Diablo IV Rogue Breakdown and Open World Features | BlizzCon 2021

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Learn more about the new class coming to Diablo 4, The Rogue. Get a glimpse of new gameplay including some of her various moves and more. In addition, learn more about the open world features, including PvP, Mounts, customizations and more.

Gio Garcia
Gio Garcia 8 órája
Forced pvp? SIGH! This has never worked in any game! Please do us pvp players a favor and make a pvp server and a pve server ahead of time to save us from the softcore players who are just going to go to the forums and rant until you change it!
tseik ki
tseik ki Napja
D2 its so legend and they put remaster out and after that d4. im sure d2 will get 3times more players.
D F 2 napja
This is probably not coming out for another 2 years
TJ Tan
TJ Tan 2 napja
Is this on mobile? Because it sure hell looks like it’s a mobile game
HickerYheT 2 napja
6:54 "It just looks great on screen." Diablo 2 Ressurection looks better then these shots. Diablo 3 felt like Dota and now 4 looks even more like it. Why make a game that was ground breaking in its own right feel like every other game. You should be challenging the games state not melding it into everything else. Not impressed at all. Ill stick with Diablo 2.
Jeremy 4 órája
I don't think D2R looks better, although I do love how it looks. Diablo 4 has a more rugged, realistic look. D2R looks very shiny and clean. I love it.
James Charles
James Charles 3 napja
Release date?
Martin Mabulay
Martin Mabulay 3 napja
They shoulda removed barb and come out with a different but very similar feel like for example a Viking or a Spartan.. why stick to old characters? Make some new ones. How about a samurai or anything. Add more new characters please
‘So You Win Again’
‘So You Win Again’ 3 napja
They need to be a lot more ambitious. So far it screams Diablo 3. Not good.
jakeman025 4 napja
God I wish this was out right now...
jakeman025 4 napja
Please add shoulder belts and gloves for item slots please. It will add so much more diversity and end game having more pieces you want to chase.
GrimReaper4383 4 napja
No offline play = NO SALE!
Rebecca Mcguire
Rebecca Mcguire 4 napja
Im more excited now for the d2 release .. this made me disapointed greatly
Cameron 4 napja
Leigh Taft
Leigh Taft 5 napja
Strong female lead, pvp. blizzard.. not so sure about this..
David Bujold
David Bujold 5 napja
yay dark zone extractions
David Lin
David Lin 5 napja
So sad they make it more and more like d3
freestyla85 6 napja
This looks like a D3 mod
Videogames, Music & Movies
Videogames, Music & Movies 6 napja
Blizzard is bringing their A game to D4.
Adam Burgess
Adam Burgess 6 napja
Forget Diablo 4 I’m way more excited for Diablo 2 remastered to come out
Best of Music
Best of Music 7 napja
This isnt Diablo 4 .. this is Diablo 3.5 or a Diablo 3 mod. It feels, plays, looks the very same. This is ridiculous. We were asking for DIABLO not Diablo 3 with darker graphics... damn.
Adan Rodriguez
Adan Rodriguez 7 napja
francis yang
francis yang 7 napja
Must have internet
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 7 napja
Tamiong 7 napja
Andariel? 4:25
Roy Johnson
Roy Johnson 7 napja
this is literally just world of warcraft
Chris Suttie
Chris Suttie 7 napja
Weren't the ears from PVP kills in D1?
philip rea
philip rea 7 napja
the nobility are the thieves - give me the outlaw
philip rea
philip rea 7 napja
as the art director you may love those things but from my perspective the way the rouge tares through the huge "gladiator" (when the knife goes in the arm and slides is absolutely devastating) and the first shots of game play when she does her i guess "rush" attack and cuts the beast in half. im normally a sorc guy but im going to be playing rogue first for sure, well until the next class is revealed then ill probably want that one
Two Seasons
Two Seasons 7 napja
One can argue Diablo 1 and 2 still casts a huge shadow on newer Diablo titles. I'm afraid to predict Diablo 4 will be just the same as Diablo 3 with a refreshed and repackaged world, that is all its going to be in my opinion.
JU5TNTIM3 8 napja
This fool...D1 rogues were no different than the others. It all depended on the points you spent and the books you read. The good old days where the player played the game..
spookypen 8 napja
Why are they shooting a bow at enemies two feet away... looks stupid.
jh진호 8 napja
Skills are still too flashy. Go check your own video of D2 resurrected and see how the flame looks like. Get rid of D3 vibes
Noe Weigh
Noe Weigh 8 napja
Ohhh Thank you so much I was thinking about buying this when the game came out. Now I wont have to waste my money on another forced PVP game. Unless you spend REAL MONEY to get extras or upgrades! BLIZZARD must really hurting to look to Bethesda Fallout 76 for ideas. Well it was a great franchise, thanks for killing it!
Dan Slash
Dan Slash 8 napja
Please don't make this game a chore by stuffing the whole game full of check lists and unlockables/coillectibles. And don't clutter the map with a bunch of icons of points of interests like it's an Elder Scrolls game...
Grant Parker
Grant Parker 8 napja
...was that Andariel at 4:25 ?
Dr. Steve Brule
Dr. Steve Brule 8 napja
Not sure how people aren't more skeptical about this. Since the real Blizzard left the company, these new kids haven't shown that they can make a decent game (for gamers, not for their shareholders). Not saying they can't, just that they haven't yet
Vladimir Milman
Vladimir Milman 9 napja
The customization of characters is the only thing i personally missed in the Diablo games. Please let my Barbarian look like Ragnar lothbrok or something.
Junaid Saunders-Hassen
Junaid Saunders-Hassen 9 napja
Diablo 2 resurected or Diablo 4, witch one you looking forward the most for. Personaly I am more excited for Diablo 2 resurected. New got nothing on the classics.
Avuriel 9 napja
Give me back my Paladin!! ❤
Attack Button Gaming
Attack Button Gaming 9 napja
They got the art style right this time but the game still isnt Diablo to me.
Arjun Neil Al Menezes
Arjun Neil Al Menezes 9 napja
Rain of arrows looks so much like POEs bladefall
Edward Elric
Edward Elric 9 napja
I'd love another necromancer
Schubbey 9 napja
so we get a bigger map by making multiple horizontal areas to explore right? blizz:"nope its just jumping around"
Oliver Maier-Landshut
Oliver Maier-Landshut 9 napja
The Dia2 remaster will be more successful than this game.
Figgastacks 9 napja
Can’t wait to play this in 2063
mlfgc 9 napja
If these jerks don’t start using the auto sprint button on their past examples... holy cow. No one played while walking
John-Paul 9 napja
Cos or cosim. Grant us ears.
Jay Miller
Jay Miller 9 napja
Diablo 4 release date: 3000
cam rempel
cam rempel 9 napja
Will D4 allow console players to use M&K to play?
dendi 9 napja
to be honest D2R graphics looks better than D4, , seriously why not just use D2R graphics as template for all future Diablo 5,6,7,8, just need to add new characters and plots
takindown698877 9 napja
Why is she so ugly lol.
tate on
tate on 9 napja
The vast quilt continuously love because pajama hepatosplenomegaly spell on a meek currency. debonair, stereotyped yard
Vicious circle
Vicious circle 10 napja
I don't know why, but I don't find the rogue class that exciting. The lightning seems much better, more detail in the environments as well. But honestly, the combat so far looks like a carbon copy of d3 to me. I just hope it feels much much less like a hamster wheel than D3. Why do they add so much color to everything? The lava environment has a red hue all over the screen that's so abundant. The grass in the fields pops out super green. There's so much to gain by simply removing some of this over done coloring. Contrast is important for the atmosphere! Red hue on the screen = less contrast
coffil 10 napja
Go to PvP get ganked by 3-4 players teaming up in a FFA. Never enter that zone again. Sound about right.
gamerZsoul 10 napja
Make the PvP Ear - TRADABLE!! so if someone what's to get his ear back, he will need to pay for it :D Also would be cool if there would be an Auction House of EARS!! hahaha, That would be epic! You Want your Ear back? time to give that Gold baby!!
maroInn85 10 napja
you probably think now the animation is so cool but on later you just wish the short the animation the better you do more dps LOL
maroInn85 10 napja
okay enough said when it gonna RELEASE !!!!!!!!!! I want play it NOW!!!!!!
Thomas Beaver
Thomas Beaver 10 napja
Looks like Blizzard just discovered what was so great about Diablo 2. Wonder where they've been.
ExioniC 10 napja
So most likely endgame stuff is locked behind a pvp part? Great...
Zachary Manning
Zachary Manning 10 napja
Omfg this game is going to be lit. Finally character customization!!! The rogue looks sick asf
stoned_canuck_theory 10 napja
The rogue a great choice....her face well...no
Blotted 10 napja
Rogue = Amazon + Demon Hunter
Blotted 10 napja
I hope there is Male/Female options like in D3
Ngoc Tran D.
Ngoc Tran D. 10 napja
7:25 pants?
Randy Black
Randy Black 10 napja
The Creature A.I. Movement and Behavior need an Upgrade . They could Pause, Back-Up, Retreat, Re-Group, Take-Cover, and Move Confused, and Act Strange .
Orie Cameron
Orie Cameron 10 napja
Gameplay aside. In these vids, the games graphics don’t feel impressive for being now 2021. By the time it’s released, if improvements haven’t been made, I think they will be outdated at that point..
Mike V
Mike V 10 napja
When the need of making money exceeds the need to make something inspired, you end up making nothing and no one wants to pay money for nothing. Publishers never learn.
Brandon Price
Brandon Price 10 napja
Anyone know if you can still choose Male or Female with each class?
Neal Americana
Neal Americana 10 napja
Blizzard is only good for CG movies now, it's not a game company no mo.
Jordan Stehly
Jordan Stehly 10 napja
hmmmm. we will see. Sounds like they are falling into the same bs that made d3 such shit. What made Diablo good is loot, and hell, simple and challenging difficulty, crafting gear, RUNES. They seem too worried about mounts and character animations. Horse shoes for the mounts? MICRO TRANSACTION lol
xXxKometxXx 10 napja
Meh, back to D2 resurrection news...
David Brown
David Brown 10 napja
To be honest, I am more excited for the D2 Remake. Still looks awesome though!
David Brown
David Brown 10 napja
tomato tomato
The One
The One 10 napja
It's not remake. It will be remaster, David. *Literally same game with better graphics.
The One
The One 10 napja
Finally, Stat Points come back (06:40)! It's a right decision towards returning to the roots of the game.
Guillermo Kinderman
Guillermo Kinderman 10 napja
it looks like a remastered version of diablo 3....After seeing D2 remaster video you would expect more of D4.
Cecil Evans
Cecil Evans 11 napja
D1: A good start D2: The best hack and slash RPG ever D3: Wtf happened? D4: A return to form? I'm optimistic. There is a lot of new stuff being thrown at us, but something tells me this might be a very good game. I'm not sure about the release date, but I hope it's not too close to D2 Resurrected.
Rebecca Mcguire
Rebecca Mcguire 4 napja
Diffrent game developers actually is what happend 1 and 2 had a diffrent developmet team and 3 and 4 have abother one the og development was great it got sloppy and sucked when they gor rid of the og person
Haunting Hyena
Haunting Hyena 11 napja
Not gonna lie, I don't think any class they can possibly add will stop me from insta-picking druid as my first character
Carlos G.
Carlos G. 11 napja
Diablo IV seems to have the same FPS as the original Diablo II. I hope this is not another launch plagued with bugs like Diablo III.
Somedayglory 11 napja
Looks identical to Diablo 3. If you have played d2 then you have played 3 and you have already played 4. Running proc gens, one shotting mobs with one skill just to find gear to run proc gens and one shot a larger group of mobs with one hit just a little bit faster. It’s Groundhog Day. Hard pass.
Milos Hadzi-Stevic
Milos Hadzi-Stevic 11 napja
Is it just me or are Blizzard animations and cinematics getting worse every year?
creativex90 10 napja
lol, miss the good old blizzard days.
Khouw Antonius
Khouw Antonius 11 napja
So no improvement from d1, just another remastered, far from torchlight 3 which more complex class and improvement
Skundini 11 napja
Diablo 4 is starting to look "kiddy" again, they need to double down on the darkness.
Joey AD
Joey AD 7 napja
@Blah Blah exactly lol
Joey AD
Joey AD 7 napja
@0rthogonal that’s what I’ve been saying idk wtf people are talking about. D3 yea definitely but D4 is looking like a modern d2
First Last
First Last 8 napja
@Blah Blah You know they aren't talking about brightness, right?
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 9 napja
Then F*ck*ing turn down your game & tv brightness Jesus Christ!
EvenFarther 10 napja
totally agree
D3athduo 11 napja
Not sure if I'm interested in D4. I suppose I should try it since I've played them all, but the first and second will always be the best to me. These newer games almost seem too smooth, too fluid, too fake/plastic? Too easy; no risk, no reward. Lazy writing. It feels like they super-polish the paint on a car but then spend less time under the hood. It seems that the better the graphics, the worse the game these days. I guess I'll wait for the D2 remaster and play that another few thousand hours. Should be refreshing to see a new coat of paint with the same great engine underneath.
D3athduo 11 napja
Maybe the word I'm looking for is "hollow". I think companies like Activision and EA are to blame for this phenomenon.
Suncho 11 napja
"We don't force you to play pvp, you can collect that currency from monsters and quests." Well ok that's something... "Then when you try to spend it, you are open to attack and people will probably come to kill you" ... How is that not forcing pvp on us? That's exactly what forcing means. I don't want it. But they attack me...
Noe Weigh
Noe Weigh 8 napja
As stated during the video, before you can spend the shards of hatred they have to be purified. You have to go into a 'battle royal' type zone to do so. At that time you are flagged to be attacked, even by those in your party. Now you could not purify the shards, but as also stated, if yo get to many then you are flagged again where ever you are as a combatant. Sad I liked the franchise, I have every iteration of the game since the 90s when it first came out, including the expansions. Still play them to. Blizzard just ran out out of ideas so instead of making a good new story, they go for the battle royal cash grab. Oh and those shards, if you don't have enough to buy some cosmetic enhancement, you will be able to purchase with real money. So yeah spin it anyway you want, it will be forced PVP to get anything out of the game.
Suncho 11 napja
This fake dialog presentation is so annoying. Just present things. I get that you want to make it look more casual and natural, but that's overdoing it and it looks fake, basically it turns me off and makes me think all is a lie.
aswangdark 11 napja
hope they include linux support :(
iNacho101 11 napja
Another settlement needs your help
Forever Know Forever
Forever Know Forever 11 napja
1st patch we increased actionspeed 25% Gameplay was too stiff for most players Players thought there was a delay of inputs
THE DOPE SHOW 11 napja
I would've preferred a return of the Demon Hunter but this looks fantastic.
Richard K
Richard K 11 napja
I'm expecting Cashgrab lootboxes, and you play it on your phones.
Brandon B
Brandon B 10 napja
Hah. Memes.
Thomas Prudhomme
Thomas Prudhomme 11 napja
The division Dark Zone copy/pasted. Shame
underakillingmoon 11 napja
That does not answer the only one question which matter : what Diablo 4 bring to the table that Path of Exile does not already have?
Johnny Rr
Johnny Rr 11 napja
I really enjoy the idea of this class. The cinematic gave me assassin's creed vibes and I'm all in for that
FlubberSquid 11 napja
I must say that it feels like the development team is on the right track with the Rogue here. I do however think that splitting up the 3 mechanics of the class into separate specialisations is a big missed opportunity. Instead of splitting Expose Weakness timing mechanic from the other specialisations it could be implemented such that timing different skills gives different benefits. For instance performing a perfect dodge could give you a short boost of momentum, increasing movement and attacks speed. Counter attacking an enemy as they attempt a powerful attack opens an opportunity for your next ability to ignore armour and deal greater damage. Timing and precision should be the core gameplay focus for the Rogue in my opinion and would really differentiate it's playstyle from any other class in any ARPG to date. Building your character around this mechanic and taking advantage off different mechanics and buffs offered by the different specialisations should be greatly encouraged instead of just giving a slight and simple differentiation between them.
DarkVillain 11 napja
Also, am i rly watching diablo IV gameplay , feels alot like D3...
K R 11 napja
mana is replaced by purple energy shit , and the number of skills u can use are limited, i hate changes and limitations , it piss off everyone and why blizzard dont get it
DarkVillain 11 napja
Watching this AFTER watching the full diablo 2 R panel is very..... weird .... Im totally NOT excited for diablo IV .... Its like meh.... GIEF D2R!!!
nisher15 11 napja
Rogue already lost in PVP and the game hasnt been released yet..
TenaciousCoder 11 napja
Blizzard is restoring their honor after how horrible D3 was... I just pray they do 100% free trade; or ill probably just stick with D2R.
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 11 napja
Welcome to D4 PvP, Blizzard's version of the Darkzone mechanics from The Division.
Dany Desmarais
Dany Desmarais 11 napja
look at the poor graphics and animation ... it's like this game is from 2005. Why no finisher, more animation, more guts coming out, more detailed characters ? it's looking very bad folks, veryyyyyy bad
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