Diablo II: Resurrected Full Presentation | BlizzCon 2021

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15 napja

Diablo II is being resurrected, being rebuilt from the ground up. Here's the full presentation of everything to come from BlizzCon 2021.

Алексей Бутин
Алексей Бутин 15 órája
RSP Shout
RSP Shout 22 órája
I don't trust this to go well at all after how much they fucked up wc3
Frank Roy
Frank Roy Napja
Sigh.. There goes my wife, my job and my life. :(
randy conin-e
randy conin-e 2 napja
Thank God it's not mobile and the developers will ask the fans "Do you guys not have phone?" ahahhaha
Dark Blades
Dark Blades 2 napja
Is there Cross Play between consoles?
John Epic
John Epic 3 napja
I wish they would make it for Macs as well (M1 silicon macs) :(
Blaxer 3 napja
This game is dated. It should stay classic and untouched. Shame on companies doing re-mastered shit for fast profits.
marius riis haugan
marius riis haugan 4 napja
I played Diablo 2 as a youngling, and continued to play all Blizzard games after it. In layman terms, could someone explain to me what Diablo 2 has that I can't get in Diablo 3? I'm all aboard the hype-train anyway!
Sean Nalder
Sean Nalder 4 napja
Anyone else feel like they're remaking d2 just to make a quick buck so they can pump some more dollarydoos into the d4 production? Because it feels like d4 is going to be average at best, like d3.
Daniel Dormody
Daniel Dormody 4 napja
I hope you get a bigger inventory this time. I can never figure out what to get rid of.
Lehrerschmidt 4 napja
Bitte bringt es auch für MAC!
matzelus-maximus 5 napja
D2 is Legend.
Martin Vasek
Martin Vasek 6 napja
Absolutely best... This game is on world best for every players... God God God 👍👑
Jack 6 napja
All is forgiven Blizzard. Please make this good
Nuka Dash
Nuka Dash 6 napja
pS5 Babe fuck yah
BitAurora 6 napja
I hate dizzying 3d since 2004....
Swamp Hawk
Swamp Hawk 6 napja
Diablo II was Blizzard's greatest achievement. I've been waiting forever to get a console version.
Funny Money ad infinitum
Funny Money ad infinitum 7 napja
Level 98 Barbar offline ... how many Baal Runs, how much time spent with this game? I would have been better meeting your lovely female counterparts.
Martin Bjørn Stausholm
Martin Bjørn Stausholm 7 napja
The characters should not be altered, except for improvements to graphics, as the game is meant to be a remaster, not a remake. However, most of them have been changed substantially. Overall, the characters look like a rehab group doing cosplay, not like a bunch of Nephalem heroes as in the original version. - The amazon has changed completely. This character appears as a 50 year old man who smokes. - The assassin changed from east European to Asian race. - The barbarian looks like an average man at the age of 40-50. - The necromancer did not change much. - The paladin got new hair style and aged 10-20 years. - The sorceress did not change much, besides that she is now afraid of showing skin and has aged 5-10 years. - The druid has aged 20 years. The rest of the game that I have seen so far looks fantastic.
Marcus R
Marcus R 7 napja
Wheres my refund for diablo III, Blizzard?
Lion Sin of Pride Escanor
Lion Sin of Pride Escanor 7 napja
Old D2 Paladin player cries in the corner..
Krishna Desai
Krishna Desai 7 napja
RIP D3 🙃
ichin daclan
ichin daclan 7 napja
where is the jamella editor diablo ., heheh
Vincent Anton
Vincent Anton 7 napja
This should be an instant win. We'll see if it has the original Blizzard love and care or if it's tainted by the influence of Activision. Hopefully it's a win for all.
rjxd 7 napja
Half life 3
espcsg 7 napja
2 copies for me. One on PC and one on Switch so I can take it with me.
cecewcw 7 napja
Diablo II Reforged incoming
CHballer1 7 napja
i couldve went to Harvard, but instead i'm spent my highschool years grinding this game
Wizzra 8 napja
After warcraft 3 reforged I will never ever pre-purchase ever again!
Pixel2 Xl
Pixel2 Xl 8 napja
Damnit this is great, but us classic players always wanted a bigger stash!! It's not fair lod xpac gets more of a stash and we don't..! 😡 lol
Trent Philips
Trent Philips 8 napja
it may yet be... Trump
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 8 napja
Don't pre order just yet, wait until game come out
Tudor Cernea
Tudor Cernea 8 napja
Ok, just take my money.. again! :)
Woo Bino
Woo Bino 8 napja
I have my phone ready.......
sLeeK 8 napja
lisp guy is what got andariel censored. here's to missing classic blizzard.
Buhllake 8 napja
1:24 still has me shook that Blizzard changed frozen orbs animation in all the new diablo games from this to the orb that slowly spins/flicks out ice dust, while the original actually fired ice bolts and looked powerful.
Michael A Hansen
Michael A Hansen 8 napja
They really can't have any original ideas anymore can they? Just remake after remake
CrossRage 8 napja
Resurrected.....sounds more like Reforged.
ZergforLoser 8 napja
"When we think about diablo, we think it as the definitive foundation of blizzard.." are you sure? I think you broke one of your pillar with a cellphone lol
R A 8 napja
III neeed to play... this game was my entire life from 16 to 25 years yo
ottopotomas 9 napja
i saw an interview where the old devs of D2 were saying that they hadn't even been contacted lmao
ottopotomas 8 napja
@Sean Fetterly to help with file restoration? to understand their basis for class design? to discuss game balance? it seems common sense that the first step in ‘restoring’ something from the past would be to engage in a dialogue with the original creators. i can guarantee you that the people who are going to resurrect D2 haven’t created games which anybody would care to do the same to.
Sean Fetterly
Sean Fetterly 8 napja
It's because they all quit and work at different companies now, why would Blizzard contact them?
Nickisorochi 9 napja
That music oh boy that music makes me so much nostalgic...
Bryon Popplewell
Bryon Popplewell 3 napja
What about hearing Marius? When I heard "the wanderer" I choked up.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 9 napja
If I could request anything: No always-online DRM and moddability. I've played D2 for probably 2000 hours and additional user-made content would be great.
deviance purplehaze
deviance purplehaze 9 napja
Do I need phone?
dræ 9 napja
This ignited a feeling within me that i never felt for a very long time, i'm so hyped!!!
glen silverconnect
glen silverconnect 9 napja
Got Diablo 1, Diablo 2 LOD and Diablo 3. What else could go wrong. Diablo 2 Ressurection got my morning wood ressurected.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 9 napja
"Remastered for a new generation" Nah, remastered for the same generation who played the original because we all know they are more excited than anyone else to play thi
George Becker
George Becker 9 napja
So if I load up my account that I have now will I have all the same shit just with the new graphics?
Heavy D
Heavy D 9 napja
Divorce rate is going to be epic!!!!
Lucas Lentini
Lucas Lentini 9 napja
Where can I buy that t-shirt?
Fuh Q
Fuh Q 9 napja
I can't wait to play this with my gf and friends
Ryan Thorkelson
Ryan Thorkelson 9 napja
Activision: We need more money - Lets remaster everything that made money 10+ years ago, including vanilla WOW with expansions so people can pay for this stuff twice!
C Schulz
C Schulz 9 napja
The amazon looks like David Bowie. The Assassin looks like just ugly. The necro is fairly true to form. The Barb and the Druid, well, ok. I will never play the paladin, since they didn't even try to make it look like the original.
kamakazi339 9 napja
My heart is all aflutter!!! YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cody Heiner
Cody Heiner 9 napja
Poor bone spear, looks so pathetic. Everything else is super cool though
PanReżyser 9 napja
I hope so much that they'll fix also the skills thing and we will be able to end a single game with every character, not only few, as hammer paladin, tornado druid and bones necro.
Camilla Drakenborg
Camilla Drakenborg 9 napja
*Makes silent happy squealing screams inside*
FartDonkey 9 napja
Yooooo the remake gonna have auto gold pick up im sold
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller 10 napja
Can I log on to my old account from 20 years ago?
Jimie Rustler
Jimie Rustler 10 napja
I'm literally going full american school emo kid on blizzard if they fuck this up
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 10 napja
The reason for almost not finishing my last year in school.
Capricious Kills
Capricious Kills 10 napja
"Remastered for a new generation" Nah, remastered for the same generation who played the original because we all know they are more excited than anyone else to play this.
Alexander Napja
I’m incredibly excited to play it. And yeah, I played the original when I was like, 11. Great game.
Gerardo Melgarejo
Gerardo Melgarejo 8 napja
aciarduce 10 napja
"There was a disturbance in the force. From all across the internet, I suddenly felt millions of voices cry out, all at once...."
Travis Bicker
Travis Bicker 10 napja
Would be nice if the graphic can switch between original and remastered like HALO 1 and 2 in the master chief collection.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 10 napja
I've been a Blizzard hater for a very long time but Salute for remastering some of the best games.
bimer 10 napja
words words words ....guys where are your cell phones?
Patrik Björnsson
Patrik Björnsson 10 napja
The new graphics look "cheap", like some indie game developer made it and not a giant corporation... just my impression atleast
garregalen83 10 napja
Do this with Diablo + Hellfire
Onibyron 10 napja
To all the players who were with your exes or ex-wives....You can now have Andariel in her resurrected form.
Christian Alvano
Christian Alvano 10 napja
Charles Y
Charles Y 10 napja
Don't get your hopes up remember what happened with Warcraft 3: Reforged
Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken 10 napja
What's with the rainbow Blizzard shirt?
LI Zh 10 napja
1:25 is dat some crazy fps drop...ahhh good o poison nova lag combined with frozen orb heheh
Col 10 napja
I cried when I heard Edit: Tears of joy that is
PureShotzz 10 napja
this is an, "oh shit we fucked up with the last Phone game"..... Please take a game u know and love redone to look beautiful..... alright blizzard.... I forgive you
feh meh
feh meh 10 napja
People who only ever played Diablo 3: ".... Oh. I understand why everyone was so disappointed now." Question. Which was better, Diablo 1 game manual and quotes or Diablo 2 box with that panorama picture with all the classes around diablo?
Killuminati Conspiracy
Killuminati Conspiracy 10 napja
Dobrze to wygląda. Będzie ograne na pewno
Joshua K
Joshua K 10 napja
Looks amazing. Been playing for 20 years.
Celeste Amethyst
Celeste Amethyst 10 napja
But is there a Cow level
G. T.
G. T. 11 napja
I've been a Blizzard hater for a very long time but Salute for remastering some of the best games.
amanvell amang
amanvell amang 11 napja
Keep calm boissss..
dolita windo
dolita windo 11 napja
Why do the Amazon look like a 70 year old granny?!
Panduhh Official
Panduhh Official 11 napja
Looks at wife (raises eyebrows)and says in a (Giddy voice) Guess whose not going outside for a long time🤪
Ethen Hunt
Ethen Hunt 11 napja
Excellent 10/10
Van Kerolo
Van Kerolo 11 napja
i'm going to replay it soon. restart all over and pick barbarian, favourite hero all time
dolita windo
dolita windo 11 napja
above, I can only draw one conclusion, perhaps those who place pre-orders, hidden coprophiles?
Ultra Phase blade
Ultra Phase blade 11 napja
OMG I just realized one level they did not show that I really cannot wait to see if I'm not mistaken it was called arcane something it looked like you were in space I can't wait to see that that and the cow level.. we cannot especially forget the original cow level just that original moo sound effect LOL
Michał BD-Lux
Michał BD-Lux 11 napja
Does bot will be work?
Drew Welker
Drew Welker 11 napja
I can already feel the physiological need building within me...
Playthroughscenter 11 napja
I just hope they don't forget about diablo 1.
MJ Guinto
MJ Guinto 11 napja
As usual, there is no cow level.
MVCPremiumGamer 11 napja
Also on Nintendo Switch, very nice. Finger's cross that they won't mess up this masterpiece, we don't want another Warcraft 3: Reforged incident again.
dani_i89 11 napja
Nothing says Diablo 2 like an LBGQ t shirt....
Kevin Sam
Kevin Sam 11 napja
I really miss this game, I'm waiting for the mobile version to come out..
Pernat1y 11 napja
Don't screw up this one, Blizzard, don't screw it up...
PICKEL-O Pickler of worlds!
PICKEL-O Pickler of worlds! 11 napja
The hours spent with friends playing this game. While I am disappointed it's not 4 being released I am excited about this. I can't wait to find out how well it plays, I just hope it's not fun of microtransactions and another shameless cash grab.
Flávio Abrão
Flávio Abrão 11 napja
Is it just me, or this looks even better than Diablo IV?
Uwot mate
Uwot mate 11 napja
Theyll ruin it somehow :(
Erik Halpert
Erik Halpert 11 napja
Little bit pricey.
TerminalGear 11 napja
This is how Diablo 3 should have looked.
Kurdz Rudnitskiy
Kurdz Rudnitskiy 11 napja
I love those who pre-order, how they like it when they piss in their ears and end up with the result in the form of warcraft 3 refunded and the attitude Do you guys have no phones? .. In those days when the developers valued their reputation, there were no pre-orders for the game and the quality was at the level, buying a product you received a ready-made solution. You can imagine that having bought the Frozen Throne add-on to Warcraft 3 ~ 20 years ago, your game turned into an analogue of Warcraft 3 refunded. I understand those who want to support a company that is exploit a franchise without offering anything new, outsourcing its projects, but why not do it when the game is ready. According to the above, I can only draw one conclusion, perhaps those who place pre-orders, hidden coprophiles?
TzarChelo 11 napja
Muuu muuu muu
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 11 napja
This game looks so much better than PoE2!!!
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