Hearthstone Full Presentation | BlizzCon 2021

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15 napja

Blizzard's classic card game is getting new mechanics, cards, and more! Here's everything they teased at Blizzcon 2021!

GrootGuitar 4 napja
Anyone remember the charisma that Ben Brode bought to this game?
Theraselking 7 napja
Classic? Oh yes, Giant meta is coming back xD
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 9 napja
Nah, thanks. Legends of Runeterra is way better than this.
Alan Spyrand
Alan Spyrand 11 napja
Haven't played for years before this update... I'm not coming back now as well.
Someone who know how to
Someone who know how to 11 napja
RoL is better.
Anton Rayment
Anton Rayment 12 napja
Why Is there never any diversity in the staff at Blizzard?
ELdASenSei 12 napja
Was "hurtstone" not enough diversity for you?
Ethan Georc
Ethan Georc 12 napja
So is next expansion Lion Pride inn? You know with all the 'roleplay'
Hejira#2854 13 napja
A step in the right direction. Introducing a brand new re worked classic set will make the hundreds of old cards we never used be more viable. Also, with Rise of Shadows, Saviors of Uldum, Descent of Dragons, and Galakrond's Awakening, rotating out of standard, the meta will see the biggest change since it's release. And, as a side note I am so happy that lackeys are FINALLY rotating out. I can't even put in to words how much I hate board flooding, high value 1 cost card bullshit. The final thing they need to do to make this game great again, is to reduce the cost of packs, or literally add twice as many cards to a pack, and increase the value of the dust system. I just want to play the damn game, but I can't afford to get all the cards, and as someone who has a full time job, plus wanting to play OTHER Games, I can't be fucked grinding all day every day.
inhabitant 13 napja
what, did i get that right? they are going to change malygos? like forever? that would be the end of so many otk decks with him
philipooi94 12 napja
@inhabitant all the old cards from the basic set are rotating from standard, they're still available for wild format, for standard format most cards have been reworked and some new ones added
inhabitant 12 napja
@philipooi94 so its a new additional card and not a change of old malygos?
philipooi94 12 napja
Just for standard, old Maly will go to wild i think
dietcola 13 napja
why hire a guy that cant even pronounce hearthstone
David Phillips
David Phillips 11 napja
I assume his ability as a developer overshadow it
Well Payed
Well Payed 13 napja
Hearthstone has never been better
David Phillips
David Phillips 11 napja
But it needs to be
DarthAlcoholic 13 napja
Why does he say Hurthstone? 6 year veteran here btw!
Batrstad 13 napja
I dont... feel good about coming back. Ya know? Like cool and everything, but nah we broke up and it was messy
David Phillips
David Phillips 11 napja
Same, they are trying hard by focusing the next expac on Horde, but I think I need to stay done with them until they start giving out full decks like other online ccgs do.
Most Wanted Gaming
Most Wanted Gaming 13 napja
04:30 I can taste the salt of many Gnomes,dwarfs and others of the Cringy alliances faction
Ybebard 13 napja
bLoWc16 13 napja
When they came up with a card that gives you exactly what you need for the situation, it became obvious that games were fixed since they’ve had an algorithm to know what’s going on in the match. I quit playing ever since then since they just made it too obvious that they fix games.
Dangerous Second account
Dangerous Second account 12 napja
Oskar Ryberg
Oskar Ryberg 13 napja
gotta give them some credit b/c it looks like they're returning a bit to their warcraft roots from when hearthstone was at its best. they kinda butchered classic mode though. so I won't return to HS.
Oskar Ryberg
Oskar Ryberg 11 napja
@KeeperOfKale they're making a core set for the current season, moving the old base/classic to wild, as well as adding a game mode called legacy that features classic hearthstone as it was before naxx I think (which is something the community have asked for). I thought they were making the classic set free but apparently it was only the new core set, so that's good.
KeeperOfKale 11 napja
What did they do to classic?
Boris Stanchev
Boris Stanchev 14 napja
and what ppl buy ticket for blizzcon to watch someone talking not ingame presentation omg what fail
Shroomy Sage
Shroomy Sage 14 napja
when can we play death knight lul
Andrew Deacon
Andrew Deacon 14 napja
Wish it'd come to consoles
Kamek 'Danger' Koopa
Kamek 'Danger' Koopa 14 napja
I wish he would stop pronouncing it hurthstone
A N 14 napja
hiotsobo 14 napja
How is this still not on switch?
Killaskills101 13 napja
they get drunk every morning
Peter Wraae Marino
Peter Wraae Marino 14 napja
you are not making fun, new games.. you are making random b*llshit... hearthstone is not fun it is just random
Sultschiem 14 napja
I prefer Hearthstone Trailers with songs so much more....
Navit Sailo
Navit Sailo 14 napja
I will never comeback to this game. LOR is way better and cheaper.
ELdASenSei 12 napja
Cool story brah
Milan S
Milan S 14 napja
If you stop spending money on hearthstone and invest it in crypto instead youll have a better time.
ELdASenSei 12 napja
Unfortunatly, I have a consumers mindset
Punky Lesh
Punky Lesh 14 napja
Sure you couldn't fit any more ads in the video?
Punky Lesh
Punky Lesh 12 napja
@ᅚ Are you gonna tell me to install Honey next?
13 napja
imagine not having adblock in 2021
Nickol Lokcin
Nickol Lokcin 14 napja
Nevermaker 14 napja
What did they do with this game..
abbas nathani
abbas nathani 14 napja
made most of it free lol
Evani Collects
Evani Collects 14 napja
glad they are making returning more viable, have wanted to play hs for a while now but it is just too expensive to get a good deck or 2 up and running
Shep normandy
Shep normandy 14 napja
Havnt played in years. I’ll be back now
VirtualRobb 12 napja
@Osama Obama he probably chose destroy ending
Osama Obama
Osama Obama 13 napja
Is there 4g in heaven?
YouTube Manager
YouTube Manager 14 napja
Nintendo Switch in Game !!!
Patricio Bactery Cid
Patricio Bactery Cid 14 napja
Larry G
Larry G 14 napja
Ghost in the Robot
Ghost in the Robot 14 napja
What is this Mercenary mode? You advance the character or something? What up with it? Look kind of cute
Sultschiem 14 napja
Seems like a roguelike mode essentially.
Alexander Morrison
Alexander Morrison 14 napja
Console please.
Sean ie
Sean ie 14 napja
Console please
Huge breasts ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ
Huge breasts ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ 14 napja
Everything about you is sexy.
Sheepy007 14 napja
I only care for Battlegroudns mode.
Gesni B tight pink pussy
Gesni B tight pink pussy 14 napja
I really appreciate your help from the bottom of my heart.
Cuervo Delgado
Cuervo Delgado 14 napja
Ps5 already wtf y’all sleeping it’s 2021
Sultschiem 14 napja
Don't you have PCs? :P
Larry G
Larry G 14 napja
Ehem, Xbox too pls
Tony Lemonade
Tony Lemonade 14 napja
Can this be on console already
Millie Cauich See my Channel
Millie Cauich See my Channel 14 napja
You are a smart cookie.
Scott Fuller
Scott Fuller 14 napja
I wish I could afford to play hearthstone. (Not really)
Scott Fuller
Scott Fuller 12 napja
@J0rdnn No I didn't
J0rdnn 14 napja
its like you didnt even watch the video you're commenting on
Osama Obama
Osama Obama 14 napja
The core set will fix a lot of that!
Alexander Morrison
Alexander Morrison 14 napja
Battlegrounds mate. Its freekin awesome
Ammar Haziq
Ammar Haziq 14 napja
Dampfwunsch Ω
Dampfwunsch Ω 14 napja
mkdragonfire 14 napja
what a bruh moment
Osama Obama
Osama Obama 14 napja
What’s so “bruh” about it if I may ask
vAqeii 14 napja
Blizzcon kinda quirky tho
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