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This week on Console Crew, Lucy, Jordan, and Tamoor discuss why there was no Breath of the Wild 2 news in the last Nintendo Direct, talk about PS5 DualSense controller drift, and FPS Boost on Xbox.
0:00 Intro
0:47 Where was Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 at the Nintendo Direct?
5:20 Xbox Series FPS Boost
9:36 PlayStation 5 DualSense controller drift issues
New Year, new us. Generation Next is back, with a twist. We wanted to incorporate Nintendo into our weekly roundup and, since new hardware is now available, decided to take the opportunity to mix things up a bit, so, welcome to Console Crew, the show all about the games and platforms you love-same team, same jokes, different name.
This week, Lucy, Tam, and Jordan discuss the latest Nintendo Direct news, or should we say the lack of Hollow Knight: Silksong news (sorry, Jordan). They talk about the Skyward Sword HD remaster, but also question why Nintendo isn't doing anything more significant for Zelda's big 3-5 (it's February 21, in case you forgot). They also discuss the increasing cases of Fast and Furious: DualSense Drift on the new PlayStation 5 consoles, and take a look at FPS Boost on Xbox.
Console Crew is a weekly roundup of Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox news hosted by Lucy James, Jordan Ramée, and Tamoor Hussain. Subscribe to hupost.info to make sure you never miss an episode.

Han Solo
Han Solo 14 órája
damn they love their faces. We're here to see games. Not people.
Dark Leviathan
Dark Leviathan 7 napja
I have experienced drift, bloody pain in the ass when you get that perfect spot for a mission of shooting or hiding and then you go walk out of move the scope, longest irl drift is about 5-6 seconds but big cars are not really meant for drifting but little cars are great for donuts and and 180's, highly don't recommend chasing a truck on your property though if the ground is rough because it turns out its really flipable.
BermMC 10 napja
Around late December early January def was experiencing a little bit of drift while playing AC Valhalla around the 50-70 hr mark. Luckily it hasn't reared its ugly head in a while.
Chris Redfearn-Murray
Chris Redfearn-Murray 11 napja
I've been desperate for the sequel but am a patient chap. I appreciate these things require a lot of development time - we have no idea the level of effort behind the scenes, after all... ... but come on, guys - over a MONTH to just re-skin Generation Next as Console Crew??
dre g
dre g 11 napja
jordan reminds me of the guy from twilight princess who sells you lantern oil lmao
Patrick 11 napja
Kinda wild to see how the consensus has turned against Skyward Sword over time. I remember IGN and many other outlets calling it the best Zelda of all-time in the reviews. I agree it's not great but it actually had pretty decent dungeons. So, there's that, at least. I agree that removing Fi (and the long tutorial) would make it a much better game.
TheBic4 13 napja
This is like asking where is majoras mask 2? Some people don’t understand you can’t just crap these games out like assassins creed and expect it to be as good as the last.
blockybrobro 13 napja
NO OCARINA OF TIME HD? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
dlangdale187 13 napja
No PS5 drift yet, but Switch hell yeah I've had to replace 4 sets since launch!
John Rausch
John Rausch 14 napja
Can't wait for BOTW2! Haven't had Dualsense Drift- but did get it on one of my PS4 controllers- which Sony did replace with a brand new one. But it's sad that it's happening only 3 months into the life cycle. Hopefully they will make updated controllers unlike Nintendo.
Best 700
Best 700 14 napja
🤣 👩🏻:Happy birthday zelda 🧔🏻:Happy birthday Z Z zeldaa 👥: lol
Joe Nadeau
Joe Nadeau 14 napja
Crazy to see controller drift become so much more prevalent now a days. I remember this happening with one of my Dual Shock 2 controllers but haven't experienced any recently. I did play the crap out of my PS2 though
Gamer Crush
Gamer Crush 14 napja
Where’s Punch out 1080 Wave race Pilot Wings F zero Pikmin 4 Star fox Battalion wars Wario land Wario ware And strikers
Darkchief117 14 napja
Botw is overhyped.
144p Trash
144p Trash 14 napja
Tam is such a cutie 😳😳😳
Ben 14 napja
It’s not that we forgot who you are we just don’t care
ZX9 Music
ZX9 Music 14 napja
I told everybody years ago this game is not coming out till the next system he'll probably be a dual release like last Zelda game
Me Thebat
Me Thebat 14 napja
Happy Birthday Zelda!! At least we remembered...
Liz Phillips
Liz Phillips 14 napja
I’m so glad this is back...love the HD remake version. Also, I’d love to go for a pint with Tam, he’s so funny 👍😂
NinPC 14 napja
more importantly: where's Metroid Prime 4?
breatheinthepinkair 14 napja
XMckingwillX 14 napja
Its the improved version with waifus called Genshin impact.
Ian Lack
Ian Lack 14 napja
Jamie Baxter
Jamie Baxter 14 napja
One word......COVID
Graham Gusloff
Graham Gusloff 14 napja
Graham Gusloff
Graham Gusloff 14 napja
Yeah I don’t really care man
Cody Clark
Cody Clark 14 napja
Eldin ring is probably more than a year away.
Michael Molina
Michael Molina 14 napja
No Drift for me on my Dualsense. Have experienced drift on my joy-cons.
Marcus Tiaki Hammond
Marcus Tiaki Hammond 14 napja
I haven't experienced any drift yet and I got mine on release day
Marcus Tiaki Hammond
Marcus Tiaki Hammond 14 napja
Tyler Poor
Tyler Poor 14 napja
Me personally want the Wind Waker HD on switch....I mean all the hard work is done and the it would be great to play.....cause fuck buying a Wii U.
The LC
The LC 14 napja
My R2 trigger button on my PS5 controller died after 4 weeks of playing call of duty, getting hold of Sony is a nightmare
Cody Clark
Cody Clark 14 napja
Yeah they didn't expect people to really pull on those triggers. I remember when Destiny first released, those DS4's were breaking left and right. Problem is people don't know how to not ream on a controller. These people throw controllers and overpress buttons waaaay too hard. They get angry and violent playing MP. It's not the controller it's you.
GoGo YoYo
GoGo YoYo 14 napja
No Drift for me on PS5 & Switch!!!
Isaiah McElroy
Isaiah McElroy 14 napja
IFixit has a great breakdown about the dual sense controller
AlonditeMX 14 napja
Better question: Where's Metroid Prime 4?
ʙᴏʀᴜᴛᴏ'sᴅᴀᴅ 14 napja
ɪ'ʟʟ ᴅᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴏɴᴇ ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ: ʜᴏᴡ's ᴍᴇᴛʀᴏɪᴅ ᴘʀɪᴍᴇ 4?
lucyjamesgames 14 napja
and Bayonetta 3 ;_;
Cody Clark
Cody Clark 14 napja
All 3 have controller drift. It's the new generation trend.
Cody Clark
Cody Clark 13 napja
It sounds like MS isn't having a bunch of problems but a few people have reported issues. Nintendo is the most pronounced in having the most amount of issues. Lastly Sony's Dualsense is starting to have issues too. Although a bunch of people are having issues with the shoulder buttons from mostly playing COD which uses the triggers feedback the most.
lucyjamesgames 14 napja
Oh no, really??
Cody Clark
Cody Clark 14 napja
SS was such a disappointment. Fi or Fii or whatever is so annoying I couldn't even get past the second dungeon before being so insulted by her I never picked it up again. I won't be buying it.
TheAwsomeManny 14 napja
MsSparklesNGlitter 14 napja
I agree with Jordan, same feeling
Cody Clark
Cody Clark 14 napja
BotW 2 isn't happening for at least another year.
dre g
dre g 11 napja
march 2022 alongside switch pro
Jt 2021
Jt 2021 14 napja
why can’t you all just be patient
antrite08 13 napja
@MsSparklesNGlitter I'd rather wait years for a good game then say i don't know get a rushed buggy mess like freaking cyberpunk
Jt 2021
Jt 2021 14 napja
@MsSparklesNGlitterbotw took 5 years to release
MsSparklesNGlitter 14 napja
It's been 4 years...
Johnny King
Johnny King 14 napja
Simple answer: Hidden in a secret vault in Area 51, about 1 mile underground.
gtabro 14 napja
Remember when they postponed the first a couple of times? Was it worth it? Absolutely yes So I have patience for 2. Even better - since it's a sequel that would give them enough time to refine the new ideas and would feel less of a straightforward sequel.
Maximum Nero
Maximum Nero 14 napja
I don't care if this game comes out next year or when ever. The part that pisses me of is that they keep saying we have nothing new to share even after 3 years of development like what have you been doing those last 3 years that you can't say anything or show anything ? I hate that it has become a Trend where developers announce games and then never say something again. Keep the fans updated man even if it's a little concept Art or what ever it is. For me those type of Things kill the hype never hearing something again.
lucyjamesgames 14 napja
Heck yeah!
Estustheproto *staytion_Channel*
Estustheproto *staytion_Channel* 14 napja
imagine hating skyward sword
Thewitcher85 14 napja
Well a lot do
GamingStew 14 napja
LEX GINO 14 napja
Asking the same question since before they made all the other side games and DLC supposed to get it 2 years 3 years ago
Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy 14 napja
They took long enough, for sure I know it'll be good
Ulises 20.02
Ulises 20.02 14 napja
in we hearths
antrite08 14 napja
Can't take these people seriously this just feels like a bashing video. We know the two guys, I don't even care for remembering there names but those two guys are sony and xbox guys and the girl really could care less but this just feels like bashing nintendo and zelda i'm hyped for freaking skyward sword now finally have the chance to play it. but screw these people and there biased opinions
Damien kun
Damien kun 14 napja
Fuck A Skyward HD I wanted a Twilight princess remake
Infinity Gaming YT
Infinity Gaming YT 14 napja
Their still working on BOTW2 but they stated that it’s gonna be done and released later this year
Infinity Gaming YT
Infinity Gaming YT 14 napja
Ok take a look later this year not release it calm down
AestheticV9 14 napja
They said we would take a look at it later this year, not that it would be released man
Cody Clark
Cody Clark 14 napja
They did not. It's gonna be a minute.
Joe Snowden
Joe Snowden 14 napja
Wait when did they state it would release this year?
Alex Cameron
Alex Cameron 14 napja
Just let them do their work :p do you want a classic Zelda game in a couple of years or do you want cyberpunk now?
Alex Cameron
Alex Cameron 14 napja
That’s literally what they gave us though - they said development was proceeding smoothly and they’d have more to say later in the year...what else is needed?
Johnny King
Johnny King 14 napja
We’re not necessarily saying we need the game right now but some information about progress would be nice don’t you think?
Garrett Hermen
Garrett Hermen 14 napja
I want something other than two years of silence. Even a shaky phone video of concept art drawn on a napkin would be better than the ball tug bait and switch they gave us.
Brendan 14 napja
up my ass
God of pancakes Mooni
God of pancakes Mooni 14 napja
0 views 6 likes 1 dislike....did someone seriously dislike this vid before even watching it
Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine 14 napja
Welcome on HUpost
Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine 14 napja
In good developer Hands
Hellboy 14 napja
Copy-and-paste-tendo. No Nintendo.
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen 14 napja
I love this Zelda game!
ultimate bonde
ultimate bonde 14 napja
dante chavez
dante chavez 14 napja
Im 2 here
CANAL iPLAY 14 napja
quem ta assistindo e não entende ingles da like kk
MattSm00th 14 napja
They probably are working on it right now
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