Diablo sure looks different these days
Nuuccii92 14 napja
"Death was never meant to be chained" But they're all Death are they not? Yes there is rebirth involved in what the Winter Queen does but even then her power only goes so far (Yesera can't go back to Azeroth as she didn't go through the cycle in the same way others have) The Jailer is just one part of death and I think that's what his undoing is going to be also he says that Anduin preformed flawlessly but that is untrue you see him waver what means he's likely to turn on the Jailer in the last raid. I really dislike the Shadowlands story because you've got a bad guy that doesn't have a grip on his allies. I feel Arthas is going to play a role in freeing Anduin. Also have none of our player characters said to the Archon before this "Oh that's Uther! Weird cause we're able to talk to him on Azeroth and it ain't that version of him" I think that will also play a role this soul the first of his kind to be split in two (that we know) I love WoW Lore and I look forward to the ending of Shadowlands I just don't like the build-up lol
JohnnyQuest12 14 napja
It was oddly easy how anduin killed her and then left without an army fucking him up
James Adkins
James Adkins 14 napja
@JohnnyQuest12 looked like a dk to me bro
JohnnyQuest12 14 napja
@James Adkins when I watched the chains of domination trailer
James Adkins
James Adkins 14 napja
@JohnnyQuest12 when the last time u seen a priest in plate?
You think i'm funny?
You think i'm funny? 14 napja
@Jeck pretty sure some faction leaders have their own hybrid classes, combining multiple classes into one, Like Anduin being both a paladin and a priest, or somewhere in between. and Thrall would probably classify as a Shaman/Warrior hybrid.
Jeck 14 napja
@Arvind he swapped class during legion i think xd
Javier Bustamante
Javier Bustamante 14 napja
Dam he fucked her up 😔
SerpentStar 14 napja
The monthly subscription that never ends! 😱💸
Ryan Ronin
Ryan Ronin 14 napja
Lame Blizz, so fucking lame.
Luan Alves
Luan Alves 14 napja
To people thinking this is another Arthas, I mean I get it. But now it's something more, Blizzard actually managed to turn a character they were protecting since Cataclysm, it's not just a Lich king remastered. You probably thought (just like me) "he gonna make it or not ?!" but look at his story line, you never thought he ended up like that, you know it
Jem 14 napja
God this better not be some permanent change and it's revealed that Anduin's just possessed and we bring him back to normal. What made Anduin such a unique and compelling character in WoW is that he was always striving for understanding and peace, so much that it changed the hearts of other people, and that's something incredibly rare in Azeroth. To turn him into Arthas 2.0 (or Sylvanas 2.0, presuming the change is permanent but he remains king) would utterly ruin everything that make his character good and liked. But hey, Blizzard butchered all the Horde leader's personalities just so they'd agree with Sylvanas' war, so it's right up their alley. Either way, I'm hoping but not holding my breath.
Cu Chulainn
Cu Chulainn 14 napja
I don’t think anduin will be arthas 2.0 or anything like that lol it seems like anduin changed sylvannas’s mind to make her choice. Two things could have happens behind the scenes before anduin was made a servant is: 1. Anduin convinced sylvannas and teamed up to kill the jailor or 2. Sylvannas still has a choice realizing that shes made all this mess for nothing in order to be the jailor me puppet so it’s up to her still if she wants to go against the jailor and save anduin because the fact that anduin is a unique character and the kings people, it would ruin Azeroth for good and the end of Azeroth as we know it. I feel like anduin did this on purpose so that she can see what she’s done.
Squid 14 napja
Dude holy shit
6reps 14 napja
Don't do this Sylvanas redemption arc, I get it she was cool and badass when we were 18 but she's had a good run, no harm ending it before you drag it out for another 2 expansions .
Cakesmite 13 napja
@Dr Fil That is true. But in terms of Sylvannas, it's absolutely her time to go, and she will probably be killed off now. She will most likely get the Gul'dan treatment as opposed to the Jaina treatment if you know what I mean.
Dr Fil
Dr Fil 13 napja
@Cakesmite Doesn't mean you kill her. Will probably be the usual get her to 10% and she escapes bullshit.
Cakesmite 14 napja
She's already confirmed to be the final boss of the Sanctum of Domination raid.
Wolfie 14 napja
Even as someone who likes having a kind of evil horde leader in Sylvanas a fair bit I'm kind of annoyed by the fact that she's clearly being railroaded into a redemption arc. They made her irredeemable, they should just take it all the way and kill her off.
Dr Fil
Dr Fil 14 napja
She will end up betraying the Jailer, freeing Anduin and reuniting with Arthas somehow.
Jules 14 napja
I didn't play Shadowlands until now, but holy shit whaaat....
badfoody 14 napja
Neo demon
Neo demon 14 napja
the boy king now sits at the masters table
Martin Blake
Martin Blake 14 napja
These Blizzard stories are just getting dumber and dumber.
Cu Chulainn
Cu Chulainn 14 napja
I think it’s pretty good. I just want to see arthas in the maw. I’m always thinking anduin was adopted and his real father is arthas. Who knows
FritzSchnitz Mueller
FritzSchnitz Mueller 14 napja
@Tricky_Wiki420 lol grow up kid. Go smoke weed and let other people have their opinions
Martin Blake
Martin Blake 14 napja
@Tricky_Wiki420 I don't care about subs. Are you telling me that Piece Of Sh!t story is good? LoL! You need to read and watch more high quality fantasy shows and novels.
Tricky_Wiki420 14 napja
maybe your 2 subs are dumber my man you good ? these trailer are good what are you on rn ?
Saud Aj
Saud Aj 14 napja
Hmmm now i am thinking of the words that were said back then There must always be a Lich King ! Is this the downfall or the rise of Anduin i wonder !
Kris Kwick
Kris Kwick 14 napja
Everyone to ffxiv now
Pedro Prado
Pedro Prado 14 napja
I always told u to be Night Fae covenant, is the only one that will stand the fight
NitroPulsar 14 napja
The whole shadowlands: *are in disarray, fighting each other, maldraxxus invading bastion, revendreth being in a civil war state* Ardenweald: "What are dey doin ova der"
Jeff Ulloa
Jeff Ulloa 14 napja
Kyrestia nooooooo
Necroking Darak
Necroking Darak 14 napja
Sylvanas just has to look at his eyes and she could see that she helped create another arthas.
Breann Clark
Breann Clark 14 napja
You can tell she felt like shit about it too. How's that going for ya Sylv?
Jason Lee Spyder
Jason Lee Spyder 14 napja
Skyler Lowthorpe
Skyler Lowthorpe 14 napja
Game's dead. 15 dollars a month for what it is today? No. Absolutely not.. Never again. Legion was fantastic. Sargeras' defeat was underwhelming and should've been like ... a lot more of a cinematic masterpiece. Like, it should have been WAAAAAY bigger. Same can be said for N'zoth. But yet they dedicate resources to polishing Sylvanas and all these other characters that have just sortof 'leaped' into the lore out of no where. We waited YEARS to beat Sargeras and N'zoth. There should have been cinematics for those two. Bro Sargeras deserved a third Legion expansion. They could have built off so much more off of that.. But now they pull this antagonist out of their pockets and shuffle to find reason to keep the game going. What about that big ass sword that was impaled in the planet? We just gonna forget about that, Blizz? Myea? Legion should have been the end or the beginning of the end, with an expansion after it. That should've been it. But they can't continue making a monthly profit off suckers if they did that. China wouldn't like that. This company has lost it's dignity and so many peoples respect. Beating a dead horse would be the understatement of the century. I loved you, Blizzard. Thanks for what you gave me, but fuck this.
Skyler Lowthorpe
Skyler Lowthorpe 14 napja
@dranzer2 Just pouring my eyes out, man. Goo goo gah gah.
dranzer2 14 napja
cry baby cry
Vinicius Barbosa
Vinicius Barbosa 14 napja
wow Blizzard no1 ever saw that coming...
prideofasia99 14 napja
They turned Anduin into Arthas 2.0...
yasoky pro
yasoky pro 13 napja
Not arthas 2.0 But sylvanas 2.0
Living Torture
Living Torture 13 napja
I am fine with another badass death sorcerer and being such as the Lich King as powerful as Arthas. More fans like this than hate it it seems. ;) It's better than boy king Anduin.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 13 napja
They've run out of ideas.
Minux vP
Minux vP 14 napja
First... The Wolf, now the little lion... When will this get Sylvanas? I'm so glad I stopped playing, this is nonsense...
Javier Lorenzana
Javier Lorenzana 14 napja
By Eru, this whole lore is like Tolkien for Dummies...
Piero TeccoNecco
Piero TeccoNecco 14 napja
My Archoooooonn!!!!! Noooo!!!
Rungor 14 napja
Arthas 2.0...blizz is so creative nowadays
davida48708 14 napja
Yeah it’s bullshit. Fuck wow
Devin Hoffpauir
Devin Hoffpauir 14 napja
Darth Vader voice: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
DandyMushroom 14 napja
Poor Anduin... Always trying to be the good guy 💔
Singularity Bound
Singularity Bound 14 napja
Obvious Arthus will redeem himself by taking Anduins place..
Michael Ricker
Michael Ricker 13 napja
or Sylvanas will die to rescue Anduin
Overlich 13 napja
@Kelanx1 Li probably in camelot
Kelanx1 Li
Kelanx1 Li 14 napja
Where the HELL in the MAW are YOU ARTHUS!?
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