Diablo II: Resurrected Reveal Trailer | BlizzCon 2021

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15 napja

20 years later, the all-time classic dungeon crawler returns to PC and consoles with new features, new cinematics, and more! Watch the reveal trailer from Blizzcon 2021!

chchedda 9 napja
May have a dabble in this. Any good?
drno0o7 10 napja
Here we go again, hacking runes and charms!
Torsten W
Torsten W 10 napja
I got D2 on launch when I was 10 years old and I played for 5 years and even till this day I occasionally go back...this remaster makes me feel a special kind of way
Kurdz Rudnitskiy
Kurdz Rudnitskiy 11 napja
I love those who pre-order, how they like it when they piss in their ears and end up with the result in the form of warcraft 3 refunded and the attitude Do you guys have no phones? .. In those days when the developers valued their reputation, there were no pre-orders for the game and the quality was at the level, buying a product you received a ready-made solution. You can imagine that having bought the Frozen Throne add-on to Warcraft 3 ~ 20 years ago, your game turned into an analogue of Warcraft 3 refunded. I understand those who want to support a company that is exploit a franchise without offering anything new, outsourcing its projects, but why not do it when the game is ready. According to the above, I can only draw one conclusion, perhaps those who place pre-orders, hidden coprophiles?
Kelcy Sun
Kelcy Sun 11 napja
Hero Blake
Hero Blake 11 napja
I may cry!
Resi Game Room
Resi Game Room 11 napja
Happy squeeeeee
Nick154999 11 napja
How did they manage to ruin the characters so much? you guys seen the Barbarian?? and let's not talk about the paladin and assassin, please. At least sorc is fine
Ebenezer Scrooge
Ebenezer Scrooge 11 napja
no perspective? even diablo 4 has SOME implementation of perspective.. not really liking the graphics either.. 0:52, there's a lot of character in the texturing of the stones in the grass. they literally could have just upped the resolution and kept it in this style, but instead it turns into 3D objects with mild textures. I think they even removed the vines from the fence, lol. that's just sad... i'm afraid to look at the stone structures at kurast. going into some of those temples gave you the feeling of dark isolation, cold/dampness, and the scent of blood. i fear the new version will be sterile and dull, and glossy...
NPC: Drone Class
NPC: Drone Class 11 napja
sadly it's too late for them to fix anything, it's done. maybe they can patch it or someone from the community will do it ;)
Caillou's Dad
Caillou's Dad 11 napja
saying what most are thinking. there's a lot of detail that will sadly have to be left out of the remaster. as for perspective, yeah, i will miss it. the way objects kinda parallax and move with motion. it does do that in D4 due to the camera angle. not sure why they couldn't do that here.
Please support controller on PC
Adam Hasser
Adam Hasser 11 napja
All I want are some quality of life improvements. No stamina bar, no portal scrolls, no identify scrolls, a loot filter and better storage options. Grim Dawn did a fantastic good at that.
Kenny Ng
Kenny Ng 11 napja
will not trust any trailers or preorders from blizzard again. EVen CDPR can screw up, what is blizzzard then their repo isnt exactly the best for the past few years
Patryk Żukowski
Patryk Żukowski 12 napja
How come this looks graphically better than Diablo IV Oo
Orin Ivan Vrkas
Orin Ivan Vrkas 12 napja
Wow, this new trend of not making games but updating graphics for old ones really is staying. Sad.
Toffee Orlina
Toffee Orlina 12 napja
Now this is why I will buy a PS5
Lyrk3r 12 napja
poe still better
Arethrid Theoden - CY
Arethrid Theoden - CY 12 napja
We still got our phones, you know... Couldn't resist lol. I can't wait for this!
Konedawg 12 napja
Holy shit
Saythein 12 napja
I wonder if items will be procedurally generated like in the classic.
OrangeRockTV 12 napja
Please don't be like Warcraft 3 Reforged Please don't be like Warcraft 3 Reforged Please don't be like Warcraft 3 Reforged Please don't be like Warcraft 3 Reforged Please don't be like Warcraft 3 Reforged
nocturneJOJO 12 napja
So I guess this is why Diablo 2 suddendly doesn't work anymore on my pc even if it always had before...
Jso's Productions
Jso's Productions 12 napja
Remeber; DO Not Pre order!
V12BigBlock 12 napja
I'm more worried than hyped...
Issac Zhang
Issac Zhang 12 napja
Nice~ when does it release?
Dutch Master
Dutch Master 12 napja
lets pray activision doesn't ruin the single greatest game of all time
Ryan James
Ryan James 13 napja
take my money
Sofrito 13 napja
So much yes!
Mark Patrick Junio
Mark Patrick Junio 13 napja
Any idea what are the system requirements?
alepiu saja
alepiu saja 13 napja
More importantly *ON* *PC*
ru yo
ru yo 13 napja
Stop developing Shitty Mobile Game and Focus D4 and D2 resurrected.
Othello 13 napja
this looks better than Diablo 3 already ^^
Ben Golden
Ben Golden 13 napja
Y’all trying to play the secret cow level?
cyril j udtojan
cyril j udtojan 13 napja
i'm on tears.....
ZangDrums 13 napja
Just Hope some Updates for PVP!
I hakker
I hakker 13 napja
Dont preorder or they'll mess it up like warcraft3
暇人のUnityゲーム制作 13 napja
hmmm not bad
Fingerbvng beng
Fingerbvng beng 13 napja
hype doesnt even begin to describe my next 8 accounts with 8 characters each.
UndefinedGamer 13 napja
I love life now
SleepyGuy 13 napja
My expectations are abysmal after Activisions series of fucks ups, Can't wait for the disappointment :)
Random Ness
Random Ness 13 napja
black paladin??xD
Random Ness
Random Ness 12 napja
@ツLHEK yeah no problem,just dont tell me that the paladin was ALWAYS black looooooool go see the D2 menu and game
ツLHEK 12 napja
@Random Ness u ok bro?
Random Ness
Random Ness 12 napja
@ツLHEK lol another One on drugs xD
ツLHEK 12 napja
He was always black...
Darth Xenos
Darth Xenos 13 napja
Oh hell yeah console too! Best move they ever made for diablo 3. Cant wait to experience this game all over again. 20 years lol im old
PyroLoo 13 napja
Wonder if the currency is going to be soj/runes again?
Devan Howard
Devan Howard 13 napja
They going to charge me $60 for a game I bought at a yard sale for $5 20 years ago?
USMC Anti-Terrorist
USMC Anti-Terrorist 13 napja
Wait no xbox one?
Hieu Pham
Hieu Pham 13 napja
Blizzard Game: Refunded part 2
Toy Bounty Hunter
Toy Bounty Hunter 13 napja
Damn....Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Ninja Gaiden Master Collection, and now Diablo II Resurrected. I'm gonna be busy.
Cerise Dragon
Cerise Dragon 13 napja
Argh when will be the release date?
hoodwinky1 13 napja
Why does the barb look like a bloke called Dave at the pub? Use the original character bone structure ffs!
Game Up !
Game Up ! 13 napja
Waiting Impatiently
Aashay Nagar (ash)
Aashay Nagar (ash) 13 napja
Well, 1st was WoW now D2, mark my words, another games being killed in the similar fashion by its own creator...
Mr. Green's Virtual PE Class
Mr. Green's Virtual PE Class 13 napja
Necro Daddy and the Crypt Boii's will be back at it again! Can't wait!
lemanu bateman
lemanu bateman 13 napja
thank you!
Celio Sousa
Celio Sousa 13 napja
Low key looks like they copied and pasted the Necro’s face into the Amazon’s body lol ... brother and sister vibes
Celio Sousa
Celio Sousa 13 napja
Bettles in Far Oasis killing the frame rate ... now in HD. Glad they kept it like the original XD
Duilin 13 napja
Hopefully they learned a lesson after the W3 failed remaster
Dank Buds
Dank Buds 13 napja
if they screw this up i turn away from blizzard and never look back
Lee Bruce
Lee Bruce 13 napja
Take my money damn.
Tom Minsart
Tom Minsart 13 napja
Lets prey lets hope they do not fuck up they do not milk it with microtransactions cus the original is diamond
Joseph Grutt
Joseph Grutt 13 napja
Yes, the game sure looks better, but will it be better? Will this make me care about a game I never cared about in the first place? To be clear, I enjoyed Diablo 3, but I never really got into Diablo 2. Part of it was the graphics were kind of rough, but I feel like there was more about it that separated it from part 3. Guess I'll just have to wait and see. Here's hoping they don't botch it like Warcraft 3.
Bloodin 13 napja
Now it can be called a real "REMASTER" :)
SamielUK 13 napja
Let’s hope this isn’t Warcraft III: Reforged all over again...
Cartoon N Hypez
Cartoon N Hypez 13 napja
I just beat the original today. This actually looks good but theres something about the old graphics that i just love. I wish they would of remade 1 and 2 but thats asking too much.
Gurujot Singh Khalsa
Gurujot Singh Khalsa 13 napja
Why didn't they just use the diablo 3 graphics engine but with the diablo 2 gameplay? This looks like a nice revamp but also a half measure.
Stalwart Spaghetti
Stalwart Spaghetti 13 napja
Hyped but also terrified considering what happened to the warcraft remaster.
Moagim 13 napja
Sadly, I could see this being more popular than Diablo 4
Eternal Crusader
Eternal Crusader 13 napja
Even without the remaster I am sure D2 still would have remained more popular than D4.
Rzo B.
Rzo B. 13 napja
Rich Musick
Rich Musick 13 napja
A moment of silence for all the friends and family who didn't get to see this day.
Jordan S
Jordan S 13 napja
What Warcraft reforged should have been.
sumeahs king
sumeahs king 13 napja
Holy hell this looks amazing. I hope they learned from diablo 3. Keep PvP in the game. No dueling arenas or anything. Keep it exactly the way it is for hardcore/softcore/ladder/nl all the same. No arenas no agreements just PvP. Allow players to either bm or gm don't force gm dueling. What made super smash bros and Mario party so great, as well as d2, is all the hilarious and often friendly bm. If they change anything about the PvP in this it will flop like d3 did. Let people hostile anyone and duel anywhere. Tricking a pker in hardcore is the best. BM ffa is the best scnl duels. Just no mods! Keep everything else! Maybe match the valk AI to the druids so the valk can be a viable town summon and not run right back to town all spazzed out ect..minor things. PvP is what makes d2 so great, hardcore and softcore. If they keep PvP exactly the way it is it will be a masterpiece
Daanish Gupta
Daanish Gupta 13 napja
Just finished a LOD co-op campaign with my brother last night and now I can't wait to pre-order this!
Dul'Mephistos Lord of Hatred
Dul'Mephistos Lord of Hatred 13 napja
I'm so hyped for this!!
Chris Boyce
Chris Boyce 14 napja
Who remember using Hero Editor??
Edgar Baranov
Edgar Baranov 14 napja
finaly old school
immortalis1001 14 napja
I am calling it....this will sell more copies than Diablo IV.
Squid Rider
Squid Rider 14 napja
So many thousands and thousands of dollars on P-upped girl and 100% perfect runewords, lost to character expiration lol xD sad days.
Pepeloncho 14 napja
Before Hyping myself I try to never forget what happened to the allmighty impossible-to-be-shitty w3
EpiD3MiC 14 napja
Cant wait for playing, favorite Game of all time
mistadangerzone 14 napja
I’ve always wanted to play this and now it’s finally happening!!!!
Kamilo 74
Kamilo 74 14 napja
well lets just see if it actually is like demonstrated in the trailer. i mean it could be old animations as well. they lied to us once already. and the promised features are still not in wc3 reforged. so be careful and wait until it is released
Jared K
Jared K 14 napja
About time!!!!
Bullfrog Jay
Bullfrog Jay 14 napja
Holy shit !!!! I can't believe it. To me, the greatest game ever. I can't even calculate the hours Ive sank into this game.
Abdullah Karçin
Abdullah Karçin 14 napja
I didn't see any change.
GogetaSuperSaiyanBlue 14 napja
so good old memories
Justin Leahy
Justin Leahy 14 napja
Never played the original so maybe I’ll buy this one
Pan 14 napja
Let's hope it doesn't turn out like Warcraft 3 Reforged...
LuckyOctober 14 napja
Thank you blizzard. If you do this right - it makes up for all the mistakes you've made. Please don't fuck this up we love this game.
Ggletsplay 14 napja
Don't fuck this up blizzard.
Mike Chung
Mike Chung 14 napja
Hell yes
Cappa Ccino
Cappa Ccino 14 napja
I hope they Buff bow damage to the level with other weapons
Jackson 1060
Jackson 1060 14 napja
Awesome... can't wait for this game.
Scarlet 14 napja
I want this on my Nintendo Switch to play when I ride the subway 🙏🏽😍
Mike 14 napja
As long as It can be played without realm down bullshit happening...and for god's sake protect this against bots so that there's an actual economy!!
lochmarFiendhiem 14 napja
Looks good so far. I can't wait to hear how blizzard screws it up.
M.M. Wood
M.M. Wood 14 napja
Finally! My Necro shall be coming back! So Missed this game!
Anchit Nayak
Anchit Nayak 14 napja
Please, Blizzard. This is your final chance at redemption.
Teflonrium 14 napja
I hope this does end up like Warcraft III Reforged
NY Mogul
NY Mogul 14 napja
Can't wait. I remember buying Diablo and Diablo II when I was a kid.
marc aloe
marc aloe 14 napja
Omg wowowowowowo
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