Diablo IV Rogue Reveal Trailer | BlizzCon 2021

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Blizzard teased the story, classes, and gameplay awaiting us in Diablo IV. Check out the all new trailer from Blizzcon 2021!

Bulging Battery
Bulging Battery Napja
So the rogue is a spinoff of the Amazon, sort of like Diablo 3's Demon Hunter?
Sinn0100 8 napja
I can't believe we're getting two Diablo games released so close together.
InebriHated 9 napja
I thought y'all didn't like Blizzard anymore because of the whole Hong Kong protest thing.
Sriracha Soda
Sriracha Soda 9 napja
Lmao so basically what the demon hunter SHOULD have been on launch?
Pranav Goyal
Pranav Goyal 10 napja
I am a thief and what do I steal. Ears 👂
Brian Baratheon
Brian Baratheon 10 napja
Those ears remind me of a time where the Blood Moor was littered with ears, and town-camping slowazons attentively guarded corpses, waiting for players to pop.
Pink Droid
Pink Droid 11 napja
Looks like a pretty cool expansion for PoE
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez 11 napja
Best game ever
Many_Lives 11 napja
This isnt that stupid mobile Diablo is it? Is this a real Diablo 4?
ISPY4ever 11 napja
I started as a DH in D3, and I will most probably start as Rouge in D4 :)
Androjde Makaveli
Androjde Makaveli 11 napja
how the open cinematic looks so good(the first one) and this looks so bad?
Sam 11 napja
Daniel Shepherd
Daniel Shepherd 11 napja
Can we just get the game already?
Dreadknight Gaming
Dreadknight Gaming 12 napja
Sandy Storm
Sandy Storm 12 napja
la misma. caca de diablo 3 con otra historia
Mao VFX 12 napja
Noo mataste a kratooos F
Watittakes2 12 napja
Lol, I don't know what this is, but Blizzard is no more.
llthgig 12 napja
Looks neat but Blizzard can’t be trusted.
Fadlie Hidayat
Fadlie Hidayat 12 napja
Man... Never played Diablo and here i thought that diablo are just hack and slash dungeon crawler shit with no story or whatever... Now i know why people love it... Just like how i love Dark souls...
Raven Verrett
Raven Verrett 12 napja
netr5nner x
netr5nner x 12 napja
Any chance that Blizzard add a BLM class as a separate DLC? With the breath resistance and the ability to easily loot all other classes in co-op?
Lt. Limp Wrist
Lt. Limp Wrist 12 napja
Iso perf string of ears
Marco Zalazar
Marco Zalazar 12 napja
Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor 12 napja
The whole ear narrative wasn't as cool as I think they were going for but omg that gameplay looked great.
Manny G
Manny G 12 napja
She's a BEAST!
Beth Rahne
Beth Rahne 12 napja
Shit and I just got a phone oh well 🤷
Pitch Black
Pitch Black 12 napja
Mike Tyson found his new favourite class today
Sergio Rovira
Sergio Rovira 12 napja
That looks like diablo 3... again!!!!!!! Blizzard did you just kicked yourself in the forehead?
Tom Young
Tom Young 12 napja
Came for the trailer, stayed for the ear comments.
Rafa N
Rafa N 13 napja
Game of thrones soundtrack in the beginning of the video… like someone agrees? 😁
Adam Savon
Adam Savon 13 napja
Should a known the first new character announcement would be a me2 femme fatale killing men.
Pink Droid
Pink Droid 11 napja
Blizzard has made rogues female by default in most of their games for over a decade...get laid and get over it my guy
Ornal64 13 napja
I'm more hyped about Diablo II Resurrected. If they keep loot system as it is and maybe add some extra content that will be my choice. Looking forward to experience refreshed graphics.
ImSlowAndStupid 13 napja
so basicly demon hunter but with different name. How original
akechi mitsuhide
akechi mitsuhide 13 napja
"Don't you guys have PC's?"
The Dancave
The Dancave 13 napja
Fingers are SO crossed they dont let personal political views or whiteknighting destroy this game and franchise
SilentSputnik 13 napja
What news about Reforged?
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 13 napja
I can feel the (Prime) Mike Tyson jokes incoming 👂
TerminalGear 13 napja
I like that she's not wearing high heels.
ShadowSamuel 13 napja
High heels are inconvinient during running.
WRAITH! 13 napja
Many moons have passed since I left the town of Tristram behind me, since then......
Last Raven
Last Raven 13 napja
so a demonhunter 2.0
Orto 13 napja
OvAeons 13 napja
Some very PoE looking skills in there XD
Jeff Holmström
Jeff Holmström 13 napja
Yikes this looks so bad, glad we're getting Diablo 2! 🥲
kapitan19969838 13 napja
Hype! I'm interested in that priest character, hopefully he'll be a major npc
Stay Sharp
Stay Sharp 13 napja
Ear ye, ear ye!
Ryan Vacation
Ryan Vacation 13 napja
Interesting Diablo 1 vibes
Lui Antonyshyn
Lui Antonyshyn 13 napja
This showcase looks like shit.
Ryan Brohn
Ryan Brohn 13 napja
3:29 DId I just see Andariel?
Lui Antonyshyn
Lui Antonyshyn 13 napja
Is this supposed to play choppy on purpose?
Aaron Austin
Aaron Austin 13 napja
Don’t even care about this anymore now that they are remastering Diablo 2
chris walls
chris walls 13 napja
'ear now, that's a bit gruesome don't you think?
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 13 napja
what happen to diablo mobile?
Hornii Boi
Hornii Boi 13 napja
i can already see the speedruns with rogue gonna be epic
The Squid King
The Squid King 13 napja
Alright Blizzard, How you gonna fuck this up?
AllRANDOM 13 napja
Stinky Sundae
Stinky Sundae 13 napja
Sadly, those skills are not all viable but only one cookie cutter will exist
James Lindsay
James Lindsay 13 napja
Are we the earo?
PMPEEM 13 napja
Will all the classes be gender locked?
Levord1980 13 napja
Nasty 🤮!
crack noir
crack noir 13 napja
i can't ear you any more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AznRUs 13 napja
How does she keep her ears in such mint condition? Mine is always shriveled up and decayed within a few days.
banana man
banana man 12 napja
Tregeta 13 napja
Wait till the reviews folks. Don't pre-order ANYTHING.
xtlx 13 napja
3:16 some demon hunter animations here and there. IDK man this concept and storyline are sick, but seems blizzard is rushing to show content. The videos are not looking polished for blizzard standards. And yet looking like diablo 3.52 now
x Archlight
x Archlight 11 napja
I have to agree when this popped in my recommended I was excited but then I was like I feel like they are rushing because it looks either like D3 or worse imo
Tom Smolinski
Tom Smolinski 13 napja
Hope the story is better than in D3.
Phil Mehr
Phil Mehr 13 napja
Father I have sinned... "I'm all ears"
Wolf Spirit
Wolf Spirit 13 napja
I want to see the Druid trailer, show me that werewolf and bear forms already in scenes...
Adam Savon
Adam Savon 13 napja
They gotta show the me too female multiracial character first my guy you know the rules nowadays!
Scott Simonson
Scott Simonson 13 napja
Will it run on my 486dx?
mog512 13 napja
Nice Diablo 3 DLC
Joshua Murray
Joshua Murray 13 napja
You guys have phones right?
madhavmandava 13 napja
May not have played but heard was not that great but this....is what was lacking....earee!
Mapacho 13 napja
it looks horrible compare to the cinematics of Diablo III. What a bullshit
Drink NukaClassic
Drink NukaClassic 13 napja
It's on phone right? Lol
Jugger Nikos
Jugger Nikos 13 napja
Say what you want about Blizzard but they know how to make hype trailers either cinematic or gameplay also this soundtrack is amazing 2:50
Jso's Productions
Jso's Productions 14 napja
Do not pre order diablo resurrected!
The Once and Future Jake
The Once and Future Jake 14 napja
I love that no matter how many missteps Blizzard makes, people will still gleefully buy their products without batting an eye. No lessons learned.
BombshellCelluloid 13 napja
Or, people are willing to see how it develops and judge it AFTER it arrives rather than before. Of course, your mileage may vary.
Alydar 14 napja
The first time Diablo has had my attention since Diablo II. Okay now.
Ack! Ack!
Ack! Ack! 14 napja
Well i’m looking forward to this :)
Blagg Zear
Blagg Zear 14 napja
This looks like my new favorite Class in D4
Petro Szoppe
Petro Szoppe 14 napja
So they are doing a diablo 4 game ? but what happend with the mobile diablo game? Diablo immortal. pretty sure people have waited years for the mobile game
DiscountKiller97 14 napja
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.
Aaron McCormick
Aaron McCormick 14 napja
So... Demon Hunter with blades? Found my new main
burr 14 napja
Looks real meh.
Jackson 1060
Jackson 1060 14 napja
Rogue class is awesome... question can you play as a male?
Anderson Barros
Anderson Barros 14 napja
Que foda
Danny Martin
Danny Martin 14 napja
welp i know what class im starting out on
Patrick Sidlovsky
Patrick Sidlovsky 14 napja
Priest: **wheezes** Another fine addition to my collection!
Patrick Sidlovsky
Patrick Sidlovsky 11 napja
@Many_Lives Hehe you are a bold one
Many_Lives 11 napja
This made me laugh way harder than I was prepared for.
Brandon P
Brandon P 14 napja
Somebody at Blizzard has a real bad ear fetish.
Erika Johnson
Erika Johnson 14 napja
Onore! 14 napja
This is all dope and shit, but her moves are kinda ridiculously op for Diablo standards I mean... Is this going to be just like d3 again? I'm liking it so far but I can't unsee the 'power ranger' factor in the game play
Mac Coyzkie
Mac Coyzkie 14 napja
Shhh... what's up with the audio?
Spacemonkeymojo 14 napja
Why is the quality of this cinematic so shit? Wow.
Esteban Brenes
Esteban Brenes 13 napja
Exactly. Cyberpunk 2077 manages to pull off much more realistic characters and emotions in a real-time in-game engine. And this pre-rendered trailer looks like something the early 2000s forgot about with waxy/plastic looking skin and shitty facial features.
bob dobalina
bob dobalina 14 napja
After seeing diablo 2 remaster not sure what I’m more excited for...
Traumatica 14 napja
3:29 Andariel
unterbm 14 napja
OMG Yes!! This is my class! Damn, I didn't want to get hyped for this game.
vas729 14 napja
Can't wait to play this in a couple of years...
Jeff Aublum
Jeff Aublum 11 napja
couple of ears*
Jimmy Johansson
Jimmy Johansson 14 napja
Andariel at the end? 😊
Asurendra 14 napja
Yes the Amazon is finally h... ''thats'' no amazon...
Jacek Winkowski
Jacek Winkowski 14 napja
Oh dungeon siege 3 ..
Neil Green
Neil Green 12 napja
that released years ago bud.
Zero3N 14 napja
This means that they either completely abandon the concept of the demon hunter class as a whole, which i don't really care about or that there isn't gonna be the amazon class in diablo 4 as THIS, actually bums me. I really thought there was gonna be a necromancer and an amazon as the 4th and 5th classes.
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko 14 napja
„Lend me Your ear!”
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