Season Two Gameplay Trailer | Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone

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Check out the all new Season Two Gameplay Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone. Season Two for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone officially launches on February 25th, 2021!

Bill cipher
Bill cipher 9 napja
Nick Meyers
Nick Meyers 9 napja
what the hell they restart your level thats cheeks
Greg Holmes-Brown
Greg Holmes-Brown 10 napja
They’re bringing the attack choppers back 💪🏾
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs 14 napja
time to uninstall a couple games for this update...
Skeptical Fan
Skeptical Fan 15 napja
No thanks.
Infamous-Riv3ra 15 napja
Is it just me or are all call of duty trailers done the exact same way drum beats to the sound of gun shots and epic angles you never see in game and then a few explosions with a song most people are familiar with thrown into the mix... Hmmmm maybe I'm just getting old and seeing the patterns
Chloe Madison
Chloe Madison 15 napja
I’m so glad my account got banned but later retrieved by @spinfluence_apex on Instagram he would help you out
Martin Myrvold
Martin Myrvold 15 napja
Fake, should start with 5 minutes of "Installing shaders to optimize performance during gameplay (1/3) 100%"
Tekno Samurai
Tekno Samurai 15 napja
The syncing tho
Aaron Shaver
Aaron Shaver 15 napja
Cinematic crap not showing the real gameplay. Zzzzz
Makai Ultrafast
Makai Ultrafast 15 napja
Ill pay to see this in a movie
Makai Ultrafast
Makai Ultrafast 15 napja
Cant wait bc ill play on weekend
Cole Waggoner
Cole Waggoner 15 napja
2:05 ...why does that place and that ship look so familiar?
ShadowDemon17 15 napja
Once again, youtubers will be like “ Welcome to my channel, today i’m going to show you 50 things you might have missed in the new up coming season but first this episode is sponsored by...”
Mercifiedgaming 15 napja
Blod Tru24
Blod Tru24 15 napja
Cool cool cool... Can't wait for all the new hacker's and glitches with this update! Maybe get the game straightened out as it is by taking all those guys off content creation, and focus on shooring up what you have first
Last of The Real
Last of The Real 14 napja
@Blod Tru24 Ummm... I’m sorry to hear that?
Blod Tru24
Blod Tru24 14 napja
@Last of The Real You're mom when she told me she was married
Last of The Real
Last of The Real 14 napja
Who hurt you bub?
SoranotRoxas 15 napja
I...I don't think my PS4 will Be able to handle this much power!
Mystic 15 napja
Poopy 15 napja
Do we console peeps still have to play WZ with PC peeps!?
Eric Leef
Eric Leef 15 napja
Ugh......RIP Modren Warfare.
Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller 15 napja
Now this season is going to be epic
BigPapa940 15 napja
Ngl the music was pure heat the entire time
Shane Mcphillips
Shane Mcphillips 15 napja
cod looking better than ever .
Natius -
Natius - 15 napja
2:06 MW2 gulag?
Edward Sallow
Edward Sallow 15 napja
Clearly not. It's the one in Verdansk
WARLORD 15 napja
Fix the MW xp issue damn it
Envy V
Envy V 15 napja
Wtf even
Ilyaa Nawrozi
Ilyaa Nawrozi 15 napja
Call of Duty Blackops: Coldwar theft auto
Ablank 15 napja
Ruiz Martinez
Ruiz Martinez 15 napja
So treyarch trynna do their own version of “ghost” and the other guy with the skull mask in mw, but with bandanas 🤔
Edward Sallow
Edward Sallow 15 napja
When developers over do badass ideas, it just ain't badass anymore. We don't need a platoon of skull mask wearing edgy guys running around. If anything, it just makes Ghost lose his identity
Ruiz Martinez
Ruiz Martinez 15 napja
@Jitsu man those 2 mace and ghost lmaooo
Jordan Adams
Jordan Adams 15 napja
Two people with actual skulls for masks. Ghost and Mace.
Jitsu man
Jitsu man 15 napja
The other guy with the skull mask in MW? You mean Ghost 😂
Ryder* 15 napja
cod 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 ?
Claire Weber
Claire Weber 15 napja
My bf sent me this and said this made his day this is sick
FbrDangelo 15 napja
where is the soap?
Tactical Baguette
Tactical Baguette 15 napja
Oh boy, I can't wait to log on MW and see there's no Makarov or Scorpion Evo
El Gigante
El Gigante 15 napja
By the looks of it they're adding another gun that isn't real to the game, but at least they're adding the galil as well
Chris Sharron
Chris Sharron 15 napja
Shit looks so juicy
SlushyP 15 napja
Let’s fucking goooo
Sekler 15 napja
DeShawn Durham
DeShawn Durham 15 napja
G K 15 napja
If only the game was half as fun as the trailers make it seem
Lil’ Burger
Lil’ Burger 15 napja
Cold War guns and attachments still look like shit
J T 15 napja
What's the war zone update
Glenn Appiah
Glenn Appiah 15 napja
Now this is my cup of my tea
Ricardo Palacios
Ricardo Palacios 15 napja
They should call it recyclops. Ps dwights idea
Wolf Spirit
Wolf Spirit 15 napja
New greatest moment of cod history
Edward Sallow
Edward Sallow 15 napja
​@Wolf Spirit Yeah. Neither do I
Wolf Spirit
Wolf Spirit 15 napja
I dont know
Edward Sallow
Edward Sallow 15 napja
How'd you figure that one out?
R F 15 napja
Jitsu man
Jitsu man 15 napja
White Zombie - More human than human
Wolf Spirit
Wolf Spirit 15 napja
Bro there gonna add a new moment in hostory
Taywso 15 napja
1:17 dam that was clean
Game Verzuz
Game Verzuz 15 napja
I'm Hella Excited!!!! Lets Go!!
Kyle Anderson
Kyle Anderson 15 napja
So are we getting a new Warzone map or not? I'm down to keep Verdansk but we fuckin need a new full sized map as well, rebirth just doesn't do it.
melville836 15 napja
ya know this game might actually be good.. if like, they did something about all those hackers going around on pc AND console. idk if you heard but it’s kinda common :/
Jr H m
Jr H m 15 napja
@melville836 true but pc players are the worst
melville836 15 napja
@Jr H m console is scummy too, so many guys using mods for recoil control
melville836 15 napja
@Harry Lu the title says “& warzone” my comment was clearly talking about warzone. i don’t have a care in the world for cold war
Harry Lu
Harry Lu 15 napja
Literally no hackers on cold war bro, all on warzone
Jr H m
Jr H m 15 napja
Disable all the pc rats
memecentral 15 napja
Looks so shitty, shills say otherwise.
Edward Sallow
Edward Sallow 15 napja
Yep. That's the streamers
Jimmy Barraza
Jimmy Barraza 15 napja
As a zombies fan i can say this looks insanely good
Big_Man_Jeromino e
Big_Man_Jeromino e 15 napja
2:17 possible verruct remaster?
Edward Sallow
Edward Sallow 15 napja
No cause kids'll start crying about how it's "tOo SiMpLe" instead of just enjoying it. Besides they'll probably fuck it up like they did in Chronicles
Im2good4ulc 15 napja
Doubt but it looks similar
Defrostedfrosties 15 napja
This is either gonna ruin zombies or make it great, no in between. i couldn’t give less of a shit about war zone
MyBackItHurts 15 napja
cake club
cake club 15 napja
The boat at the end Hmmm..... Could be Soap
Cryptx Sloth Gaming
Cryptx Sloth Gaming 15 napja
The panzers back omg🤦🏻
first name last name
first name last name 15 napja
When are they gonna release the end of sbmm
Vg_astxro 15 napja
When u get good
PengutheOne 15 napja
All of y’all be mad af but as a zombies fan this trailer is god damn beautiful
Last of The Real
Last of The Real 14 napja
I'm with you on that one. The amount of times I got more and more hyped up as I watched is phenomenal
HollowNxt 15 napja
@Eren's Smiledog he’s saying zombies fans are hyped.
Eren's Smiledog
Eren's Smiledog 15 napja
wdym? As a zombies fan i'm fucking hyped up
Relieved Dimetrodon
Relieved Dimetrodon 15 napja
1:36 new sniper could it be. I’m in disbelief but i hope it’s true
R *
R * 15 napja
Prayers for my Texan COD brothers and sisters🙏
R *
R * 15 napja
@smeef bruh I'm in the mess right now with leaky pipes and stuff, and I havent spent a single dime on any Activision product. But thanks for the concern!
smeef 15 napja
Prayers aren't gonna unfreeze grandparents. Donate to a humanitarian aid mutual fund instead of buying this crap.
Lion Mane
Lion Mane 15 napja
My power went out when I was in round 60 of zombies lol
Atreyo Bhattacharjee
Atreyo Bhattacharjee 15 napja
Thank you, thank you!! My neighborhood has had power for the past day and a half, but we went without for 30ish hours during the failed rolling blackouts... stay prepared and stay warm!! :)
• Leo •
• Leo • 15 napja
Kuzniarito 15 napja
That White Zombie in the background surprised me a lot, in a very good way. Im hyped af
Kuzniarito 15 napja
@Cerry there WAS one and only White Zombie, psychodelic alternative metal band from the 90s, gain your knowledge dude
Cerry 15 napja
@Jitsu man what?
Jitsu man
Jitsu man 15 napja
@Cerry Troll 😂
Cerry 15 napja
Which white zombie lmao? Theres like 1 million of them
Ayvori 15 napja
Ohhhh myyy godddd , fantasticcc
Karol Clark
Karol Clark 15 napja
1:39 DE dragon????
nannycarrot fingers
nannycarrot fingers 15 napja
Why do they connect CW and warzone? Why cant CW have a warzone of it's own?????
Gold Bryan
Gold Bryan 15 napja
Damn this trailer for black ops 1 looks nice
Gamefreakmdp18 15 napja
i dont see dogs damn it
R *
R * 15 napja
This is cool and all but why is Take on Me by a-ha still on the 80's rock playlist. Move it back to the pop playlist or I'm not buying the battle pass 😤
Babafemi Ladipo
Babafemi Ladipo 15 napja
Is it too much to demand a Decent Action, 3rd person tactical Military shooter at these times? Can't believe at this stage it's only just a Fantasy in the minds of fans
Edward Sallow
Edward Sallow 15 napja
@PengutheOne If you did play it, you'd know there were a couple of 3rd person playlists which were actually quite good
PengutheOne 15 napja
@Edward Sallow yes it’s first person
Edward Sallow
Edward Sallow 15 napja
@PengutheOne Have you ever played MW2?
Babafemi Ladipo
Babafemi Ladipo 15 napja
@V. Lathrin nope, I'll look it up now
V. Lathrin
V. Lathrin 15 napja
@Babafemi Ladipo have you never heard of Arma?
Camilo Sanchez
Camilo Sanchez 15 napja
NICKMERCS has to watch this. Lock it in boys.
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 15 napja
that boat at the end it that boat we would see before landing at rebirth island. geeeeeeeeeked
Cerry 15 napja
The resulka
Carlos Santos
Carlos Santos 15 napja
All of this and hackers, cheaters, bugs and glitches. 😁👍
The Ace of Spades
The Ace of Spades 15 napja
More convinced than I ever have been that the “brand new warzone map” will be Verdansk with a couple of USSR flags strewn about. This game isn’t dying, it’s being killed.
Edward Sallow
Edward Sallow 15 napja
"This game isn't dying, it's being killed" Uh you mean that they're murdering this game to death?
Col M
Col M 15 napja
Not everyone enjoys warzone 🤷🏻‍♂️
oz ben ari
oz ben ari 15 napja
For a second there i thought warzone jungle map but Activision be like nope!!
Natalie V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3
Natalie V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3 15 napja
Adios, amigos.
motrane 15 napja
The Ace of Spades
The Ace of Spades 15 napja
Beginning of the end? This is the second season are you already done? Thank god at least there’s a chance it will stay in the halfway decent state
Jujo 15 napja
So is outbreak a new zombies map or part of warzone?
UHI EEE 15 napja
It's a different gameplay mode for zombies
Good Days
Good Days 15 napja
My xbox is going to explode because of these stupidly large updates
Snapchat: Realdie5
Snapchat: Realdie5 15 napja
My xbox be acting like if I don't play it for 3 days it forgets how to be an xbox
Nathan Benson
Nathan Benson 15 napja
Ah man! So excited! I hope zombies gets new trophies and achievements. Those are fun to go after.
Good Days
Good Days 15 napja
It's funny how a fireteam map and an d an outbreak map are coming. So I guess tryarch and Activision are going big in season 2
wavegod 15 napja
fireteam is such ass.
nemes1s 15 napja
What an absolute mess... I think I'm the only one not excited about this crap.
Nate The Great
Nate The Great 15 napja
Deleting tbis game fucking waste of space on my ps4 and a waste of money ...and I only payed 40 LOL
AlaZander21 15 napja
Haans_Job 15 napja
please dont crash a boat into prison
Fardeen Islam
Fardeen Islam 15 napja
Im confused, why were they going back to verdansk at the end. ARE WE NOT GETTING A NEW MAP COZ IM SICK OF VERDANSK 😩😩😩😩
Bdog Graphics
Bdog Graphics 15 napja
To get nuked
Rudy Flores
Rudy Flores 15 napja
Next update will be called: Call of Duty Black ops 4 Cold War Warzone Civil war Maximum Security Alpha squad SOG storyline Episode: 1 PROLOGUE
City Heat 951
City Heat 951 15 napja
FunkyMonke 15 napja
Such a good comment
Juan Gaona
Juan Gaona 15 napja
I peed a little
Nicolla Sales
Nicolla Sales 15 napja
People: want to see galil. Cod: Fara 83 People: 👁👄👁
UnkownAce06 15 napja
They’re spoiling us
Bulk Bogan
Bulk Bogan 15 napja
Change the title
Nikolaj Jensen
Nikolaj Jensen 15 napja
Like the jungle theme, but if I can’t put someone on a stake, Cannibal Holocaust style it’s a pass for me.
V. Lathrin
V. Lathrin 15 napja
if you really wanna use punji traps just play Rising Storm 2. smh
Im2good4ulc 15 napja
Don't understand why you would want to do that
Oculus 15 napja
What the frick
Angel eyes 6598
Angel eyes 6598 15 napja
Lol so the new warzone isn't jungle setting??
Sin Achilles
Sin Achilles 15 napja
Why's the character call NAGA and holding a Kukri knife hm.. I'm from NE India so it kinda ties in to one of NE state
ENC 15 napja
Foggy011 15 napja
will it be 500 gb of content or 500 gb of bugs. LMFAO
DPD agent
DPD agent 15 napja
Trailers always looks better then gameplay
Jay- RobThaGod
Jay- RobThaGod 15 napja
Does anyone know if there will be perks and a pack a punch included somewhere in the map that's my biggest concern tbh
Jay- RobThaGod
Jay- RobThaGod 9 napja
@Aunt J Maimahhh why's that
Aunt J Maimahhh
Aunt J Maimahhh 9 napja
Your concern is stupid lol
iliah granovsky
iliah granovsky 15 napja
My poor ps5 only has so much memory cod!
yaboi darkrai
yaboi darkrai 15 napja
iliah granovsky
iliah granovsky 15 napja
@Moses Devadass yeah having more than 1 cod on this thing is almost impossible
iliah granovsky
iliah granovsky 15 napja
@• Leo • lets just say i know some people
Moses Devadass
Moses Devadass 15 napja
The only thing I dislike is that it shipped with 800 something gb. I can barely keep some of my games installed, because CoD wanna take up half of it 😂
• Leo •
• Leo • 15 napja
lucky got the ps5 i been trying since november
Jorge Adame
Jorge Adame 15 napja
Zombies is ruined
Just About Bullets Gaming
Just About Bullets Gaming 15 napja
Real Original COD... Let me guess.... That ship at the end of the video is going to run into the waterway at Port thus freeing the water to flood part of the map... hmmm sounds like BO4 to me.... TRY HARDER!
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