Diablo 2: Resurrected Multiplayer Breakdown | BlizzCon 2021

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Learn more about the upgrades and changes coming to multiplayer in Diablo II: Resurrected. Get details on ladders, seasons, character expiration and names, PvP, trading, improvements to the Battlenet ladder and more.

Land Back
Land Back Napja
Fuck that shit. Do not be the gate keepers of time. I absolutely disagree with shorter ladders. Changing the walls is fascist and needs to stop. leave people alone with their slow enjoyable grinds.
Natural Born Affiliate
Natural Born Affiliate 4 napja
I just tried diablo 2 and i find the multiplayer horrible, just having to join and create small servers? I wish it was like in Wow ... big realms with many players in the world... so I guess diablo 2 remastered will be the same?
Patryk Siwerski
Patryk Siwerski 8 napja
What about battlenet chat? Will it be same as in original?
bottled souls
bottled souls 8 napja
About what people are saying about the female characters....how pretty do you think you'll be fighting demons your entire life both of them look very realistic imo.
Donish Cushing
Donish Cushing 6 napja
Your comment makes too much sense to get likes on HUpost.
Thomas Brooks Jr
Thomas Brooks Jr 9 napja
My beautiful amazon.. With her heavenly bosom and long flowing braid.. looks like a old hag... my childhood fantasy face reveal.. destroyed.. 🥺 i can't.. its not her !! NOOOOO.
DisconnectHack 7 napja
I know right? She sounds so lovely, cute and young!
Kevin Burnie
Kevin Burnie 9 napja
wtf diablo 2 did not have ladders originally this is terrible i dont wanna create a new character every few months
SilverTheHound 9 napja
When are they going to fix warcraft 3 reforged? Its shit like the day it was released Dont forget warcraft 3 reforged, worst remaster ever, don't buy until they fix the game
fatalradius 10 napja
Can we talk about the Amazon's face? WTF
Ultra Phase blade
Ultra Phase blade 11 napja
I just can't wait for it to be up for pre-order I was surprised they didn't do it the night of release reveal especially since it's coming out obviously this year so I'm assuming no later than August or November I would hope anyway..
JhonnyBoy 11 napja
Why that guy's cheeks so shiny?!
Kurdz Rudnitskiy
Kurdz Rudnitskiy 11 napja
I love those who pre-order, how they like it when they pee in their ears and end up with the result in the form of warcraft 3 refunded and the attitude Do you guys have no phones? .. In those days when the developers valued their reputation, there were no pre-orders for the game and the quality was at the level, buying a product you received a ready-made solution. You can imagine that having bought the Frozen Throne add-on to Warcraft 3 ~ 20 years ago, your game turned into an analogue of Warcraft 3 refunded. I understand those who want to support a company that is exploit a franchise without offering anything new, outsourcing its projects, but why not do it when the game is ready. According to the above, I can only draw one conclusion, perhaps those who place pre-orders, hidden coprophiles?
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 9 napja
Alric Otar
Alric Otar 11 napja
Can’t wait to turn hostile during a boss fight and kill the players around me.
ekoms 11 napja
Ugh they made the Amazon and Asassain look so ugly.
Rodjer Dankist
Rodjer Dankist 11 napja
This guy just had to sneak in his licensed headphones and gaming chair into the shot. Kids, never sign a contract.
Sean Malcolm
Sean Malcolm 11 napja
Can i still play it on ps4 without internet?
Jose Javier Atayde
Jose Javier Atayde 11 napja
Can this game work with NVIDIA GeForce MX230?
NicholasDu4 11 napja
Make em hot
Land Strider
Land Strider 11 napja
Why did they make the Amazon look like Homelander?
Lightbringer 8 napja
There is still a chance to improve graphicals things, report on beta.
Terrazine 10 napja
She became Alec Baldwin Trump. Also, her armor got fcked up. Her high cut red baywatch swimsuit should not be touched.
Best of Music
Best of Music 11 napja
I would choose Diablo 2 resurrected over than crappy looking Diablo 4 all day
Orytey 11 napja
Paul Taulborg rubbing his hands at this
D. H. A.
D. H. A. 12 napja
Thanks Vicarious Visions Team for all that work. I hope PvP will stay as it is because it's a lot of fun ! Take a look at my channel ;-)
orso exp
orso exp 12 napja
Amazon looks like a drag queen
Keven Lambert
Keven Lambert 12 napja
I hope TPPK is gonna be fixed
Rey K
Rey K 12 napja
damn the assassin and amazon are buttugly. but thats what you get when you have female and "female" tokenhires as designers
Rigel Aquino
Rigel Aquino 12 napja
will there be lan?
Illuminati Agent #43
Illuminati Agent #43 12 napja
Yo someone tell blizzard that amazons are not supposed to have a man's face and womans body.
Taurus 12 napja
Why they make the Amazon look like a dude 💀
Tim0785 Gaming
Tim0785 Gaming 7 napja
Yeah wtf, she looks horrible.
NORTH 8 napja
sorc and sin hasnt aged well either lmao
Lightbringer 8 napja
There is still a chance to improve graphicals things, report on beta.
HP Lovecraft
HP Lovecraft 9 napja
@Commander Tato It's all on purpose.
First Name
First Name 9 napja
O 12 napja
Why does the amazon look like a dude. She looked better in original. Other characters look awesome tho
Lightbringer 8 napja
There is still a chance to improve graphicals things, report on beta.
Lord Vaako
Lord Vaako 9 napja
Literally every character face except maybe Sorcerer looks really bad...
Liar 9 napja
The new games are more... "inclusive"
Pedro Sávio
Pedro Sávio 10 napja
@Harald Haram i know that, did you read my comment?
Harald Haram
Harald Haram 10 napja
@Pedro Sávio There is no more Blizzard, just Acti
M. N.
M. N. 12 napja
Assassin was Eastern European. By changing her they made it about race and it's disgusting. Not very faithful to the original design. I hate it.
a3ytc 12 napja
Yeah I also thought the female character redesigns are weird
Illya Itunin
Illya Itunin 12 napja
Poor blizz🤣
Aegis Reflector
Aegis Reflector 12 napja
20 Years have passed: Amazon and Assassin are dudes. Sorceress is not a dude yet, but she have done a jaw surgery already. Barb is a drunk bouncer. Paladin is gospel singer. Druid is a hobo. Necromancer is a necromancer.
David Hady
David Hady 12 napja
basially they are gonna look at servers like project diablo and implement all the ui and ease of life improvements. I didnt hear any pd2 name drops tho
Paint spot
Paint spot 12 napja
With auto-pickup on gold, does it get split over the whole party? and do we still have shared loot? (or individual like D3)?
InkWavve 12 napja
Are Rune drops going to be the same? I feel that that was actually one area in D2 where duping was actually "helpful" in some sense, like the game was balanced around the fact that people were duping all those HRs. Literally 99% of the player base would realistically never even glimpse things like Enigma, BotD, etc if there was no duping. My guess (and hope) is that there will be much less duping and botting, if not eliminated altogether, but the unrealistic Rune drop rates should be raised.
InkWavve 11 napja
@nathan papp it honestly sounds like you need to realize average people have more going on in their lives than endlessly grinding d2
nathan papp
nathan papp 11 napja
@InkWavve It honestly sounds like you just need to git gud because HRs arent that hard to find.
nathan papp
nathan papp 11 napja
@InkWavve Bro, I run cows by myself in full games with a javzon wearing no HRs. You dont know what you are talking about.
InkWavve 11 napja
@nathan papp oh and not to mention the process of farming itself will be much much slower. Those fast P8 cow runs were only possible because the people running them had insane builds already.
InkWavve 11 napja
@nathan papp just imagine how few legit Zod runes will exist in a server at any given time. And the few lucky people who do find one won't easily trade it away. Good luck getting a BotD in that kind of economy.
WoodsMedic1017 12 napja
Why that one dude looking like a thumb.
The Outsider
The Outsider 9 napja
Probably a cop.
Iván Chavarre
Iván Chavarre 12 napja
They ruined the female characters...WTF with western developers?
O O 13 napja
If ladder no longer expires, that would be worth it. I don't want to play a game where ladder resets every damn 6 months. That's fucking bullshit. NO LADDER RESETS then I will consider buying.
Orytey 11 napja
Yeah they should make some kind of none ladder mode, right?... Lol.
Some One
Some One 13 napja
Why they can't leave the good old memory along? Sad to see all Blizzard can do now is selling old game over and over .... GG Activision Blizzard ..
Some One
Some One 12 napja
@Eric VanLeeuwen Indeed, since they got not much new exciting stuff to look for ...
Eric VanLeeuwen
Eric VanLeeuwen 12 napja
A lot of people are happy this is happening
Gorgon 13 napja
Dude, why does the assassin look so ugly. FFS they litteraly intentionally made her more ugly.
Sinogy 13 napja
New visuals look amazing but Amazon looks like a man.
Sproose Moose
Sproose Moose 13 napja
so its a remaster except the character models which the team took creative liberties with because...?
Potato 13 napja
OMG that assassin from the thumbnail😆😆😆😆. I have grown up playing Diablo 2 and never realized that the assassin was an Asian.
HP Lovecraft
HP Lovecraft 9 napja
@Bad Wolf That's not why they did it, and you know it.
HP Lovecraft
HP Lovecraft 9 napja
Sh's not.
Torpidu 12 napja
@Bad Wolf the problem is she looks nothing like the original, also her name is natalya, now out of nowhere the characters are old, fat and changed race apparently. why dont we just make assassin a male kung fu master while we're at it ? it also fits the theme doesnt it?
Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf 12 napja
@Torpidu oh, c'mon cry me a river. The assassin is literally inspired by eastern martial arts/ ninja fantasy. I don't see what's the problem in making her eastern looking. It fits her theme.
Torpidu 13 napja
she wasnt. but games today just HAVE to be diverse or else people will cry
Benoit Beausoleil
Benoit Beausoleil 13 napja
50$ for a simple remastered version is BS should have been 20$ cmon we've been playing this 20 years ago
Mark Menšikov
Mark Menšikov 13 napja
​@Tomtenisse Powercool i honestly dont really care if they change anything, if this remaster looks better and plays better than old version on modern systems then it is okay for me. Im buying it on Switch anyway. Also they actually changed some core things about game because of the programming tricks that worked only in 2000. For example, mobs spawn and hostility was designed for smaller screens so if you play original D2 on modern PC with big screen you notice how mobs act stupid because they are out of your hostility range. This makes killing Diablo as mage for exampel extremly easy. And there are dozen of other things like this that had to be changed in order to make game less lanky.
Tomtenisse Powercool
Tomtenisse Powercool 13 napja
@Mark Menšikov Just saying that this is essentially a texture pack running over D2. But one that also allows for uncapped FPS and a higher resolution. I would implore you to watch the 50 minute interview they did with MrLlama. If you are afraid that that they'll fuck it up, don't fret. Because they haven't actually done anything to screw with the mechanics.
Mark Menšikov
Mark Menšikov 13 napja
@Tomtenisse Powercool as far as i know Blizzard never bothered to remaster D2 before because it was designed for weaker PCs with smaller resolution screens and a lot of its utilities were long gone. Remastering D2 took much more effort so Blizzard never bothered to do it before. Im not Blizzard fanboy by any means, i also hate their guts for the way they handled Reforged but what they do with D2 seems like solid work to me.
Tomtenisse Powercool
Tomtenisse Powercool 13 napja
@Mark Menšikov That is just flat out incorrect information, but ok.
Mark Menšikov
Mark Menšikov 13 napja
They basically recreated whole game from scratch, this is not just new textures mod.
Patrick Siemer
Patrick Siemer 13 napja
why they arent talking about if there will be shared loot or seperate for each player i think this thing is pretty important xD
dushas 12 napja
Cause there's nothing to talk about.
Wade Williams
Wade Williams 13 napja
Was personal loot in the original game?
Dorin Velovar
Dorin Velovar 13 napja
Models look better then Diablo 4!
Tomtenisse Powercool
Tomtenisse Powercool 13 napja
So that's why everyone is complaining about them.
Hellknight Mordred
Hellknight Mordred 13 napja
Is there couch co op?
Hellknight Mordred
Hellknight Mordred 12 napja
@NoodleJutsu but I saw a local mode?
NoodleJutsu 12 napja
Nipplehook 13 napja
Fury BB for trade.
Mr Goose
Mr Goose 13 napja
I used to have a badass paladin and necro back in the day and I mean like 2000 back in the day. I'm old asf
Jeffrey Warden
Jeffrey Warden 13 napja
Ol though's secret tristram COWS....
Xander Ellem
Xander Ellem 13 napja
Imo d2 isnt the kind of game for shorter seasons, not if the 99 grind and rune droprate is going to be the same.
UK1V 13 napja
@Tomtenisse Powercool I used to Grush for Hell forge but that was 50/50 if anyone would stick around to do it lmao. To be honest I used to run D2nt and get all my stuff that way, I doubt it will be possible to do that with the re-release.
Tomtenisse Powercool
Tomtenisse Powercool 13 napja
@UK1V I don't think seasons should necessarily be longer or shorter, but I don't agree that runes are particurlarly hard to get. Just farm Lower Kurast for hours on end and you'll have enough runes to buy the ones you need. That's bartering for you.
UK1V 13 napja
I was definitely thinking the same thing. This is without a doubt one of the grindiest games ever created. Bring back Uber xp! I agree that HR drop rates need to be increased for sure!
Jim Bob's Arcade
Jim Bob's Arcade 13 napja
Jim Bob's Arcade
Jim Bob's Arcade 13 napja
Plz put back exp SHARE
Benjámin Kurilla
Benjámin Kurilla 13 napja
Are we going to be able to bring our old characters here, from the original Diablo 2?
Benjámin Kurilla
Benjámin Kurilla 12 napja
@Eric VanLeeuwen I am just talking about Single Player. My bro has a level 91 amazon, and he'd like to bring it over.
Eric VanLeeuwen
Eric VanLeeuwen 12 napja
Ladder would be pointless then
Eric VanLeeuwen
Eric VanLeeuwen 12 napja
I hope to god not that would be stupid
jesse lopez
jesse lopez 13 napja
Nope when he asked that question that guy on bottom left face says everything, they aren't gonna have those features and I bet they will come up with excuse and wait yo tell us after everyone purchases the game
Donkeypunch 13 napja
Dude, Im really happy to see guys who obviously have respect and love for the original in all its many little nuance ways. Every little thing, makes diablo, diablo. This is what Activision Blizzard doesn't understand. This is why D3 feels like a step brother, with no blood relation to D2 or D1. Activision pretty much runs Blizzard if you don't know. Nd to Activision, the most important things to game building is graphics and effects. 100% eye candy. With little to no depth, just repetitiveness without any addictiveness. D2 LoD lasted 20 years with a thriving community TO THIS DAY not because of nostalgia! There are lots of GREAT games that hold nostalgia! But DIABLO its just a amazing game! Everything about it, keeps it going because its so good! The rune words, the loot drops, the combat system, the trading, the multiplayer, the skill trees, the permanence, the art, the pacing, EVERY LITTLE THING YOU MIGHT NOT EVEN NOTICE... Made D2 the goliath it is! You cant GET that with Activisions logic on what gamers want. Activision is used to a bunch of CONSOLE fans who are as easy to entertain as a dog! They don't ask for depth! They keep Activision rich buying their CoD Arcade games, while Activision hasn't released a game with a truly new experience from scratch since early 2000's and aggressively takes over companies like Blizzard and all its IP's . Its all a CASH GRAB to activision, their the WORST company next to EA. They have NO DRIVE to experiment! Why would they when they're a top publisher, off the crap they peddle already! They are complacent. Ill give you a perfect analogy of a Activision fan boy, A dog will chase a snowball thinking its a toy ball no matter how many times you throw it and it breaks apart on the ground into nothing. Its all hype. That is activision fans chasing activision games. But at least the dog isn't paying 60 bucks a pop to chase the snowball! Now these guys.... making the D2 remaster. I want to see THEM make a D3, and a D4. If its not going to be Blizz North and Brevik. Then let it be the guys who hold respect and love for the originals and WANT to carry that on! Make THESE GUYS the new Blizz north! and don't constrict them with big business bullshit! That's what killed Blizz north 20 years ago! If activision wants to make some serious fucking money, they need to take the collar off all their developers and let games take the time they need to be huge, unique, TREND SETTERS You think the D4 team is looking to D2 for inspiration?? Your WRONG. Ill explain, very carefully why. They might watch some gameplay, They might look at the art work. BUT there are things about D2 and LoD that you CANNOT UNDERTSTAND by just looking at images or videos of it. You HAVE to play the game to understand! All the little things. Do you know how long it takes to PLAY D2 THOROUGHLY. If you never really played it before? Dude, first off you wouldn't know all the little tricks to speed running and speed leveling. You wouldn't understand how and WHY rune words were so addictive to pursue. You just WOULDNT GET IT. You would have to play through ALL THE CLASSES, trial and error till you figure out the meta builds, You would spend THOUSANDS of hours clearing Chaos, World Stone, The Pit, The Monastery addictively searching for HR drops. You couldn't even SOLO hell difficulty to do it unless you had a diverse team, or you were a meta Hammerden Complete with enigma, call to arm, a really good shield and all the plus one to skills ammy, rings (soj), belt, helmet. All this shit took SO LONG TO FIND LEGIT. Ive been playing for 20 years and ive NEVER found a legit Soj drop! But I've probably cleared all these places hundreds of thousands of times looking for them. Activision has huge amounts of investors. They expect returns on an almost annual level. Activision cannot afford to spend 10 years making a game fit to modern standards while also going into such depth. Taking the time to nail all these things doesn't happen for them. They lose investors they lose money. They are slaves to the investors essentially. They are not going to pay a team of devs, for YEARS of going through and understanding WHY D3 was such a soulless representation of its predecessor. Then on top of that BUILDING a game that's going to take double if not triple the time of their usual products at the same time. You got to realize two things about activisions management 1. They themselves are used to a certain excessive lifestyle already from their success 2. Investors (already explained) Between these two things, is exactly why you should expect activision to continue over hyping, over marketing, soulless game to naïve audiences. This is why D4 is going to be no better than D3 if it is it will be such a slight improvement from D3 that it really wont even matter. Because D2 LoD is miles ahead of D3. in terms of what it has to offer. The over all experience. The depth. The passion. It just wont happen.
J. S.
J. S. 13 napja
All they need to do is look at what PD2 and other mods have done. It's not rocket science to figuring out what improvements to implement.
grrre87 13 napja
That Amazon’s face… woof.
Martin Bjørn Stausholm
Martin Bjørn Stausholm 12 napja
It is a man now
Neo Fernandes
Neo Fernandes 12 napja
@Tomtenisse Powercool Agreed. Looks like a man wearing an Amazon armor.
Tomtenisse Powercool
Tomtenisse Powercool 13 napja
@De noir Sorc + Assassin look awesome, but eveyone else looks a bit odd. But amazon is the one that stands out the most.
De noir
De noir 13 napja
paladin's face also.
Restless Wanderer
Restless Wanderer 13 napja
Who are these two guys on the thumbnail?
DS 3000
DS 3000 13 napja
2 men cosplay as amazon and assassin.
SkinnerBeeMan 13 napja
NO EXPIRATION>.... This is the entire reason I never came back. I dont want to play all the time. but sometimes the itch hits. AWESOME!
SkinnerBeeMan 13 napja
fire up the bot lando! its time to farm
Ivar Andrés Osorio
Ivar Andrés Osorio 13 napja
When has the "it just works" frase ever been true?
Spongemonkey26 13 napja
Amazon hit every branch on her way down didn't she?
Spongemonkey26 8 napja
@Lightbringer yes, a blue moderator on the official forums stated they are aware of the fans input and will be adjusting all of the characters faces.
Lightbringer 8 napja
There is still a chance to improve graphicals things, report on beta.
Tim A
Tim A 13 napja
Lust4Death Lust4Death
Lust4Death Lust4Death 13 napja
I seriously hope they go back to what she looked like. The new one is butt fug ugly. they all have a kinda weird face but that's my only gripe, the rest looks amazing and i'm as excited as shizz.
-rAIST 13 napja
Glad I still have the game disc, hopefully it’s won’t be Diablo 2 remaster refunded.
Lightbringer 8 napja
@Terrazine There is still a chance to improve graphicals things, report on beta.
Terrazine 10 napja
Look at Amazon's face and armor. Case closed.
Janita Shawaar
Janita Shawaar 11 napja
Already is... we’ll see with he coming seasons...
AmIgOltu 13 napja
Oh it absolutely will be.
John Doe
John Doe 14 napja
Diablo2 LGBT edition.
Commander Tato
Commander Tato 11 napja
We are living in the worst timeline. And it will get worse.
F U 13 napja
Oh fuck.
Joshua 14 napja
Considering Blizzard's track record for doing "quality" re-releases of their games, I'm not gonna hold my breath... I'll just stick with Path of Exile... Much higher replay value anyway.
Mark Menšikov
Mark Menšikov 13 napja
Starcraft remaster was good.
F U 13 napja
Only/especially if you like starting from scratch every 3-4 months.
ミストからのJohnny 14 napja
Why are Amazon and Assassin so damn ugly?
Barry Vercueil
Barry Vercueil 14 napja
This is INCREDIBLE. I won't be surprised if this out sells Diablo 4.
Benjamin Myers
Benjamin Myers 14 napja
Wow, really Blizzard? That's great.... WHERE THE HELL IS DIABLO 4?!?!? Or even Diablo Immortal? I don't believe you. You're not going to release this either. I loved Diablo 2 but that ship has sailed. finish the Diablo that you promised everyone 2 years ago! 😒
D3L4RG3 13 napja
xD wtf
F U 13 napja
I wonder which one comes first, Diablo 4 or my new GPU.
Jeremy Adams
Jeremy Adams 14 napja
The showed both games during the Diablo segment. Released a trailer for the Rogue in D4.
Takeru_Takaishi 14 napja
Do I still have to fight over dropped loot in coop or does everybody get their own drops?
F U 13 napja
And are there gonna be autopickup cheats..
NavidErde 14 napja
Sure this is such an elemental part of the game they would never think about changing that part.
Mac Coyzkie
Mac Coyzkie 14 napja
I played diablo, diablo 2 and diablo 3. So far diablo 2 was my favorite and i stop playing the series after i tried diablo 3, doesn't have the same feel anymore. I hope this Diablo 2: Resurrected will make a difference
Nathan Zanon
Nathan Zanon 10 napja
@SkinnerBeeMan dude exactly... I'm kinda late but that's the thing. I think I won't be able to play the d2 revival properly, I just can't... like 10h a day I get home no way I'm playing Diablo
Zeno' Sama
Zeno' Sama 12 napja
Exact Same
Tomtenisse Powercool
Tomtenisse Powercool 13 napja
@Seth Morrison Diablo 2 has runewords. The pinnicle of oversimplified itemization. Classic is better in that regard, but even then it isn't anything special.
Mac Coyzkie
Mac Coyzkie 13 napja
@SkinnerBeeMan this is on point bro! that dark feeling even though the graphics is not as good as what we have today, that was replaced by grinding half baked mmo like experience. So coming from d2 going to d3 feels so different. I also hate the fact at that time that if you don't play in a certain period your account gets banned, I lost mine since i only play in my free time. And because of this i didn't bother purchasing the next sequel, but i'm still curios of what d4 can give us
SkinnerBeeMan 13 napja
@E B maybe you're right. Maybe we were young and remembered the fear we felt when we found the butcher the first time. Or leoric. Or saw the kid we thought was the prince dissected. All the naked harpies. Then Diablo in the dark. We cheated and used trainers to get Apocalypse and if you went high enough level you used it once and won the game. Those were the times. We were young. We had fear we had ambition. And when I found myself under the monastery in d2 I was right back where I left off. I wont be able to relive those emotions. Hell I'm not going enough to anyways. And kids now wont be coming off d1. I wonder if they can ever feel the emotions this game was made to bring out. And after a couple play thrus. It was all about the grind... But originally, it was all about the feels
Milvo 14 napja
MR Llama the legend himself
John May
John May 14 napja
I actually wish they’d overhaul the trading system. I don’t think spamming a chat channel with what you want or have to trade was core to the Diablo 2 experience.
Vincent Delisle
Vincent Delisle 14 napja
Its gonna be crap just like wc3 reforged.
Level Change
Level Change 14 napja
There used to be stealing items in classic diablo 2 multiplayer. Will there be individual player drops or everyone see the item drops from bosses in multiplayer mode?
Wade Williams
Wade Williams 13 napja
They aren't changing any of that.
Joe's corner
Joe's corner 13 napja
@Level Change no I don't want too , and had plenty of items that I could of used picked up by someone that would not use it, but you know what I like it like that. it helps you figure out who's who and the ppl that you really want to play with. also say you are the same class you will know what dropped, so if you see some guy get a strong item from a monster he killed. you can ask to trade. instead of having no clue what he's been picking up. I'm much perfer things not be hidden from me.
Level Change
Level Change 13 napja
@Joe's corner what? u want to try to pick up items whoever gets it in multiplayer? You think this is good? I do not think so.
Joe's corner
Joe's corner 13 napja
I hope they keep it.
Eighteen Rabbit
Eighteen Rabbit 14 napja
4 soj 4 perfect windforce
CandyflipV Respekt & Geradlinigkeit
CandyflipV Respekt & Geradlinigkeit 14 napja
DeadlyDanDaMan 14 napja
This would've been massive news 10 years ago. You guys fucked around and missed your shot. This game won't even sell 10% of what it could've then. Nobody gives a fuck about Diablo 2 anymore.
meepo 14 napja
I think we're all missing something - the game is BROKEN. Paladins are just too strong in d2 classic. Why isnt't this being addressed/asked??
F U 13 napja
You mean without the expansion?
Christoph B
Christoph B 14 napja
Will it have cross play? So can someone from Xbox play with others on PC together?
Pedro Sávio
Pedro Sávio 10 napja
No crossplay. Just save. They will probably make and exclusive room for every console. If you have both pc and a ps4/one you can play in the respective room for that console. So you wont be playing with a switch user. I dont think its fair to make crossplay for a game like this. People with console cant compete with pc. It's just impossible, unless the console user uses a mouse and keyboard (that makes no sense at all). Imagine a baal room full of people, how will you pick items while competing with someone with a mouse? It's just impossible. I hope its just crossplay and thats it. I willl be playing on the pc, i have consoles too, but i wont use it.
vali 11 napja
@Alric Otar Playstation has agreed last year.
Alric Otar
Alric Otar 11 napja
If this game were to have crossplay, I don’t think it’ll be available to PlayStation owners, as Sony still hasn’t agreed to the cross platform play. We will have to wait and see if Sony will allow cross progression as well, since this is against their terms and service.
vali 12 napja
@grimonce cross play is a pc player is able to play with consoles players cross progession allows you to play on pc and if u buy it for ps4/5 you can use your save files.
grimonce 12 napja
​@vali What's the big difference between cross progression and crossplay. The databases will have to be synchronized anyway.
JCTiggs 14 napja
This is coming to the Google play store right?
Conner Smith
Conner Smith 14 napja
@JCTiggs ooh I love chicken thanks 😃
JCTiggs 14 napja
@Conner Smith You win the chicken dinner 🐔🍗👀😋
Conner Smith
Conner Smith 14 napja
do you guys not have phones??
Tommy 14 napja
PC and Consoles
BigHalfSteps 14 napja
"Global Servers", but if the server is stationed in the US the ping will be horrendous for everyone outside of the U, S and A.
AmIgOltu 13 napja
that's the case with reforged.
Nicola Servo
Nicola Servo 14 napja
cant wait
Spazz Maticus
Spazz Maticus 14 napja
I made a backup of the old Diablo 2 on a USB just in case. You can never be too sure with Blizzard nowadays.
Person Person
Person Person 12 napja
@jesse lopez thinking about a fresh start on day 1 release sounds perfect. l would vote do not restore old saves, I think everything is going to be fresh start? Come on, there was a bot phase, give everyone a fresh dang start to clear out those bot farms. Make everyone equal again lol.
Igorek 12 napja
I buy old PC game copies. Will build a retro PC soon. These days you can’t be sure about anything. 🙈
Ornal64 12 napja
@jesse lopez that would be great! You played many nights to lv up your solo character and now you can continue in ressurected. For new start you got ladder.
D3athduo 13 napja
Blizzard isn't making the remaster. Also they aren't changing anything gameplay-related. It's a graphics/audio/menu/UI update really. Not a remake.
J En
J En 13 napja
@Valorzinski agree , had best times with my bro playing Diablo 2
X-GRADE 14 napja
local coop for the Switch would be bomb 😉
Th0Rx666 13 napja
No coop on any platform😑
Draka Shrakenburg Productions
Draka Shrakenburg Productions 14 napja
I swear, if you guys Reforge this...
AmIgOltu 13 napja
@NotsoHardcore1 No, they literally removed the old client of the game. The only way you can play the original is if you had it backed up in a disk or zip. If you didn't, tough luck - you are stuck with refunded.
NotsoHardcore1 13 napja
@AmIgOltu Can you play Warcraft 3 FT on private servers should look into it but solo should still be playable. D2 will probably be replaced as well on bnet but we have the private servers to fall back on and mods
AmIgOltu 13 napja
@NotsoHardcore1 Yeah original is "still" awesome ey? Wc3 was that as well until they took away the original and replaced it with "reforged".
Tomtenisse Powercool
Tomtenisse Powercool 13 napja
@NotsoHardcore1 Greatest part about D2R is when people introduce mods that add actual endgame content. Like Path of Diablo or Project Diablo. Diablo 2 did PvP incredibly well, but the PvE does not hold up today obviously.
NotsoHardcore1 14 napja
I know, but the original is still awesome and if they did the mod community isn't far away
Alonzo Antolin
Alonzo Antolin 14 napja
Hopefully they won't ban me for talking about Hong Kong.
Dracus 14 napja
I remember people making games. "Cow run, no king kill" lol
Syntherus 8 napja
I hope they let you respawn the Cow Level after killing the king since people deliberately avoided killing him to farm anyway.
Androjde Makaveli
Androjde Makaveli 10 napja
Jack of Blades
Jack of Blades 12 napja
You never create. Always join then kill king lol
SkinnerBeeMan 13 napja
then somebody screws up and cold orb or whirlwind boo boos. and then everybody is pissed!!!
George Hamilton
George Hamilton 14 napja
Gotta level up lol
Vigilante Film and Design
Vigilante Film and Design 14 napja
if they manage to get this shit right, i'll buy it on pc and switch
D Foil
D Foil 13 napja
@pastuh - Psh, nooo :p
pastuh 13 napja
and switch... to console :D
ZergforLoser 14 napja
It is safe to buy the game after the review. Remember, they screwed up with warcraft 3 remaster really badly and have no intention to fix the game after the release.
AmIgOltu 13 napja
@Tommy Completely failed remaster: missing all the promised features + missing features of original countless bugs countless performance issues game wasn't fixed in a year, and now is abandoned with blizz not even mentioning it. On top of that, they took away original wc3.
Tommy 14 napja
What happened with Warcraft 3?
ilory chierici
ilory chierici 14 napja
This is from Vicarious Visions. The ones that developed Crash trilogy remake,Tony Hawk 1+2 Remake exc
Aname Goeshere
Aname Goeshere 14 napja
"That just works" He pulled a Todd Howard 3 seconds into the video.
Swill 12 napja
@AmIgOltu This is a completely different team. In fact, it’s a completely different studio. Reforged was done by an in-house blizzard team. This is being done by Vicarious Visions who have a great track record and reputation for doing remasters. Comparing this remaster to Reforged is really silly.
Bruno Botelho
Bruno Botelho 13 napja
@Tanner The kid from the chess club Todd.
AmIgOltu 13 napja
Just wait for a bit, they'll pull a "Reforged" with this too. Not only failing the remaster, but also taking away the original game.
Aname Goeshere
Aname Goeshere 13 napja
@GielderstGaming I'm sure they have his divine blessing. God Howard liked that.
Tanner 13 napja
@GielderstGaming he has been stripped of his god hood. He is jsut Todd now
Thrasher27 14 napja
These guys look weird
asher 14 napja
God will it kill them to make the female characters pretty
Commander Tato
Commander Tato 11 napja
@D3L4RG3 If i wanna see ugly or mediocre women i would walk in the streets, but i probably will have a hard time to see something as awful as the females in modern videogames...
AmIgOltu 13 napja
@D3L4RG3 lol this is a video game about a fantasy land. Who cares.
asher 13 napja
@D3L4RG3 it's a dark fantasy realistic look is pointless I prefer skinny beautiful models over ma'ams
D3L4RG3 13 napja
lol they are supposed to be f/ing warriors; not skinny beautiful models...you have black desertor anything "asian" for that shit
Draka Shrakenburg Productions
Draka Shrakenburg Productions 14 napja
Nah because that's not inclusive.
Boom Boom BOOM
Boom Boom BOOM 14 napja
Talking is the point wtf ? Why not talk about it...
Aamir Sahil
Aamir Sahil 14 napja
倭寇チョッパリ猿 14 napja
Assessin face like soccer player lee seung woo
倭寇チョッパリ猿 12 napja
@De noir 이승우 얼굴에 가슴 달고 있으니까 토나올꺼 같음 🤮🤮🤮
De noir
De noir 13 napja
저런 얼굴을 가진 Assasin으로 Kick 기술을 쓰고 다니면..
Jim Bob's Arcade
Jim Bob's Arcade 13 napja
envy. 14 napja
Why does the Amazon look like a dude in the thumbnail
Benjamin Myers
Benjamin Myers 14 napja
because when she was a kid her delusional parents told her she could be whatever gender she wanted to be. and now she hates them 😒
TheCynicalJay 14 napja
The Amazon looks like a man, and the assassin has a fat face. Original version still wins.
Smokin J Franklin
Smokin J Franklin 12 napja
@Aegis Reflector toggle the graphics to the OG and be happy?
Aegis Reflector
Aegis Reflector 12 napja
@Smokin J Franklin Everything else? Like these diet projectiles? Or maybe excessive lighting that has nothing to do with the original atmosphere? Or is it Diablo who was starving these 20 years?
Smokin J Franklin
Smokin J Franklin 14 napja
who cares what their faces look like? everything else looks amazing...OG is great, but this is everything that is and more.
Due Decimal
Due Decimal 14 napja
this is just dudes talking
Draka Shrakenburg Productions
Draka Shrakenburg Productions 14 napja
Wow thanks for the pointing out the obvious Einstein.
Phil Fischer
Phil Fischer 14 napja
Super excited about this
Boo R
Boo R 14 napja
2 clowns from a clown company discussing a clown game.
AmIgOltu 13 napja
@Matas Lesinskas To give a warning to diablo fans. Actbliz already ruined wc3. They are coming for you too.
Matas Lesinskas
Matas Lesinskas 14 napja
Why are you here then?
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