Overwatch 2 Hero Missions Overview | Blizzconline 2021

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Take a look at the PvE Hero Missions coming to Overwatch 2, featuring a look at the new Hero,

Edward Escalante
Edward Escalante 4 napja
No solo option means no support from me for this game. Tired of these team based restricted american games.
thinnz. am
thinnz. am 11 napja
I feel like this is gonna be like Avengers where it gets over-hyped and then flops
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 13 napja
For now, there definitely does look like a upgrade to their graphical engines; pretty nice.
javier humberto moreno maldonado
javier humberto moreno maldonado 13 napja
now i see they are trying to make enough thing for that price tag on OW2 . if $60 maybe not yet, but for 40 it seems really worth it
Nearph 13 napja
They remove the flying mechanics and stick to normal jumps which most people complained in the original one.
unchartedrocks1 13 napja
Im worried. Hopefully it doesnt end up like The Avengers.
Jorge Ferro
Jorge Ferro 13 napja
Cash grab
Carl Fletcher Junior
Carl Fletcher Junior 13 napja
This is interesting tbh
canned soup
canned soup 14 napja
the biggest MEH game of all time can't wait to not watch any streams for a whole month cause i know people will only play this crap game for an entire month and then one big streamer stops playing and everyone else will follow this game looks exactly the same as OW1 so whats the point in this game?
Ymir 14 napja
Overwatch 1.2 Considering this shit a full new game is a fucking joke.
Teufelsschnitzel 12 napja
Oh man another one who thinks Blizzard showed everything in a 5 minute video 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
lcastl2ol1 14 napja
Do i smell more over promising than the entire fable franchise?
Killm360 14 napja
So its like that game battleborn which they killed before it has the same premise
Red Ram
Red Ram 14 napja
PvE, Story Missions, & more Hero Missions. I'm already sold. As long as I don't have to constantly play the unbalanced mess of a game that is passed on as a "competitive mode" in OW2, I'm good. Also the story missions, & the hero missions better not be something we can only access once every year or two, because of some bullshit event.
Down to Earth
Down to Earth 14 napja
I’ve never played Overwatch but I’ve watched a crap ton from other people. EVERYTHING that they are saying sounds like complete CAP
Alan Crandall
Alan Crandall 14 napja
The way I see others criticizing the devs work I think I understand why we get games full of microtransactions and broken promises. Gamers can't see hardwork if it presented itself right in front of them. This is literally nothing like DLC for any game I've ever played. I mean, just look at the new elemental systems in play, or the brand new physics engine that was shown as a sneak-peak in 2019. But nope, this is "DLC" cause gamers be hating. I hope you all enjoy your next installment of Call of Duty.
Cameron Wood
Cameron Wood 14 napja
Guys chill, there is a campaign, try watching the presentation
Vadik - VIDEO GAME ARTIST 14 napja
If its not F2P, I'll wait for the reviews tyvm.
Gonçalo Saldanha
Gonçalo Saldanha 14 napja
This is NOT a campaign... this is more a “games as a service” type of gig. Like destiny 2, for example. It looks super grindy too. Im disapointed
tkondor 14 napja
If there would be a dynamic weather system in PVP as well...than I might re-download the game, cause that is something I hope more PVP games will have...
Revan Blaze
Revan Blaze 12 napja
just go play battlefield 4, unlike blizzards "weather mechanic" things will actually happen on the map
DctrGizmo 14 napja
This is literally a $60 DLC. I don't see how people are still hyped for this.
Ninja da Noite
Ninja da Noite 14 napja
Naiko 14 napja
Is there a campaign or...
FawkieTV 13 napja
Yes there´s both a campaign and hero missions. They are 2 separate things.
J 14 napja
“Light story”
GonzalezJio 14 napja
This is just multiplayer co op with ai. Lame
Eisern Front
Eisern Front 14 napja
Toxic Watch 2
Millie Cauich See my Channel
Millie Cauich See my Channel 14 napja
A marvelous morning to you, my friend. You are someone who never quits, mainly because you never start. Have a very relaxing day!
blue avokado
blue avokado 14 napja
Dead before launch
Matt Seahacks
Matt Seahacks 14 napja
Lol xD
EmpireZz 14 napja
Game of the year right here
Ninja da Noite
Ninja da Noite 14 napja
@EmpireZz Sarcasm?
EmpireZz 14 napja
@Marluxia overwatch 2016 won goty Next year they'll win it again
Marluxia 14 napja
That's a fantastic joke my guy.
Inigo Percival
Inigo Percival 14 napja
Ohhhh Don’t worry I love throwing money at blizzard and bending the knee to communist dictatorships
shamel2014 14 napja
Wait so theres no real campaign???
GonzalezJio 10 napja
@Phill The Other Guy I though the singleplayer is only objectives that characters need to do on multiplayer maps that tell a story
shamel2014 14 napja
@Phill The Other Guy oh ok good I was only able to skim not watch the whole thing
Phill The Other Guy
Phill The Other Guy 14 napja
There is they talked about it later on.
GonzalezJio 14 napja
Nope. Thats what they initially promiser but I guess notm
Marc-Anthony McMillon
Marc-Anthony McMillon 14 napja
Can't see myself paying $60 still... Apex and Rouge Company have a better pvp experience.
badfoody 9 napja
@Marc-Anthony McMillon it'll cost you less than 50 anyway have fun playing a CSGO clone
Marc-Anthony McMillon
Marc-Anthony McMillon 11 napja
​@badfoody And the video details say this is PvE demo. So its between you and those that published the video. The information you described should be in the description.... Either way, Overwatch doesn't gauge my interest in this capacity.
badfoody 14 napja
It's 40 bucks And you get the multiplayer for free if you own Overwatch 1 Why can't you people read? The demo in the vid is pve. Dahell u smoking
Sean Winkfield
Sean Winkfield 14 napja
can we get an actual campaign?
Testatastic1 14 napja
this looks horrible
Wolf 14 napja
id rather paladins lmao
Ninja da Noite
Ninja da Noite 14 napja
I see you're a man of culture.
Czar17 _
Czar17 _ 14 napja
Honestly, a lot more enthusiastic on OW2 than I was in 2019.
Gamer Gunn of 87
Gamer Gunn of 87 14 napja
It looks the same?
Spigan818 14 napja
Hero missions=the PVE event missions from the first OverWatch
Behroz Taib
Behroz Taib 14 napja
@badfoody you must have watched another video. This looks just like those. Your dense.
badfoody 14 napja
Obviously not... Wow you people are dense
Super Smile
Super Smile 14 napja
they had the sombra one too but refused to show it? f them
Alex Wolfe
Alex Wolfe 14 napja
Looks amazing
Engineer gaming
Engineer gaming 14 napja
I hope it’s not just a reskin
Sgt.Pepper 12
Sgt.Pepper 12 13 napja
Do you not see the same maps and mechanics lmao
Ninja da Noite
Ninja da Noite 14 napja
It is
EleCticCOokie 14 napja
I wonder how close overwatch 2 would be if corona didnt happen
blue avokado
blue avokado 14 napja
Like they would be able to show their new and improved lootboxes and their new skins and battlepass I guess
EmpireZz 14 napja
Would've released in Nov
milk n cookies
milk n cookies 14 napja
go potyr
go potyr 14 napja
Light Glue
Light Glue 14 napja
The Lindefann
The Lindefann 14 napja
Literally just a overwatch reskin
Czar17 _
Czar17 _ 14 napja
Good thing you don’t have to buy it.
VASILE GD 14 napja
NS 14 napja
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