World of Warcraft Full Presentation | Blizzcon 2021

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands gets its first update Chain of Domination, a new pet update, and Burning Crusade is coming to WoW classic.

Trap_ G0dM00n
Trap_ G0dM00n Napja
Wanna know how to mine for gold quick, check out Hayden Hawke's vid :@t
Remedy Napja
How do you do fellow kids?
Margaret Stewart
Margaret Stewart 3 napja
dont you think that there should be an alternative to the dungeon quest on your covanet chapters for playerswho play alone and dont do dungeons and cant move forward into the chapters
vukadin Stanujkic
vukadin Stanujkic 4 napja
why is everyone so pissrd off about this
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 4 napja
I quit after the wrath of the lich king and from what I’m seeing imma stay gone blizzard stick to overwatch let WOW die with whatever dignity it have left
knightofnyiuh 5 napja
I started in wrath and quit after the pandas, this game is still a huge part of my life even if I will never play it again the way I used to, I'll always remember the good days and the bad, but no new moments will make me stay.
Rich Hughes
Rich Hughes 5 napja
Next chapter of no community because of cross realm completely unregulated people, probably not going to subscribe to have a guy called phat ballz use me as a healer call me a c‘’t and leave at the end without any manners or enjoy a nice chat from racist people in general chat. This is daily wow now and it’s not for me. ✌️My son wanted to join a few years back yeah but not anymore.
fhghjb 6 napja
i think this guy hates his job......
underscoreellipsesdot hyphen
underscoreellipsesdot hyphen 6 napja
Fox news said liberals want to give players the right to cancel their subscription whenever they feel like it
rwtlyk428 6 napja
spoilers in the end someone important will get to fuck that archon, to create a perfect troll king..I guess I spoiled the spoiler
Sergio Vieira de Souza
Sergio Vieira de Souza 7 napja
Tô do Classic and all over again same, won’t be no point to make 2 wow. maybe new classes, 3D, more mechanics for the game ! As make the player have to play with each other. alot players are rage quitters on cr of pvp arenas, making it not possible for getting rate and black markets getting in to it.
XL Zhao
XL Zhao 7 napja
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 8 napja
I know the ending. Slvyanas saves anduin. They both stop the jailer and then slvyanas became whole again not anymore zombie slvyanas. Then the new slyva and Andy were teleported on a beach island and then romance begin and slyvanas now bears anduin child. The End! 😂
Edward Lamb
Edward Lamb 8 napja
Wow what cheese bag lmao
Maigus224 8 napja
They do not sound or look like they want to be up there.
Jesse Morgan
Jesse Morgan 8 napja
This game is showing its age.
alex m
alex m 8 napja
I dont play wow anymore, but i remember ppl saying SL was fun etc
Peter Leban
Peter Leban 8 napja
It's 2021. WoW could be reforged to look like the cinematic for the first game. I still remember the original Warcraft: Orcs&Humans box and the style looks a lot like the cinematic(s). Remember Warcraft 3 Trailer? That was some serious stuff. I think the (gorgeous!!, but) cartoony look developed because of rendering budgets back in the 90s - 2000s. So... isn't it time to move on?
maciek1929940 8 napja
Do you guys remember when D3 came out? :D Blizz had this special, buy 12 month wow subscription get D3 Free... and then there was this long period in wow without any new content :D Good times... And now they try to act the good guy with charity :D
One Click
One Click 8 napja
Spoiler alert : The Betrayer Returns.
maciek1929940 8 napja
Wait, what? 73lvl fel reaver usually resists 61lvl hunters FD... can these people stop lying just for one god damn moment?
Bryan Eberly
Bryan Eberly 8 napja
i NEED Daisy! Guess I know where my stimulus is going.
Bill Keas
Bill Keas 9 napja
Man reading the hater comments is funny, like this expansion. Just don’t have time to play
Giovana Braga
Giovana Braga 9 napja
"We're grateful to have such a generous community" Was that the mindset when you increased the subscription price?
Hayden Lafourcade
Hayden Lafourcade 9 napja
Ooof aha
Hanue Lani
Hanue Lani 9 napja
3.3.5a wrach of the lich king best forever playing on 2010-2021
Mo's Tube
Mo's Tube 10 napja
On ps5?
J Johnston
J Johnston 10 napja
Can’t wait for bfa classic lazy ass developer’s
Weronika Van wieringen
Weronika Van wieringen 10 napja
Why is everyone so negative here? It’s not others being the “toxic community” and ruining the game. It’s all you in these comments.
Thomas K
Thomas K 10 napja
It's remote control anduin!!
Thomas K
Thomas K 10 napja
Lol ppl have friends on wow?.... Hell not even guilds chat anymore ffs
Valenchtine Rule
Valenchtine Rule 10 napja
Low budget animation!
Valenchtine Rule
Valenchtine Rule 10 napja
This is bulshit animation! Disapointing ugliy!
Tre Johnson
Tre Johnson 10 napja
Lich king Anduin is very underwhelming for some reason. Kinda feels a been there done that
LockeGr 10 napja
wow's biggest enemy boss are it's writers.
maciek1929940 8 napja
haha you think? This game has had much bigger issues than writers. When D3 came out, blizz had a special, buy 12 month subscription get d3 free. How did they use it to fuck people? Longest period in wow history with no patches :D WOLTK, major patch rebalancing pvp few days before tournament. Players had next to no time to prepare. Also, players had to UPDATE the game client on tournament computers :D Delayed the whole event by 1-2hrs... Cataclysm, 92-0 in rbgs, going for 100-0... one patch we started getting loses for winning games :D Then we have the whole blizzards blindness, like doing nothing when ninjaing stuff was a thing.. for years. Doing nothing when the better players started avoiding one another in arenas, you know how much fun it is to farm scrubs that pose no threat? Or totally not noticing that the top players stopped competing and just started sharing rank1s. That takes the whole fun away from the game. Though my favourite example of blizzard incompetence is LoL and Dota2 scene, they've been sitting on a gold mine and havent noticed :D
Scorpion 10 napja
Bfa classic
Set Mason
Set Mason 10 napja
this guy still has a job after cata??
Joachim K
Joachim K 10 napja
No proper class balance (e.g. I play a prot pala / retri pala, so ur fu.. up), and now the story becomes ridiculous, think I will leave again as I did with WLoD.
MR Green
MR Green 10 napja
when they gonna let world or warcraft go and do something else? Should not play this game when it's 2030.
Spookay It's Me
Spookay It's Me 10 napja
Let me get this straight: You've Just re-uploaded this video from Blizzard's channel/stream - you've not added anything to it or changed it in any way shape or form... Then, you've not only stuck one ad at the start of this, then stuck an ad at the end ... But you've made crammed another mid-roll add halfway through. GREED!
Spookay It's Me
Spookay It's Me 11 napja
I wonder how many people have gone back to play Classic
Spookay It's Me
Spookay It's Me 11 napja
10:35 Wait a sec... 'Feign Death' worked the first time she encountered a Fel Reaver?? I smell a fib! 🤥
maciek1929940 8 napja
cmon, 61lvl fd always worked on 73lvl bosses :D
Shock Wave
Shock Wave 11 napja
Nice wow mobile blizzard gonna get even more cashed up now
Damo 11 napja
At this point I just wish Blizzard would die.
doorran 11 napja
still no fully 3d animated Gnome is a trailer.... lame. 16 years of racism against gnomes. Wow Classic?? dedicated hardcore servers?
manilowgamer 11 napja
Anduin is the final boss, and Sylvanas is redeemed. Calling it now.
Ricardo Filho
Ricardo Filho 11 napja
they were lucky there were no people to see this panel live or it would be Diablo Immortal all over again, its sad to watch WoW falling apart like that. It looks like a bad rip off of a once great MMO
maciek1929940 8 napja
falling apart? Dude, its been shit for the past decade. Around WOLTK when people instead of competing for rank1, decided to transfer to some shitty realms to avoid the better players. When people started DDOSing to try to obtain r1 tittle. When people started forming alliances, agreeing to share rank1s. When people started queue dodging you just to not lose some ratings. When blizzard released major patches days before blizzcon, that introduced major shifts to the pvp balance. When the players had to update the game client on tournament computers delaying the whole event by +2 hours. When in CATA they started releasing patches that awarded you a loss even for winning a match... you know how fucking annoying it is to have your attempt at 100-0 end at around 92 games because someone didnt test the patch properly? These people have been fucking up way harder than uninteresting expansions themes
Sathriel Blueskies
Sathriel Blueskies 11 napja
I don't care what others say, but personally, i do not take the new expansion as canon anymore, it is so fucked up that it hurts to see what has this game become. Atleast there's classic now.
Rayzer 11 napja
Uhhhhm... did Sylvanas look like she regrets what she did?
Eduard Ene
Eduard Ene 11 napja
One of my wishes is to see a remake of a Wow expansion(burning crusade especially) and look like it was made with unreal engine. Please blizzard:)). When we will be old maybe we ll play Wow in VR!
Ján Dorušiak
Ján Dorušiak 11 napja
They want same money for old game like new one ? Same old graphic i hope it will end soon and they can focus on something that looks like from 2021 because yes it was the best game but in 2007
Andarilho Sith
Andarilho Sith 11 napja
"Do you guys not have phones!?"
FrenchFryKayak 11 napja
After this guy talking about "do you guys not have phones?" I have no respect for him, stupid smirk... lol
Alexiyn Prodigael
Alexiyn Prodigael 10 napja
The guy who said that isn't in this video.
BigDog JB
BigDog JB 11 napja
Tay Dibiase
Tay Dibiase 11 napja
Just got into pc gaming in 2020 and would like to get into wow, but those in game graphics and being 17 years behind the ball, let me know when blizzard starts a new mmo
Blumpkin 11 napja
play at 1.25 or even 1.5 speed. You're welcome! Saved you some life
ike o
ike o 11 napja
oh classic blizzard. "only a few people got these exclusive items some years ago" "NOW EVERYBODY GETS THIS RARE PET BY BEING ALIVE!"
ike o
ike o 11 napja
that was so intense I snored while I was awake
P.R. 12 napja
Ah the plot twist no one has come seeing... Oh wait
Random Person
Random Person 12 napja
Still milking that dead cow... Where is wow2 or wod
Sly Ace
Sly Ace 12 napja
I am not a writer at blizzard but i will spoil the ending to everyone: windrunner will sacrifice herself in the end to save some character
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 8 napja
@DZ Genesiszero1986 sounds a better love story than twilight nyahahahaha
Sly Ace
Sly Ace 8 napja
@Scottland Belk II not the director from the look of it
Scottland Belk II
Scottland Belk II 8 napja
Or who honestly cares
Thomas K
Thomas K 10 napja
@DZ Genesiszero1986 or save anduin.
DZ Genesiszero1986
DZ Genesiszero1986 10 napja
Or bare Anduin's zombie child.
Liofa 12 napja
Just present, stop trying to act, you're not actors...
Gigi Cee
Gigi Cee 4 napja
It's an mmoRPG, i don't see that as them trying to act, just do justice to an RP world lol Nothing too bad, doesn't hurt the presentation, at least imo.
brad mar
brad mar 12 napja
See the look Sylvanus gave at the end...shes gonna realize Anduin might be right. 6:00 in
Lexpickle 12 napja
Tauren Mill ?
Fradth 12 napja
I disliked at 7:37 when i saw a mascot.
Reptis 74656
Reptis 74656 12 napja
World of Warcraft is like a piece of gum that lost all its flavor. Sprinkling sugar on it won't make it taste any better.
Kriszu Nagy
Kriszu Nagy 12 napja
the next stage of my shadowlands jurney? cancel my subscription
Ricsic6 12 napja
Could they not get him a shirt that fitted?
Necrodermis 12 napja
its sad to see a company that was known for quality and deep but simple game mechanics become such a hollow shit show over the last decade . firing 800 people while giving the big wigs massive bonus's on their best year of 7.5 billion in revenue. passing off warcraft 3 remaster to some 3rd party and lying to us about it then the forced update of the game to the point its not the same game anymore. the list really just goes on. after seeing this blizzcon its pretty clear this company isn't really worth the time anymore.
Daniel Marx
Daniel Marx 12 napja
Wie Blizzard sich selbst feiert für Recycling Content, WoW-Schrott und Donation-Abzocke.....aber gibt ja genug Astloch leckende Junkies die denen diesen Dreck für bare Münze abkaufen.......
secrated 12 napja
They should've fixed Reforged. Goddamn!
Gaboon 12 napja
And to think... The budget for this expansion could have gone to Warcraft 3: Refunded...
Nodders 12 napja
Lost me at most dedicated and friendly communities in gaming .....
Partha MakOthna
Partha MakOthna 12 napja
This old guy and this old woman are so fuckin fake it's painful to even watch. And Blizzard, you should be ashamed - just selling once sold merchandise over and over again. Fuckin pathetic.
Abbe Mårtensson
Abbe Mårtensson 12 napja
So happy I did not buy shadowlands
David Freitas
David Freitas 12 napja
This game is still around?
certhianwonderer 12 napja
After that, can't wait the F up that annoying B of a Sylvanas. Bliz better not grow another stupid sprout and make her grow a Conscious and be a goody goody with us. lol
kgkustomz97ser 12 napja
looks like its gonna be necrolords to the rescue
Scottland Belk II
Scottland Belk II 12 napja
500 years later and wow still looks like a cartoon made out of paper.
Filip Medic
Filip Medic 12 napja
so, lich king, right, i havent played since than rly
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 12 napja
They just couldn't do without few cringy lines 🤣 or writers really don't like this guy
Jlove Visions
Jlove Visions 12 napja
Graphics look like shit
Jorrma Ollila
Jorrma Ollila 12 napja
Fresh classic servers ty
Paul Kalinka
Paul Kalinka 12 napja
Is this Arthas 2.0 ? Never played WOW, just WC3 ( ohh.. RIP )
Netram C
Netram C 12 napja
So Wow: Eternal without a doomslayer continues to rip of doom eternal. And they're going to cash-in on nostalgia that weares off faster than classic wow did. Activision Blizzard you're dead to me.
Duilin 12 napja
These presenters have the emotional range of a potato
Mochi Mochi
Mochi Mochi 12 napja
Proto Type
Proto Type 12 napja
"Want to hear about some other video games???" "You think you do but you don't" ~ Yeah, the internet never forgets m8 hahahaha
Ricardo Fernandez Torres
Ricardo Fernandez Torres 12 napja
Now I get why most of comment sections are banned. It's to spare my brain to read all that idiocy concentrated in the same place.
george skountouflis
george skountouflis 12 napja
one more time blizzard want take our money for nothing
bjorn joseph
bjorn joseph 12 napja
And Arthas will save him as he really us anduins father
maciek1929940 8 napja
But Arthas' help wont be enough. The moment they realize death is inevitable, Sylvanas forgives Arthas seeing as he truly changed, and sacrifices himself with the old Lich King to save Anduin.
Rakkatazz 12 napja
anyone else cheering for the jailor, wishing he would break out and unmake at least the last 10 years of this game?
Mystic 12 napja
new to WOW. can anyone explain to me why everyone hates this?
EnragedTurkey 12 napja
It's just the same dumb corruption story they've been doing and redoing for decades. It's so old at this point and everyone is sick and tired of it.
Harm Aouke Haaijer
Harm Aouke Haaijer 12 napja
At this point, WoW just feels like a series for which the makers keep writing all kinds of shit, just to make it longer and keep milking money from it...
nenipponjin 12 napja
ha ha, old scenario grift machine goes brrrrr
Gizmo Games
Gizmo Games 12 napja
Lol so is he a death knight now 🤣
Seabass McBigFat
Seabass McBigFat 13 napja
Kyrestia is probably the most simple minded character I’ve seen.
Actionwaffle 13 napja
Oh look....this again...
Andi H
Andi H 13 napja
Couldn't Blizz afford a good host to present the show? That was awful to watch.
Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis 13 napja
imagine if covid wasn't around and it was a full packed house the audience's reaction would be priceless.
Hey Its Nibbs
Hey Its Nibbs 12 napja
lol there isn't enough content for Blizzard to even run a full blizzcon right now
no name
no name 13 napja
I have to say that the gorilla pet should've remained exclusive- why put effort in if everyone's gonna get it anyway Edit: Also the 'would you like to stay in classic WoW forever or move on" question- shouldn't that be character specific in case you'd like to dabble in both to make comparison?
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