Do VPNs Improve Gaming?
Beanos 33 perccel
Yes! I love this guy!
SwiftJax 34 perccel
Didnt watch but left a dislike just based of the title
beelzeboss 34 perccel
If WW2 rumors are true we playing MW for a 3rd year
Jarrad Ward
Jarrad Ward 34 perccel
It's a good day when you get a Gamespot+ Jonathan video!
Honorius 34 perccel
Do rising storm
DaluckyAsian 34 perccel
Do halo next lol
Melvin Suter
Melvin Suter 34 perccel
I will never not like a video of him!
beelzeboss 34 perccel
They’ll stop supporting the game I’ll keep supporting the game
Rohith 10 D
Rohith 10 D 34 perccel
Pikachu: lemme give you a shock before I reveal the announcement
Mike 35 perccel
Bought cold war and it sucked at launch, gave it a chance at this point I uninstalled it. I have now gone back to MW 2019 it brought COD back to the great MW/MW2 days.
vex life
vex life 37 perccel
worst game
Dalinu 38 perccel
"Guest". Yeah, right.
Thean Kotze
Thean Kotze 38 perccel
Have him react to the weapon in Modern warfare's multiplayer he didn't react to in the campaign video. Have him react to the gunsmith as well
Alex Hoppe
Alex Hoppe 38 perccel
I was waiting for them to do BFV
Stevethekid 119
Stevethekid 119 39 perccel
Why did they have to customize the gun in the game they should’ve left it plain
TRAYBAG926 39 perccel
If Activision wants to keep COD as a annual series why not let Infinity Ward focus on the multiplayer side of COD and treyarch only do zombies, that way the people who love the multiplayer aren’t split between two games and the people who play Cold War only for the zombies stay happy, I’m still playing modern warfare and have no desire to buy Cold War for its multiplayer player and don’t wanna waste $60 just to play zombies
felpz_ hue
felpz_ hue 39 perccel
I bought MW 2019 2 weeks ago *fuck*
S1deshowRob 40 perccel
Rainbow six siege please
TheWinterEagle 40 perccel
Activision has no respect for the public of their franchise's subdivisions. They could be cash grabbers, just not this in your face. I'm a HC multi player on MW 2019 and I'm deeply bothered by the fact that an entire game was swallowed by a free to play mode of the actual game. It's the best multiplayer there ever was on a COD game and it's impressive on how the company can simply say "fuck that game and it's player base"
Kayber 41 perce
Veer Pal
Veer Pal 41 perce
That’s dumb as hell, they’ve gotta stop this yearly COD bullshit, MW was easily the best COD in years but ofc they gotta gear up to maximize profit on CW and also hype up the new COD
Parker Botes
Parker Botes 41 perce
Me: *sees boys AT rifle* Also Me: *Comes up with a meme* The meme: *"Me and the boys camping C with the Boys"*
Aglet 42 perccel
uh thanks for recommending this to me in 2021, HUpost
Elstonn Gunn
Elstonn Gunn 42 perccel
Damn I have to wait minus 8 years until this games come out, goddamnit
Angel 42 perccel
If I see no new footage from the game or a game trailer I don't believe that this game really came sometime out
Gamefluential Network
Gamefluential Network 42 perccel
I never knew about nekkid faster swim
Josh M.
Josh M. 42 perccel
Can't comment on the optic or camo skins. They're just for show, rate the guns accuracy for time, use, fire rate, position, and so on... obviously when you have 20 optic options They're bound to be unrealistic. It's users preference.
Masterph33r 117
Masterph33r 117 43 perccel
Call of duty finest hour
nimay13 44 perccel
The title should be changed, rather than "react" it should be "explained".
DrunkenFinn Peltsi
DrunkenFinn Peltsi 44 perccel
You can uprade that stick mag to coffin mag on Suomi KP-31. The stick mag wast in use during ww2. They should have started the progress with the coffin mag to drum mag. Shame they didn't
Horea Musca
Horea Musca 44 perccel
Very curious to hear his thoughts on Escape from Tarkov.
Sorawis C.
Sorawis C. 45 perccel
what is the game he's playing @7.00? thank you in advance! :-)
Tastit 45 perccel
Evil Inside is looking way cool.
Solid Mike P
Solid Mike P 45 perccel
.....Yes...Horrific finish it is.....I mean who would like something like that...."sweat starts streaming down brow"
MaxPayen Venic
MaxPayen Venic 45 perccel
Replace everyone favorite game by new one, that not even good
RatMouse55 46 perccel
The least you could do when showing off a gun is use the base skin and iron sights
Ivy 47 perccel
Thr game will still be complete shit just like the first game.
bobiboulon 47 perccel
And I'm here, still waiting for a MEA bug free edition, and of course its sequel...
Chris K
Chris K 47 perccel
Pls do beyond the wire
Justin Sego
Justin Sego 47 perccel
Just saw that last gun on demolition ranch
Sausage Man
Sausage Man 47 perccel
I’ve been waiting for this
Ronald Fox
Ronald Fox 47 perccel
Visage is clearly the better comparison game right?
andrew evolution
andrew evolution 47 perccel
Review CS GO pls !
Youth Boy
Youth Boy 48 perccel
Men, it's time to revive this battle royale.
Madison Moore
Madison Moore 48 perccel
They should dump the annual BS and they should have IW make multiplayer, 3arch make Zombies, Raven make Warzone with the help of the other two. Honestly I wish Sledgehammer and Infinity War weren't stuck as CoD devs, I'd absolutely kill to see those studios make their own shooter.
andrew evolution
andrew evolution 48 perccel
GG mister!
Toxic Tripp
Toxic Tripp 49 perccel
This video was utterly useless
Dunhamb 49 perccel
Id love for Warzone to stay what it is now and with upcoming games or so they could add to it with updates and so on, but i doubt thats going to happen.
tveilleux1 49 perccel
Metro stalker or maybe Tannenberg would be pretty cool for a video
Sm3llyCRACK 50 perccel
Do squad next
homelesstwinky 50 perccel
Bad Company and Battlefield 4 have a lot of interesting guns
NW3D 51 perce
MF is so much faster and more fluid than CW. Sorry but I feel ripped off for 60 bucks. Actually, 40. I'd pay 20 for this game. If it wasn't for outbreak I'd actually try to get my money back.
Quinton Conoly
Quinton Conoly 51 perce
nice recommendation
heroino89 51 perce
It's easy!
puertoricanboy100 52 perccel
I hope GameSpot takes notice here on how big of an influence Johnathan brings to this channel. I enjoy the knowledge so much that I have made it a holiday goal to go from PuertoRico 🇵🇷 to Leeds to be able to visit the museum, hopefully as soon as it opens. Also big fan of Leeds United so that wouldn't hurt too
Diana Anaid
Diana Anaid 53 perccel
All youtubers are welcome.
Dash Nagle
Dash Nagle 53 perccel
Hunt showdown part two!
Tommy Dean
Tommy Dean 53 perccel
I’ve been waiting for this video >:)
Xdeser 2
Xdeser 2 55 perccel
4:25 to be fair I think I'm fine with most things that would horrify a german soldier of that period
Ozzy Mirrors
Ozzy Mirrors 55 perccel
The more I watch theses the more I want to go to the museum
Sarah Caracciolo
Sarah Caracciolo 56 perccel
i think he'd be great reviewing the Stalker series' weapons.
C James Ervin
C James Ervin 57 perccel
Really wish they would've just kept to the two separate. I can't stand how Treyarch handles CoD, especially BR. Not saying it's bad, just my opinion. I want to be able to play IW's Warzone, not this weird Frankenstein of a balancing and narrative nightmare.
Roshan Mahawar
Roshan Mahawar 57 perccel
Its Superb...
cain 57 perccel
Can we get Hunt: Showdown part 2? So many great and weird firearms in that game that weren't covered last time.
Smoked Out
Smoked Out 57 perccel
I'm still on bo4, because i absolutely hate sbmm in casual. Especially when it's not programmed right. But here's my question. If they shut down the Bo4 servers at any time, then why should I go to cold war instead of modern warfare 2019? I mean they both have sbmm in casual, but modern warfare has better graphics, sound, and more content multiplayer wise.
R F 57 perccel
Either way the modern warfare movement system and graphics will stay, that’s all I care about. Btw not sure what this guy is talking about but Treyach hasn’t nothing to do with Warzone. That is not their project, Raven is the dev that focuses on warzone.
Kaiser09 0
Kaiser09 0 58 perccel
Review squads guns
infamousSR 58 perccel
You know what else you would have to say goodbye too? Other games on your system when every other update consumes your storage to 0 😊
infamousSR 47 perccel
@richeeese loll trust me even for a ps5 and extended storage hasn’t even opened up to the system yet, poor optimisation at it’s finest..
richeeese 51 perce
Facts. My PS5 is a cod console. It’s all I have room for lol
User Name6801
User Name6801 58 perccel
Could you do some more realistic ww2 shooters like hell let loose/post scriptum
What Did I Just Watch
What Did I Just Watch 58 perccel
this was 8 years ago already?!... what!?
Gamer Weasel
Gamer Weasel 58 perccel
21,736’th viewer
Zen 59 perccel
Metro would be a cool series to cover
Quingu89 59 perccel
There is Fliegerfaust in Dresden's Bundeswehr museum went there just to see all these beauties one of my fav museums for sure.
LydellG4 Órája
The worst Battlefield of them all.
rhymingbecktionary 40 perccel
Battlefield V was mechanically a fantastic game (when the guns weren't tuned to be as powerful as nerf blasters) that lacked a clear vision and support after release. There are far worse games in the franchise like Vietnam, Hardline and 1943.
clyde sketch
clyde sketch Órája
The censored the shit out this game and others like wtf
Thicc-Face Geralt
Thicc-Face Geralt Órája
Subtlety? What's that?
Sneaky Ferret
Sneaky Ferret Órája
I could do without any new FPS’ for awhile. The whole genre needs a break.
Chris Gibson
Chris Gibson Órája
Please do Resident Evil 4 and Rainbow 6 Siege
pathmada Órája
you gotta show him Payday 2 at some point, there are so many weapons in that game and quite a few of them are very rarely depicted in media